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  1. what will it take for this company to fix their obvious fault? g30 transmitter battery doors, and everything inside the transmitters is absolutely terrible quality. Why, what did we as customers did to YOU as company to be punished, trashed, thrashed, chewed and spit out. it is an AWESOME wireless device, when it works, but it does not work for long i am 100% sure, if you could fix this problem for $20-30 CANADIAN dollars, customers would me MORE then happy..... unless all the people who have a broken door just do buy another one for 130 buck....... at this point, this company....never again i have NEVER used the official name of this company in my post, lets see if they will delete it
  2. oh phil_m "shouldn't" is a VERY grey area when i bought my FIRST guitar that i fell in love with from them 2015 epi custom, they were saying that it is normal for strings to buzz and i "sholdnn't" worry about it after doing a tonne of research, taking my baby to other music stores, contacting Steve Long directly and just talking my heart out, gibson rental, 2800 CAD of warranty work, and a condition "have customer play guiar for half hour before releasing it" when it came back, yes, plucking and whatever else came to 2800 buck made difference, THANK YOU L&M my idiotic strap buttons kept going loose, week after week, look im not -iq here, i can tight them up myself, but why, it not my responsibility. took it l&m, they screwed it in allright......theres crack in my guitar by the strap button.......uhm guys hello, this is my FIRST guitar, "best out of the best" i dropped my pants and bought it, along with other $4-5k shortly after.......and now there is a ********* crack in it......."it should be ok" took to 2 other guitar stores "uhm sir, that is ******, and that is wrong, your princess(what i call my white epi custom) is lollipopED" l&m "it SHOULD BE OK" i swore by long and mcquades, i really did......... back to this POS wireless i tell the guy "look its loose" response "when you put bateries in it, it will be fine" riiight, never knew batteries have magnetic abilities.... at this point, l&m told me off "you didnt buy the warranty"......when i had my epi broken and they told me that i asked them if they ever had parts of epi flyung thought their windows and if they ever been fed les pauls piece by piece, and that was fine, but at this point.....they are no afraid of little transmitter flying at them...... and support from Line6......well it just doesnt exist, i will never buy anythng that says line6 o on it, and i will be getting a job at l&m and make sure i NEVER put a curse on any human being by selling them a line6 product at this point, my grand father who is 86 years old, born in ussr, electrical mechanical engineer, will be fixing this thing for me as a Christmas present
  3. ok guys so i saved up for this wireless for a while couldnt afford new one, so bough used one from long and mcquades when it got handed to me, door was already half broken 4 months into ownership, i had to put electrical tape around the thing to work today......no matter what i do, its not working........ so does line 6 take ANY liability for OBVIOUS manufacturer defect? or should i simply just drop all of my line6 equipment and go with prosonus, shure, marshall and whatever software is out there..... i will leave this up to line6 thanks
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