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Found 25 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am planning to attach my Helix Floor on my pedalboard. My first idea is to remove the rubber feet and glue some crep on it to have it fixed on the board. But I then I see some kind of vent slots on the bottom side that might be blocked when fixing it without the rubber feet as spacers. Do you know if that's gonne be a problem or would you suggest a different way of installing the Helix Floor on a pedalboard? Thanks in advance, Frank
  2. I'm looking over my collection of pedals and my pedal board figuring out what to keep, if anything. I'm leaning toward keeping my POG, a Humphrey Audio modded Boss GE-7 equalizer, my old Dunlop Volume Pedal and Fulltone Clyde Wah. There might be one or two others, like an old Aphex optical compressor, but I'm just thinking of certain effects that I want to lay on top of a patch from time to time and not necessarily every time. I might just assemble a mini-pedal board that will plug into the send/return section of the Helix. Between the sounds the Helix produces along with cutting down the weight of my rig, I'm really happy. Lugging around 82 pounds of pedals, board and case, plus amps and guitars, really lost its appeal after tweaking my back. So, for you, which pedals still hold a place in your heart and playing that the Helix will "never" replace? What limitations, if any, have you noticed with the Helix that adding a pedal or two (or more) really makes the Helix THE rig to have?
  3. Hello! new user here! Im from argentina. Straight to the point guys, I just need to move all my effects/settings from my old pedalboard "HX Effects" to the new "Helix LT" that i just bought, i can't find the way to do this... is there any? Please help!
  4. Here's a video featuring My board HX stomp, switcher, pedals and midi
  5. Hey all. This is going to sound dumb but I would love to get some (constructive) thoughts on this... I use my POD HD500X as a pedalboard for its great reverbs, delays, overdrive, modulation, etc. through my VHT Special 6 Ultra combo for guitar and pedal steel guitar. My pedal steel does not have an onboard tone or volume control, which is pretty common for those. Many players use a compact preamp mounted to their steel guitar so they can make tweaks to volume and tone on the fly. I don't intend to use amp emulation most of the time but I may do it on occasion to go direct to the board at church or a gig. Question: what is your best method to use the HD500X as a pre-amp? Subquestion: can I use the hardware knobs to modify treble/mid/bass/presence/volume (sound) without emulating an amp or cabinet? Subqueston: can this be done without using a pedal chain slot? Currently I am using the HD500X with Studio/Direct output mode and input Z set to 3.5m or 1m to neutralize any color to the signal (many, many thanks to @hurghanico for their invaluable advice!) . But I'd like to be able to shape the tone and maybe add a little boost, ideally without using one of the available blocks in the pedal chain. May you have a very Merry Christmas, strong health and the unmistakeable peace of the presence of the Lord this season!
  6. [Hi! Long-time player - first-time poster] I'm using my HD500x in Pedalboard mode with different effects assigned to each of the 8 foot switches. I would like to assign WAH and VOLUME to the Expression pedals, EXP 1 and EXP 2, but cannot figure out how to do that. I can take one of the FS and change it to WAH and then change the assignment to EXP 1, but then I lose the effect I had on that FS. I feel like this should be easy to do, but I just can't figure it out for some reason. What am I missing here? Thanks for your help.
  7. Is there a way to show pedalboard mode in helix edit? I would like to be able to toggle between edit mode and an overview of the pedalboard the way it would be laid out. Is it there and i, just not seeing it?
  8. Hello, so I've had what I think is a good idea which is to buy a Helix stomp and a thing called Eventide MixingLink Mic Preamp With Effects Loop, which is basically a mic pre pedal with an FX loop. I'm looking to use the stomp for guitar amp and maybe an overdrive, then add a couple of FX to the vocal, maybe a reverb, a distortion. I appreciate there are only 6 blocks my main question is will this actually work and are there any limitations. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Line 6 geniuses, I am in need of your expertise. Recently I purchased a Helix Rack to replace the Pod HD Pro. I'm having some trouble getting the tap tempo working from my pedalboard correctly. The pedalboard is a Fractal Audio MFC-101. Per the Helix user manual I have the tap tempo switch set to midi cc# 64 and on/off values of 127. I've tried on/off values of 64/64 and 64/127 as well but it just doesn't seem to be receiving the messages. All other midi controls are working (changing presets, enabling disabling blocks, volume control, tuner, etc.). Is there something in particular that I should be doing to set the tap tempo from a footswitch?
  10. Hello all, I just ordered my Firehawk and should receive it in a few days. My question is: Can I power my Firehawk with a DC Power Brick (ala Voodoo Lab, Joyo PL-2, etc.)? Or must I use the power brick that ships with it? I am planning on placing it on my pedalboard along side other pedals to use in the FX Loop (4 cable method). Going into a Mesa Lonestar 2X12. I searched through the forum to see if this was addressed, but found only references to Power Supply replacements. I am hoping that I can power my Firehawk with one of my DC power bricks. *fingers crossed* Thanks for any input!
