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Found 8 results

  1. Just saw the new USB-drivers 2.0 for Helix, stomp etc. The Powercab are announced, but seem not available. Anyone?
  2. Hi, I use a Helix floor connected to a Powercab 212 via the data cable and have presets where I use the simulated speakers within the Powercab 212. So a preset will have just the amp selected and the Powercab settings will select the speaker. With all of the new cabs within the Helix 3.5 update I assume that I would be best to revert to using the Helix cab settings and use the Powercab 212 in a different mode? Say FRFR? Any help hugely appreciated, many thanks
  3. Found an intermittent possible bug in the PowerCab 212 when daisy chaining two together with a Helix. I was able to reproduce almost 100% for a bit while writing this up, but then sometimes I can’t. ———— Steps: Connect guitar to Helix Connect Helix Line 6 Link out to PowerCab 1 Line 6 Link in using an AES/EBU cable Connect Line 6 Link Out on PowerCab 1 to PowerCab 2 Line 6 Link in Power Helix On, then PowerCab 1, then PowerCab 2. Turn volume up in both PowerCabs to half, and turn up the volume on the Helix to whatever. Make sure both have sound. Turn the volume on PowerCab 1 down to zero and verify PowerCab 2 still has sound. Mute the guitar. Continuing to play appears to negate the issue. Turn the volume on PowerCab 2 down to zero and wait 5+ seconds. Turn the volume on PowerCab 2 back up and wait 5+ seconds. Now try to play guitar. Result? No audio. No signal indicators on the PowerCab 2. PowerCab 1 appears to stop sending signal. Green signal lights appear on PowerCab 1, and turning the volume up works. Restarting PowerCab 2 does not restore audio. You must restart PowerCab 1, and then audio on PowerCab 2 will work again. —————— I tried swapping the order of the PowerCabs in the signal chain and got the same result. Whichever amp is in the middle of the Helix and the other stops sending signal when the volume is set to zero, and nothing comes in to the amp for a bit, but only if the second cab is also set to zero briefly. ————— This is a minor issue, but may you have to restart your PowerCabs between sound check and your show. Or make sure you never set the volume to zero on the amps themselves. Ran into this the first few times I played with the amps live, and thought maybe I had to start them in a certain order. I was playing withy two amps today and investigating a new rattle, and I’ve figured out what’s actually going on for this problem.
  4. Has anyone found any creative ways (other than using USB) to have a Helix (Rack) connect to a PowerCab 212+ via L6 Link and still allow for some sort of digital output (into a soundcard, for instance)? I use a Helix Rack + PC 212+ alongside a Clarett 8Pre and am bummed that switching on my PowerCab (connected to the Helix via L6) disables the S/PDIF output - I use the latter to intake the Helix signal, keeping some analog channels open and staying in the digital realm. I quickly perused the forum, but didn’t find any ideas that’d specifically address that scenario. Self-deprecatingly, -LesSand
  5. I'm looking for advice for this project: I am planning to perform "mini-concerts". I call them "mini" because it will be in a friend's place, which is basically an a big-enough apartment room for some friends (around 10 top max) as audience and I will play in front of them. So it's not the same situation as a real concert. I will be playing mainly with guitars + Helix (floor) as a command center and/or (depending on the session and the piece) with a laptop+audio interface (maybe a mixer later), a few additional pedals and maybe midi controllers & keyboard(s). It is possible that this project will lead to some bigger performance but I'm not motivated at all to try other kinds of performances for now (except maybe through twitch). Right now I use studio monitors in my home office, so I only need these to work on music or for training at guitar. However I don't intend to move them for this kind of event, it doesn't feel appropriate and I dont want to risk breaking them while moving them. I'm looking for a good solution for FR/FR speakers when doing these mini-concerts. My friend that will host the event is open to let me get there sometimes to check acoustic etc. but I'm not sure what should work, I lack experience in that domain and I can't get there with everything I have or consider (it's not close, I don't have a car or licence so I'll go with taxi/uber). Here is the kind of music I will be playing: backing track + me playing over with the guitar (for electric-guitar focused stuffs); acoustic (with or without backing tracks), with the helix (for effects mainly) some synth based background loops + me playing over with the guitar (maybe driven through midi etc.) ambient pieces; solo guitar focused pieces; Because of this I suspect I better go with stereo, in particular for the ambient pieces and for having the backing tracks playing in different instruments in different "places" around, to not mush the sound when I play over. I also think I don't need concert-level volume, though I still need louder than what I play in my office as I'm alone in the (small) room. Here is what I have that could work and what I am considering: I have a BlackStar ID-CORE BEAM ( which basically works well for both acoustic and electric guitars and bass. I used it sometime to get to a friend's place and plugged the Helix headphone output into the aux input of this amp, the speaker felt ok but I couldn't compare to see if it was tainting the sound too much or not (the point of the session was not really the sound so we didnt focus on that). It's also not super practical once I try to work with more than one instruments. I have an old Laney electric keyboard amp that looks weird and there is duct tape around it. I salvaged it at a previous job where it was abandoned in a corner (the job had nothing to do with music). Some people say keyboard amps can be used instead of FR/FR speakers, I don't know about that. One major issue with it is that it seems to taint the tone a lot. I consider getting a PowerCab 212 plus, to have the stereo in one transportable thing. It's not clear to me if the fact that the speakers are close is a bad thing or not for stereo. Like, is that important for ambient pieces? Would that cab work well with a laptop playing other stuffs too + me playing in the helix? I consider getting 2 x "EV ZLX 12P" Other than the price of doing so (similar to getting the PowerCab 212), the main issue is that getting these would only be useful for these mini-concerts. I will probably not be able to use them in any other ways I planned so far. The main advantages is getting instruments-agnostic FR/FR and being able to put them far from each other (or just not-close). Any suggestions at what would be a good solution for this kind of project?
