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Found 10 results

  1. To read this post with all the pictures I made, please skip immediately to the attached pdf (How to really update the firmware of a Relay G30 6-channel receiver (RXS06).pdf) According to my experience I am afraid, the instructions Line6 is providing at its knowledge sites, e.g., are not all correct. What I have been using: i) Relay G30 6-channel receiver RXS06 (firmware version 1.0, as I learned later) ii) XD-V75 updated to latest device firmware (2.01) iii) Stereo (TRS) patch cable with 6.5 mm (1/4") male plugs on both ends iv) USB cable (mini on one side, A plug on the other) v) Computer with USB port and Line6 Monkey 1.62 These are the instructions with all the steps that really worked in contrast to what Line6 says: 1) Launch Line6 Monkey (any device, choice does not matter) 2) Login or make sure you are logged in 3) Use your USB cable to connect the XD-V75 (power switch of XD-V75 is off) 4) Plug the power supply of the XD-V75 plug into the back of the XD-V75 5) Make sure the screen of the XD-V75 says "LOADER ENABLED" 6) In Line6 Monkey click on button "Connect To Device…". The window may look similar to this: 7) You should get a window offering the XD-V75 device for selection similar to this: Make sure the XD-V75 presented as "Line 6 Wireless Device" Connection USB is selected and click button "OK". 8) You should now be offered a range of devices that can be managed through the XD-V75 when they are connected to the XD-V75 similar to this: Select there the "Relay G30 Receiver" (which is your Relay G30 6-channel receiver RXS06) and follow the instructions, i.e. 9) Plug the power plug into the Relay G30 Receiver (to turn it on) 10) Use the TRS patch cable to connect the audio output MAIN OUTS at the back of the XD-V75 with the audio output OUT on the side of the of the Relay G30 Receiver 11) Pull the power plug from the Relay G30 Receiver (to turn it off) 12) Click button "OK" 13) If all works well and the connection between the Relay G30 Receiver and the computer via the XD-V75 can be established, you will get progress bars similar to these and should then finally get an invitation to power up the Relay G30 Receiver similar to this 14) Plug the power plug into the Relay G30 Receiver (to turn it on) 15) If all works well you should finally see in Line6 Monkey your Relay G30 Receiver similar to this 16) Click on button "Update Selection" and you should get progress information similar to this till you get the success confirmation and Line6 Monkey tells you what device firmware is now present in the Relay G30 Receiver's flash memory similar to this That's all folks. Enjoy! Andreas_flf (Andreas from the lower frequencies), 11.May.2013 How to really update the firmware of a Relay G30 6-channel receiver (RXS06).pdf
  2. This is the deal. I am in the market for a wireless instrument rig. Right now, the G30, and the G10s are the same price. I don't care about the range. I am not gigging, this is just for home, and rehearsal/jamming. I am plugging into a Helix floorboard. Is either one more stable connecting, or for some other reason, better than the other? Or should I be avoiding Line6 wireless, because of the new updates, and charging, not sure how that effects the G30, if it does? Any help or recommendations you can offer, will be appreciated.
  3. what will it take for this company to fix their obvious fault? g30 transmitter battery doors, and everything inside the transmitters is absolutely terrible quality. Why, what did we as customers did to YOU as company to be punished, trashed, thrashed, chewed and spit out. it is an AWESOME wireless device, when it works, but it does not work for long i am 100% sure, if you could fix this problem for $20-30 CANADIAN dollars, customers would me MORE then happy..... unless all the people who have a broken door just do buy another one for 130 buck....... at this point, this company....never again i have NEVER used the official name of this company in my post, lets see if they will delete it
  4. Hello!!! I got a new TBP06 to my g30 and this new one have no range at all.... after 2/3 meters away from the receiver and i can see the Transmitter Status dying on the receiver end, while the Battery Status remain stable... only the wireless sinal is lost... Do i have to do something to pair this new unit? or whats is going wrong here.. Help please!! Thanks!
  5. I just purchased a new TBP06 transmitter for my relay g30 system, the product number is exactly the same as the one I currently have which came with my g30 set. The old transmitter works fine but the reciever will not pick up the new one. The new transmitter flashes to say its recieving audio but the reciever recieves nothing on any of the channels. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. Do any of the relay systems fit underneath of a pedaltrain 3 pedalboard? I want to get either the g50 or g70 system but definitely don't have space on top of my board. If it could mount underneath somehow, that would be great. I don't want it to make contact with the ground is the only thing.
  7. Some weeks ago, maybe a month ago, I aquired a Relay G30 set. Since I live in Argentina, I'm not quite sure if they are just out of the oven. Since I have an important gig this Sunday, and I bought the G30 specially for this type of gigs and I wanted to know the firmware version, so I could use it in RF1 mode (I've read it's safer). I made the 1-6 x3 switch change but I've only got a 1 green blink response, which is no different than what I get when the switch reaches to 6 or 1 in this process. I've made this several times, with the receiver turned on and off as well. If I should trust the results, it seems my G30 has firmware version 1.00, but I'm not quite sure. Is there any other way to check the firmware version? So far at home and at rehearsals it has been working excellent, and I wouldn't want to change to RF2 accidentally so I haven't followed the RF change process. I also check for Wi-Fi routers with my smartphone to select the channel I'm going to use to avoid interference, according to the chart given in the Knowledge Base.
  8. I've been looking around at the line 6 pod HD500x and the DT25. I really like the idea of going totally wireless so I was wondering if you could use a Relay G series unit in the place of a Line 6 link cable. Is this even possible? [this is my first post, so go easy on me] :) Ben
  9. Hi Line 6 community, I have two XD-V30 receivers and the corresponding transmitters TBP12. Recently I also got a V30 unit and the TBP06 as it was sold at a very reasonable price. Now I am wondering if I can use the TBP12 transmitters together with my V30 receiver and also the Relay G30 (I am planning to get one for my pedal board as the G30 is smaller than the V30). I tried the TBP 12 with my V30 receiver and all the first six channels worked in RF1 mode. So - may I have issues when using these combinations or is it OK to use all the different models as long as I can set them to the same channel? Thanks for your help! Kind regards, Peter
  10. Can anyone give advise\steps on how to take the G30 TBP06 transmitter apart? I have some battery corrosion and need to clean the internals and do not want to break any components. Thanks!
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