  11. Hi there, actually I have my Pod HD500X mounted into a kind of mixer case ~ 80cm x 45 cm, the receiver of my relay lays beside the pod, power supply behind the Pod. I am using this already for a long time as transmitter: I´d like to have a smaller board. --> I am thinkin about mounting my pod hd 500x on a pedaltrain 60x40 cm (or similar from palmer). my question is, if I mount the receiver XD-V35 beneath the pedaltrain , and that means also for the receiver to be consealed a little bit under the pod, will this have an effect on the receiving quality? I hope you understand my question in my bad english:-) Have a nice day! Regards Rüdi
  12. So, I love my Helix bag, but I want to be able to plug less stuff in when I set up at a show, so I'm getting pedalboard/case that will fit my Helix, my Wireless, a Power strip, and my output cables so I can keep everything plugged in as much as possible between shows, but I was wondering how people have been securing their Helices for transport. I think its probably a little too heavy for velcro (at least for me to feel comfortable moving it around) so I was think of locating some longer screws that fit where the feet are attached and attaching it to the board that way. Has anyone tried this, or had good luck with other methods?
  13. Okay, my GF just got me the HD500 for Christmas and I have yet to find a video or friend to help me program this thing the way I want it. I've been a Digitech guy for years...I love the easy, intuitive way you program them. Anyway, the way I've always used my RP1000 is programming each button to have its own set of preset effects. So to better explain, I don't use the distortion from my amp head so I have a clean, dry signal running to whatever FX processor I am using. So button 1 is my main rhythm distortion, 2 is a clean with chorus n delay, 3 is a hi mid, short delay lead, 4 is a phase shifter distortion, 5 is an ambient distorted lead, 6 is a different ambient lead, 7 is an ambient, high reverb clean, etc... That is how I want my FS1 thru FS8 set up on the HD500. But everytime I try to program it, it only lets me do one effect per a stomp box. I want each of the 8 buttons to be an individual, stand-alone line of preset effects. Is this possible? If so, please help! If not, I guess I'm going to sell the thing. Thanks for any and all help. Steve
  14. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and Line 6 products as well. I have a new Helix and I'm having trouble getting it set up how I want. I have some very nice Category 5 and PRS amps that I currently use live so I'm wanting to use the Helix to replace my large pedalboard. I'm not going to need the amp models live. I've seen videos/tutorials where people have it set up with effects all across the board, I believe 10 of them since the bank up/down where not present. I was thinking that's the stompbox mode but trying that last night I couldn't get the lights to stop flashing to engage the effects or get it to save. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I figured out how to save a board as a patch but that limits my pedals to eight. Thanks for the help in advance! Jon
  15. Hey guys, Had a bit of a look on the 'show us your Helix rigs' and so forth to see what kinda pedalboards you guys are using.. Any specific recommendations? Yes, of course, it's very preferential etc, however I guess I'm kinda looking for something that the Helix can sit in, where I can just remove the lid and away I go. The Pedal Pad boards seem decent.. anything else out there?!/PHAT-III-Hinged-Pedal-Surface-w-accessible-compartment/p/27578297/category=6472051 With my Axe FX setup, I ended up getting a custom-built pedalboard which I want to avoid if possible, so I'm just trying to gauge what people out there recommend, as well as what they're using.. Cheers guys!! George
  16. Here is my board I made for the hd500x. I've replaced the ditto with a 720 but nothing else has changed. I built the board out of pine that I had sawed and kilned for shop lumber. I didn't use any joinery and it was very simple to make. Although I did get to this point from a log, a nice woodshop will have better options. I made this before I seen the ikea hack but it is very much the same. As for routing, there are many options and I'd like to know how you guys are incorporating your stereo rigs with fx loops and this pedal. I'm currently running the pedal itself in mono because the octave and modulation are really nice on the front end, then both amps have a different od from the aby, a single eq, stereo reverb, and stereo/pan volume. In the effects loop is a timefactor, trinity reverb, and looper (currently). I find myself moving these around a lot. Anyone have any better routing options or suggestions?
  17. I've been really curious about the Helix, (like every guitarist with an internet connection) but I have some questions before I go out and spend that kind of money.The first I have is, what kind of amps/ speakers are most compatible with the Helix? Would a regular PA System work, or would I need to get an FRFR speaker, such as the StageSource? Lastly, does the Helix have a built-in amp/preamp, or does it just "model" the amps? Thanks :)
  18. Hi all, for those who are interested.. made a board to mount the Helix on. I do have a pedal train board that would fit it perfectly, but this would add too much weight, and too much height at a steep angle. As I play a lot of theatre shows in pits, which means i'm sitting down, this would have placed way too much angle on my foot which sits full time on the expression (volume) pedal. I'm not the most handy of people, but i think it'll work nicely. Really all i wanted was two basic things ; handles to help gripping when taking in and out of case (why doesn't the chassis have some indents into the chassis to act like handles?!), and to raise it slightly off the ground just in case of spills etc. I got a piece of plywood cut to size at local hardware, a couple of cupboard door handles, some rubber feet and a can of spray paint. I sanded the corners to make them nice and round as not to damage my case (Mono soft case) and i put extra feet underneath to cater for under the expression pedal. only issue is I chose a grade of plywood that was i think one grade too thin. I'll see how it goes but if necessary, I'll remove the hardware and re-do it with a slightly thicker piece. It's super cheap and very easy to re-do, took me next to no time. Particularly when the hardware store cut the material to size for me. (300mm x 600mm) mounted the helix to the board using 3M Dual Lock. i think the materials in total cost me about $30AUD ($20 USD) :)
  19. Do any of the relay systems fit underneath of a pedaltrain 3 pedalboard? I want to get either the g50 or g70 system but definitely don't have space on top of my board. If it could mount underneath somehow, that would be great. I don't want it to make contact with the ground is the only thing.