  6. haven't found the instance mentioned anywhere in documentation, or posts in this forum (or else, actually), so i can only hope in a reply by any actual owner: • do PowerCab 112+ and PowerCab 212+ have internal cooling fan(s) for the amp(s) that are housed inside, or just a passive heatsink somewhere? • and, if you know that one or more fans are in there, can you actually hear it when the PowerCab is being miked in a studio setting, when idling in between takes or phrases? i'm seriously considering either of them for purchase, but i'm worried that they may have been designed for their real killer application: providing the ultimate guitar amp experience, in connection to a Helix device, loud and live on a stage, or louder – at which a whirring cooling fan wouldn't be heard at all. in an otherwise typical setting, alternative but real, such as a recording session, together with one koto- and one shakuachi player, only a fanless design would make it usable – or a quite smart logic function behind a colling fan, one that seriously drives it at high speed only when at a very high SPL output). can any owner / user share this piece of information, please, with this humble newbie here? wholehearted thanks in advance for your feedback!
  7. I just bought a brand new PowerCab 212 Plus to go along with my collection of Line 6 gear. I plugged it in and tried to connect it to my POD HD 500 via L6 Link. Unfortunately, I can't get the L6 Link to work at all. When I power on the POD, I hear a few momentary clicks & pops in on the PowerCab, but no audio. I can connect via the analog outputs from the POD to the PowerCab, and that works fine, but I would much prefer to run a single digital cable instead of two analog cables. I opened a ticket with Line6 support, but unfortunately we are out of ideas to try. The things I have tried so far to get the L6 Link connection working are: Several different AES and XLR cables, including a brand new AES cable Connected two different POD units to the PowerCab, a POD HD 500 and a POD HD 300 Updated firmware on all of the units to ensure latest version Different power up / power down sequences and connection sequences Different settings within the POD HD 500 for outputs (page 4 of 12 in settings): Studio/Direct, Combo Front, Combo Pwr Amp, Stack Front, Stack Pwr Amp Different settings within the POD HD 500 for L6 Link Audio (page 9 of 12 in settings): Amp #1 Left/Right, Amp Model A, and Amp Model A/B Performed a full factory reset on the PowerCab 212 Plus via the settings I know that I likely won't be able to control detailed PowerCab parameters via L6 Link with the POD HD 500 or POD HD 300, but basic audio should work over L6 Link. Even trying everything above, I have not been able to get any sound, only a handful of faint clicks & pops when the system first powers up. Has anyone else been able to make this work? Any other things I could try? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, just knowing that someone else has successfully connected a POD HD 300 or 500 to a PowerCab via L6 Link would be good information. Thanks! Carl
  8. So I was just wondering... If I had a Powercab 212, would I be able to connect both my HX Stomp directly to it, AND my amp head and use them both independently, as well as combined?? I was thinking I'd like to use the amp head for clean sounds, and the HX Stomp for dirty. If that's possible, then is it also possible to have both connected to the powercab 212 and also have them interact with each other (only on on certain presets/snapshots) - i.e Preset 1/ Snapshot 1: Could I use my amp head clean sound, but add chorus from the HX Stomp? Preset 1 / Snapshot 2: Could I bypass my amp head and enable a modelled preamp and OD pedal from the HX Stomp?
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