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  1. Hello, I wonder if would it be possible to add the same option, as the one available in HX Stomp (picture from manual below) to 'bigger' units like LT or Floor? Is it the hardware limitation, that makes it (at least for now) impossible to use EXP2 port in those devices or it could possibly be added by firmware upgrade? I think it may be useful for some users, and definitely for me since I am using looper a lot and therefore I have already expected some issues with stock footswitches... Nothing that couldn't be solved by simple cleaning but still serious enough to be dangerous during live performance... I am just curious if it is even possible on current units.
  2. Hi folks! GEDD here. Attached below is my preset. Problem i am facing is that no matter which amp i select, i am getting a "hissing noise" when playing the guitar. Note: The input gate is on: Amp being used: I did try adding a noise gate in front of the amp: What i notice is the noise gate just dampens the noise but does not eliminate it entirely. Can i know if there exists a method / technique / way in which the noise can be eliminated? Appreciate any and all help. Thanks! Best regards! GEDDEY - CLEAN.hlx
  3. Hello folks, They call me GEDD! I am fairly new to modeling. Got myself a helix floor unit a couple of months back. I have been expanding my knowledge in and around properly utilizing it. In this pursuit of creating my desired tones below are some questions i have for you. QUESTION 1: How do you choose a cab to compliment the tone that you have already achieved in the signal chain pre adding a CAB? QUESTION 2: Looking at the signal chain from every point of view (technical or otherwise) is a cab "mandatory" to be added in a signal chain if the you have already achieved the desired tone? I hope to get different takes on how each of you approach this part of the signal chain and what is the factual / feel reason that prompts you make the cab choices you make. I would also appreciate any tips or advise you have to offer. Thanks for taking the time in reading this post and contributing. Cheers - GEDD I have attached a custom tone file in which i have already achieved the tone i am looking for. Feel free to take a look. GRAM-GSG (EX).hlx
  4. Hello - I followed the instructions in Line6 website to upgrade but my computer crashed during the upgrade process. Now my Helix floor displays "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" with :-3 error code on the top left corner. Should I send the unit back? I was planning on playing with it all weekend and now I am screwed. It seems the update progress was about 50% when the computer crashed. I tried uploading pictures here but does not work, will try to reply with pictures. Thanks for your help.
  5. hey there! I'm having trouble with my helix floor and windows 11. USB port seems to not recognize it. My laptops drivers and everything are up to date, I've installed HX edit and uninstalled it a few times to make sure it wasn't a bug and nothing is happening. my USB port on the Helix is fine, I can hear it connect and become an unrecognized device when I plug in from that end but I've been kind of at a loss here. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  6. Anyone know how I can get the old Kashmir preset for native or what the blocks would be so i could replicate it? I had it some years ago in a trial with Helix Native. I ended up freezing the patch in my DAW as not to lose the sound of it. Now I have Native and of course it updated over the old. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hi, I use a Helix floor connected to a Powercab 212 via the data cable and have presets where I use the simulated speakers within the Powercab 212. So a preset will have just the amp selected and the Powercab settings will select the speaker. With all of the new cabs within the Helix 3.5 update I assume that I would be best to revert to using the Helix cab settings and use the Powercab 212 in a different mode? Say FRFR? Any help hugely appreciated, many thanks
  8. I'm not sure the best way to explain this so I'll do my best. I'm using the Helix Floor to control Logic Pro X. Mostly using Hotkeys but sometimes I send MIDI notes from it as well. Most of the time, it works perfectly. However, every now and then, the message I'm sending from the Helix to Logic will stick, as if it were set to "latching" instead of "momentary". So, for example, if I sent a message to Logic to start playback, it glitches out and starts playing the first .01 seconds of the song continuously until I go in change the message it's sending (which is the only way I've figured out how to stop it after it starts). Has anyone else encountered this problem or maybe have any advice on how to prevent this altogether? I'm primarily using this in a live setting which makes this situation very nerve-wracking. Thanks so much!
  9. When using the pitch wham block it works great using headphones. I only hear the new tuning assigned. All the different tunings I assign to a snapshot work great. When i connect the helix to an external speaker cabinet I hear both the standard tuning combined with the pitch assigned. what a garbled mess! very strange, but someone here may know the culprit. Thanks
  10. I know in stomp mode the scribble strips are name only. But how about being able to remove the letter/numeric from the preset in my user setlist. Example: Setlist user 1: O1C with the name I created under it. To only the name I created? In the attached scribble strip image I want 5150 only. Thanks
  11. Is there a way to have different global setting for different presets? I would like to have one preset use the " stomp/snap " while another uses 8 snapshots. Would be nice if can. When purchasing presets, they come in different shapes and sizes!
