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Community Answers

  1. I have mine setup so that when I plug in a cable... that is effectively the "transmitter pack"... so it replaces the feed when you plug in... but i think you can set it to "ignore" the aux in, until selected in a scene.
  2. This seems like a good comprehensive answer, but where has this been checked against the product? or rather, where is the specification of the EXP jacks for HELIX defined? or is it in the manual we haven't seen yet... if others have had sight of this then thats fine for me...
  3. Mounting underneath other gear, certainly isn't as recommended in the G70 manual. It could be this causing your dropout issues.
  4. Simple query... I have two of these on my current rig and want to know if they will work correctly with HELIX RACK CONTROLLER. I did a search but couldn't find the answer easily. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm not sure what the conditions for my G70 loosing all it's SCENE configurations, but i has happened a number of times to me. Fortunately I only have two configured... if I had more than this it would be a major worry before a gig if it lost the config... Is this happening to other users? and if so, do you know why and what to do to stop it happening? Many thanks
  6. Hi DI, I didn't start out to have anything like a "negative" exchange about this fantastic looking product... I have a particular viewpoint which is probably shared by a number of potential customers of "Helix". So please don't imply that I want to undermine or criticise the work that you guys have done, which I think from a product centric perspective is excellent. My original question was a fairly "minor" bug bear of mine and actually now I think about it, it is one of the reasons that I don't use my DAW to control HD PRO X, because it gets confused very quickly between device state and requests from the DAW (I'm talking during playback/take recording etc, think looped section where there is a footswitch toggle in the middle) I sincerely hope that the unit ships soon so that, we the consumers, can get a handle on what it can and can't do "out of the box"...
  7. DI please... come on... I can't stress enough how I'm not gonna spend an additional £500 on a floorboard I already pretty much have that is gig proof... Oh and I own all the code for... and IPR etc... I don't care during a show whether it says "BOO" or "T808" or whatever... and im sure as hell not gonna be using the cap sense during a gig. I am a bit surprised you have "put down" 3rd party controllers like this...
  8. Thanks DI, that does clear up not only the current implementation confusion but also the way you see it "if" implemented. I also note that you are talking about the "remote footswitch" being the feature being exposed, which obviously inherits some "HELIX CORE" functionality/baggage... not an FX BLOCK control... all makes sense... all fits with the product line(s)... but could be improved... ;-)
  9. So DI this is where the confusion sets in... Is there ONE or TWO CC messages involved here? if it is ONE message then I infer the following (please correct me if i'm wrong) CC sent with 0-127 ----> HELIX interprets as TOGGLE (IF FX BLOCK is not a momentary) -----> and or HELIX interprets as OFF <=63 and ON >=64 (IF FX BLOCK is a momentary) the important thing here is that the CONTROLLER needs to be in control... AKA if it sends ON, then HELIX should make sure it is ON, if the controller sends TOGGLE then HELIX should toggle it... HELIX shouldn't impose any "rules based decision" when reacting to a MIDI message. (excepted that this creates an issue with multiple fx blocks on the same "footswitch", however can be considered ON or OFF as a group with their initial states flipped if necessary) Like i said in the ideascale... The midi implementation should be separated from the "HELIX" logic. I would have HELIX expose its "core" functions via the MIDI interface... The way the product works "out of the box" via the internal features could be different to the way it reacts with a 3rd party controller.
  10. in that case is momentary mode implemented with a different CC number?
  11. I have added idea to ideascale as Idea#2602 http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HELIX-MIDI-implementation/781277-23508
  12. SO just to be sure... DI, you are saying it is currently a TOGGLE... like HD series...?
  13. phil_m I'm not sure I understand why the implementation would be like you describe... are you saying that e.g. 1) FX BLOCK is OFF in preset saved 2) controller sends CC OFF 3) the BLOCK comes ON? doesn't seem to be very useful like that... I can see why Line6 might have compromised to this solution based on the multiple blocks being assigned to a single footswitch, but this really means its just a TOGGLE...?
  14. so do we get an ON and an OFF message because in HD series we only got TOGGLE via MIDI
  15. hey Phil_m... im talking about the rack unit implementation when you aren't "forced" to buy the Line 6 controller... if you are saying there is NO MIDI IMPLEMENTATION for the switching of FX BLOCKS then that is a serious mistake!!!!! i understand the floorboard wouldn't "need" this kinda feature but the RACK unit will... thoughts?
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