  20. Hi, I have been using my Toneport for some years now, but I am missing the obvious versatility of having a pedalboard to switch between presets. Because I cannot have my XT live with me at the moment I am considering buying a pedalboard that would work with toneport and POD farm. Is the iRig Blueboard a good option? Is it compatible? Are there other pedalboards you might suggest? Thanks guys!
  21. Hey guys, noob question. I've been playing guitar for a few years as a hobby, but I've been using a Line 6 Pod XT Live multi effects pedal. I recently started experimenting with my Line 6 Spider III which has built in distortion settings, and I prefer it's sound over my effects pedal. I have been looking into buying individual pedals, but I have a few questions regarding which pedals to buy. Most of the articles I've read say that an Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz pedal are necessary for a good distorted sound, but I am happy with the Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane channels on the amp. If anything, I would buy a fuzz pedal, but do you guys think an overdrive and distortion would be necessary? Also, my amp has delay, reverb, phaser, tremolo, and some flanger effects, which are activated using the knob. Is it worth it to buy effects pedals for each of these effects? I know it's more convenient, but is it necessary? If you guys have any tips on which pedals are most important to buy that would really help. Thanks
  22. Line 6-ers, I need help. Just want to know the capabilities of the M13 - as I'm thinking of replacing my HD500 with it. I don't use ANY of the amp modelling on the HD500 - but I use the effects. I currently have to have 6 Scenes to cover 1 gig's-worth of effects. (90's Cover band called Sounds Like Teen Spirit) - on any given gig I would use Fuzz, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, talk-box, delay, trem, leslie, compressor, whammy up 2 Octaves, Whammy Down 2 octaves, pitch up 5th, pitch down 3rd, wah, synth, Clean-boost - though I have an EP-101 for that now. It's not impossible - but it is annoying to have to jump back and forth for songs. It works, but It would be greate to get all effects into 2, or Ideally 1 "Scene". My questions: ONE Can I setup 12 effects on one scene - Drives in A, Mods in B, Delay/synth, etc. in C, and so-on. and then be able to turn on any 4 effects at once? E.G. - for Nirvana songs - could have distortion, and chorus on (one in A, one in B - then for Rage songs - could have Flange, Pitch, Whammy, on (A, B, C)? I guess the root of my question is - are you able to setup the M13 like a REAL pedal board - with the only limitation being that you can only have 4 effects on at the same time? (1 from each of ABCD columns)? TWO Does the M13 model input impedances of the individual pedals being modelled? (Like the POD HD 500 does?) Can I change this setting? I couldn't find anything in the L6 documentation on the M13. But the modelling of input impedances, While awesome, was a huge tone destroyer for the 4CM with my current Amp - so I had to set the global input impedance of all effects at the highest impedance (I think 3.5Mohms) to compensate. THREE Does the FX Loop take up one of the blocks on the M13 - or is it virtual...set it n' forget it? (I think I saw in the manual, that you can put it anywhere.) Thanks in advance for your feedback. Grunge on.
  23. I just picked up a used M13 and I love it! I also bought an SKB PS-55 pedalboard that also rocks! The SKB has two 1.3 amp 9 VAC outputs and I'm hoping to power my M13 from one of those jacks so that I don't need to also plug in the wall wart that comes with the M13. I saw some archived comments about this issue, but nothing recently posted about it. Has anyone tried this? Any feedback on how it works? Is the draw of the M13 too much for the 1.3 amp output of the SKB PS-55? One other thing I'm considering is putting a y-cable between the two isolated 1.3 amp 9 VAC outlets to make a 2.6 amp 9 VAC power supply. I'm pretty concerned about this, but I did talk to some of my friends that are electrical engineers and they seem to think that it should work without problem. Of course, it's not their equipment that might get fried if it doesn't work! Any thoughts on the this 2nd possibility? I'd verify that the two power outlets are truly isolated (check continuity between the hot leads to make certain there is no bleed-over there. If someone has considered and tried this, please let me know.
  24. Hello. collegues, I just wonder if setup like this is safe from electrical point of view. I just want to tweak a little bit the knobs, compare the sounds. Also this will allow to have several purpose setup at the same time: You can play and record using POD HD Pro sound, You can reamp from PC, You can play and record using all external hardware. Thank you!
  25. After so many years happy with my analogic Ibanez guitar effects pedalboard I wanted this new thrilling object... Hope it will not turn my life into a nightmare with crazy settings etc... but make it an heaven! Hints, Tips, Dos and Undos for an absolute beginner, to be prepared/ready when the box arrive? :D Thank you, ciao. Carlo_C
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