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  1. Hello everyone, I am planning to attach my Helix Floor on my pedalboard. My first idea is to remove the rubber feet and glue some crep on it to have it fixed on the board. But I then I see some kind of vent slots on the bottom side that might be blocked when fixing it without the rubber feet as spacers. Do you know if that's gonne be a problem or would you suggest a different way of installing the Helix Floor on a pedalboard? Thanks in advance, Frank
  2. Well. No. Values from 0-63 are the release of the switch and 64-127 the press of the switch. Although it doesn't seem to make any difference, whatever value goes it just toggles the switch (just like you were just stomped on it) @Ed_Saxman: I don't quite understand, what you try to suggest, so I obviously didn't explain clearly enough what I want to do: Basically, I want to control the Helix solely via MIDI Commands. I want to put it on stage and never ever want to have to touch it. (I just want it infront of me in case something happens to the live player, so it doesn't receive any MIDI signals anymore). So all I might want is to use the MIDI through, if there is another guitar player, that also wants to switch her board via MIDI. So far, it works quite nice (even though there is some latency when switching Presets, but I usually only change the blocks in the effect chain via the FSBs in a song). To make sure, the preset is in its standard condition (regarding the footswitches), I simply change to any preset and then back to the one I want during preclick.
  3. Hey Ed, thanks for the reply! I guess the issue was with Cubase Midi sending (or my mistakes within it). The editor is not really ... userfriendly or intuitiv ... but I finally managed to make it work (probably there was the PC 109 you mentioned somewhere, that I didn't noticed). Regarding the CC50 ... I tried with different values, but they all just toggle. Is there a possibility to have (like you mentioned) CC50(0) => always off and CC50(127) => always on? I mean, it works so far when I switch from a different preset, as the footswitch is set to it's default value (at least so it seems). But when I am already at the preset, and the FSB2 is just toggled, it might toggle in the wrong direction. I could workaround this with first switching to an other preset, then switching back to my preset, thus making sure, it is "initialized" with it's default values for the FSBs (on or off). (And make sure the signals are not too close to each other, as the second might not be processed by the Helix). But this is a rather ugly workaround ...
  4. Hey folks, I have a Helix Floor and want to control it via Midi. When playing live, we use a Live Player for click and backings and this player can also send midi signals. I am already able to switch programs via the ProgramChange Midi-Command. But I want also want to "press" a footswitch via Midi, it should function the same way as I would have physically pressed the switch. I assigned two funtions on footswitch 2 (bypassing level block and changing the gain parameter on the amp sim). If I read the manual p. 47 correctly, I'd need to send CC50 64~127 to "press" the FSB2. I made sure I am in stomp mode (manually hitting the footswitch works), but when I send the CC it switches to preset 26B instead of "pressing" FSB2. Any idea what I do wrong? Thanks in advance, Frank
  5. Ah, I see. Thanks for the info! It works as you said.
  6. Hello, I just got my Helix floor, and try to figure out the following setup: I want to use it live for my guitar *and* vocals and have the signals independent. So the Upper Chain should be: Git In => XLR Left and the lower chain MIC In => XLR Right. As I can only assign XLR out (and not XLR Left / Right) I was assuming panning the XLR out of the upper chain all the way LEFT would cause the signal to go to the XLR Left out only. And if I'd pan it all the way Right, there should be no signal through XLR Left at all (because all goes to right). But panning to left or right just lowers the volume of the signal and there is no difference between panning it to the left or panning it to the right. So it seems to me, that there is some "Stereo to Mono Summation" or something like this happening. I was looking for a "set XLR to Mono" Switch but found nothing. I have not changed the setting of the Helix, just updated the firmware to 03.11. My test setup is just the guitar in and XLR out LEFT => Audiointerface. The upper chain has Guitar In Input and XLR output, the lower chain has MIC In and XLR out (though I did not connected any cables to MIC IN and XLR Right yet). Any idea, how I can fix this? Thanks in advance, Frank
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