  12. I downloaded and imported a preset into hx edit. As in the attached image, i want to be able to assign each snapshot associated with the patch to a footswitch (new preset). I have assigned the patch to preset (01B), but i noticed the patch has 8 different possibilities within it's patch.( clean, drive. drive + etc,) Being new to the Helix floor, I need help doing it. (if the dropdown menu shown in the attached image is even called a snapshot)
  13. 2021 Updated! V1.2 is Now online! This is a Premium MIDI Layout made for Line 6 Helix devices: Helix Floor, Helix LT or Helix Rack. Requires MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS app, sold separately) Full tactile control over your Helix using MIDI over Bluetooth or MIDI-USB connections. Hardware and Software requirements: Line 6 Helix, Helix LT or Helix Rack MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS App, sold separately) Apple iPad MIDI Interface (wireless or wired) Changes Log: 1 August 2021 - Updated to 1.2 Save and Mode buttons added (requires firmware 3.10 or later) New Helix LT layout included (replaces FS3 slider with a View button) 16 January 2021 - Updated to 1.1 Improved design BlueBoard screen added Extended visual Input: Now this Layout can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2] if you have configured your device to send such data in Command Center. The same is applied to CC1 and CC2 (EXP pedals). These changes must be saved per preset basis in your device. Recommended MIDI Interfaces: Wireless: Yamaha MD-BT01 or CME WIDI Master Wired (using Helix USB): Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter Wired (MIDI to USB): Roland UM-ONE MKII + Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter Included support (optional): Embedded suport for the IK Multimedia Blueboard Bluetooth LE Modes: Mode B (Half/Full speed, Undo/Redo, Play/Stop, Rec/Overdub) Mode C (Snapshots 1-4) Includes a Small MIDI implementation to replicate the BlueBoard behaviour with any other configurable MIDI device (Airturn, Airstep, Pirate MIDI Bridge6/4, Morningstar, etc) A bit of tech stuff: The operation of this MIDI Layout is based on the current MIDI implementation available on Line 6 Helix devices. This means that the limits of what or how can be controlled are determined by the manufacturer (to a large extent). The practical translation of this fact is that: There are some functions in the Helix that are not controllable, simply because there is no CC assigned to whatever. There are some things in the Helix that receive MIDI but they do not send it. A clear example are the footswitches (FS). For this reason, it is not possible to show a synchronized status (on/off) on the controller's screen. For this type of controls, it will only be possible to send a status change message, so the buttons will be of a momentary type. Helix does not send the names of presets or setlists via MIDI -something that would normally use SYSEX messages or the Line 6's own protocol. Description: 1- Main Screen. From this screen you can control the main functions of your Helix. Some elements receives the MIDI information that your Helix sends and display it on the screen, such as bank and program changes. Others are used to send commands to activate and deactivate elements such as footswitches. A few elements are bi-directional, such as looper controls (broken feature in the 3.0/3.01 Firmware. Waiting for the upcoming 3.1 Helix firmware update). As you already know, the Helix does not send us the setlists names. However, you will be able to rename your Setlists on the controller easily from this screen, simply by pressing the "Setlist" button to write names coincident with those of your Helix. 2-Setlist Screen The main function of this screen is to navigate comfortably between the eight banks of your Helix, but we can also select a preset in each of the 8 banks, and toggle between them at the touch of a button. There are also controls that receive information from your Helix, like these three large screens showing the current MIDI PC, Bank, and Preset (ABCD). The eight Snapshots and the most relevant looper controls are also present here. 3- Preset Screen On this screen, the idea is to have quick and immediate access to all the Presets (and Setlists) of your Helix. Snapshot selection controls are also present, as well as the looper, tap tempo and tuner buttons. 4- BlueBoard Screen This new screen provides embedded support for the iRig BlueBoard. Two units can be used simultaneosly. A small MIDI implementation is also included, to use with any other configurable MIDI controller (Airturn, Airstep, Pirate MIDI Bridge, Morningstar...) CHEAT SHEETS 1- Main View 2- Setlist View 3- Presets View 4- BlueBoard View
  14. Hi I use Helix Native within Logic as it gives me the ability to just record the straight guitar signal & thus give me the ability to re-amp at a later stage etc.. I would like to know if it is possible to use my Helix Floor pedal to control patch changes, turn FX on & off & use Snapshots in real time. My Helix ~Floor is connected to my Mac via USB & I feel sure that I should be able to do this but I'm not exactly sure how I go about it? I am using Logic X as my DAW.I can see Helix listed in the Midi Environment (Clicks & Ports). Do I connect the Helix (within the midi environment) to the "Input Notes" or "Sequencer Input" and do I then have to do anything else? I obviously don't want the Helix Floor to effect any midi changes to anything other than Helix Native. Here's hoping someone can help me out.
