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  1. Couldn’t have asked for more helpful answers, cruision2 and spikey, thank you! Now back to the original programming... or not. :-)
  2. A bit off topic, but I have been considering doing this for a while now. Any tips/caveats? I suppose the first one is to not buy one pre-routed for Strats?
  3. Thank you, PierM - that helped me quite a bit. And since it's a trim level specifically for the compression driver, it shouldn't affect the XLR audio. And amsdenj, I would have thought the same - I read somewhere that the compression driver is off in speaker simulation mode, so it stands to reason this would only work for FRFR. However, I'm simulating speakers in the PC 212+ and the HF trim still works and brightened up my tone. Incidentally - and I'm not sure if/why this would matter - but I hooked the Helix Rack to the PC 212+ via L6 Link.
  4. Yeah, the mod worked like a charm for me, am a happy camper! The only small thing is that now is that pedal gets to 100% just about 1 to 2 mm before the end of travel. I can only imagine it's because of the slide resistor tolerance. I'd love the Helix to have the ability to run a calibration and adapt to pedal slight variations. Maybe this needs to go to IdeaScale...
  5. Do the reasons for this pairing have to do with tone, or is it just circumstantial? I had my Friedman delivered last night, will spend the afternoon on it.
  6. Wow, I haven't seen a single ASM-12 on these posts so far. Any happy Friedman users out there? I ended up opting for it instead of the Fender Acoustic Pro (which would have been a better acoustic amp option), hope I don't regret the purchase.
  7. I wonder the same. I just received my M2, hooked it up to EXP 3, added a Volume block to my signal chain, assigned controller to position and I'm seeing the parameter go from 0% to 58% and then back to 0%.
  8. I notice the same behavior, except that it goes to 58% and then back to zero. It never reaches 100%. Anyone else has noticed it? I'm trying to get some reassurance before I do the mod myself as well. :-)
  9. I need to simulate a clean boost (like the MXR micro amp) in front of an amp. I'm thinking of using a Param EQ to simulate the MXR's high-end boost at unit gain, and then the Level parameter as gain. In addition to using my ears, am also trying to think this through. :-) - Does that sound like a reasonable alternative to you guys or am I tripping? - Are these blocks designed to be loaded like this and react like in real life, or am I risking digital clipping between blocks? I started fussing with it right in front of the Amp block's input, I haven't yet tried in front of other pedal blocks. - Is the +16dB (I think?) gain offered by the EQ's Level parameter on par with the type of gain a pedal of that type gives in the real world? Thoughts? Peace, -Ale
  10. OwnHammer advertises their cab IRs as having '200 and 500 ms decay tail lengths' . Does that mean they have some pretty "roomy" cab IRs, pulses have really long tails of nothing, or that the Helix is truncating some useful late room reflections?
  11. Newbie question: shouldn't the power amp IRs be paired with a pre-amp block instead of a full amp block?
  12. On that note, I'm considering buying IRs from OwnHammer, but their selection is so broad, I'm unsure how to choose. How do you guys go about deciding which packages to buy?
  13. One pet peeve I have with the Helix: - Press the Preset rotary knob to open the list of Preset groups and presets In order to navigate the list of groups on the left and individual presets on the right, I need to press the joystick left, rotate, then press right, rotate again, press again. Why do that, when we have two rotary buttons on either side of the screen?? It feels a lot more intuitive to me to use the left rotary knob for the left-side list (preset groups) and the right rotary knob/joystick to traverse the right-side list (presets). I find the current arrangement extremely annoying. If you agree, please vote below http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Improve-preset-navigation-knob-usage/793478-23508?submitted=1 And if someone already has created an entry in IdeaScale, please share - I performed a very cursory search before posting the idea. Peace! -Les
  14. When mixing in Reaper with the Helix as my USB audio interface, I find myself padding every preset patch by about +9db to make the level more compatible with other instruments (EZDrummer, primarily) in the mix. I'm OK doing fine adjustments in the mix, but since it's such a significant boost and consistently required across all patches, I'd rather pad it at the source. I guess I could trim the inputs at the DAW, but I'm thinking I should do it at the source, not adding gain at a later stage. Question: Is there a Global Level setting in Helix I could use with the USB output that I could use? I thought of using the Global EQ Level setting for that purpose in the studio, but I read in another thread (and confirmed) it doesn't apply to the USB outputs. -Les
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