  15. I followed the procedures to update my HX Edit and Helix Floor to version 3.15. This included backing up my Helix Floor prior to the update. Following a successful Helix Floor Firmware update, I followed the “highly recommended” steps of first doing a factory reset of the Helix Floor, and second, restoring the Helix Floor backup I had made prior to the firmware update. I got through the entire restore process steps 100% without any indication of error. But then the update procedure concluded with the following message on my computer screen (Windows 10): “HX edit was unable to restore one or more of the IRs because the sample data they contain was determined to be invalid” Does any one know: - if there are diagnostics available on the Helix Floor, or on HX Edit to identity which IRs were not successfully transferred back to my HX Floor? - what is the quickest procedure for me to make sure all the IRs are successfully copied back to my HX Floor. FYI Some of my IRs were purchased from the Helix store and are copy protected, but are licensed for my Helix Floor. (Don’t know if this makes any difference). Thanks for your help! Richard.
  16. I have some presets I typically use in Stomp Mode, and some presets that I typically use in Snapshot Mode. Is there a way to assign, on a preset-to-preset basis, which mode will come up by default when I select a preset?
  17. Hi First time poster here. I have searched, but couldn’t find the answer to my query. I currently have a Helix Floor and and also bought Helix Native at the discounted price - £99 here in the UK. What I would like to do is sell the Helix Floor and buy an HX Stomp, but keep or transfer my copy of Native. I would like to deregister the Helix so that the buyer can qualify for the Native discount, but keep the licence for Native I already have to go with the new HX Stomp Is this possible? Thanks
  18. First of all, a big Thank You to Line 6 for giving us another free firmware with more goodies for us to play with, yet again! I am having some problem with the JTV69 (VDI cable) which was not there in the previous firmware. The volume pot does not completely cut off when rolled off to zero position, hence sound passes to the Helix. On selecting the Variax tab, in the input section, and then manually forcing the "Volume Knob (Global)" to any number, and then rotating the JTV69 Volume Pot on full and then on OFF, Helix Edit shows a 0.2 instead of 0. This value is enough to bleed sound through and I can see the Helix input light up green. Has anyone had the same issue? Is there a way to recalibrate the Volume on the JTV69? Is this a Bug on the 3.15 firmware? Thanks.
  19. Is there a way to globally disable all Cab Blocks and Impulse Response Blocks to use a Helix Floor with real speaker cab? Sorry if I missed it but I've read the manual and searched the forum.
  20. Hi, I'm digging in to doing some re-amping, with a choice of using either my Helix Floor or Helix Native for the job. I've got my routing working either way, and they both sound great, but it appears there is one compelling reason to do the majority of re-amping "discovery" in Helix Native. The reason is that, so far as I have been able to determine, checking out different patches via Helix Floor requires me to reset the Helix Floor patch input (e.g. to USB 3-4) every time I change to a new patch. OTOH, when using Helix Native, I can just click on new patches bing-bang-boom, no input resetting required. This is MUCH quicker! Do I understand the situation correctly, or am I missing the trick as to how to re-amp with Helix Floor without having to constantly set the patch input? (All the above using Helix ASIO driver, with a music mix playing back from the DAW)
  21. Unfortunately the new HX Edit cannot import patches built for the Helix Floor. The only way is to edit the hlx files. I think I will implement a software utility to help the user in this modification and to convert the hlx files from Helix FL to HX Effects. Someone wants to join?
  22. I recently purchased a helix floor. And I got the latest version. I plugged in my guitar and connected the 1/4 out to my audio interface. When I turn the output knob all the way up, the sound is a little tinny, and when I look at the volume meter that shows the output at the end of the helix effect patch, it only goes to about halfway up. The gt-1000 I've been using has a function to adjust the input level, does this one?
  23. Hello everyone, I am planning to attach my Helix Floor on my pedalboard. My first idea is to remove the rubber feet and glue some crep on it to have it fixed on the board. But I then I see some kind of vent slots on the bottom side that might be blocked when fixing it without the rubber feet as spacers. Do you know if that's gonne be a problem or would you suggest a different way of installing the Helix Floor on a pedalboard? Thanks in advance, Frank
  24. Hey folks, I have a Helix Floor and want to control it via Midi. When playing live, we use a Live Player for click and backings and this player can also send midi signals. I am already able to switch programs via the ProgramChange Midi-Command. But I want also want to "press" a footswitch via Midi, it should function the same way as I would have physically pressed the switch. I assigned two funtions on footswitch 2 (bypassing level block and changing the gain parameter on the amp sim). If I read the manual p. 47 correctly, I'd need to send CC50 64~127 to "press" the FSB2. I made sure I am in stomp mode (manually hitting the footswitch works), but when I send the CC it switches to preset 26B instead of "pressing" FSB2. Any idea what I do wrong? Thanks in advance, Frank
  25. Hi Guys, Is it possible to control HX Effects with Helix Control Floor Controller (that comes with the Rack Helix) Just a thought as the extra buttons could expand the functionality of HX Effects. Thanks
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