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  1. Why is this so easy for you and difficult for me :) It wont let me do that? Any idea why?
  2. How did you get 2 paths to the output? All I see is a merge block. This should be the answer and I can't thank you enough for your time and consideration. nd
  3. I think the issue is the HXFX can't have 2 separate paths? At least as far as I can tell. Not enough DSP? I can only Split or Merge paths.
  4. The patch won’t load, too big I assume. I really appreciate your help and all that took time to reply. it’s a simple patch per the post I attached. Just loop 1 and 2 assigned to the same switch. One is on while the other is off. I’ve also tried splitting them and using the A/B split panned one way or the other and the same with the merge. And I’ve tried the stereo loop as well with a pan.
  5. It’s set up as prescribed. Both sends into front of each amp properly. Amp sends into the hxfx returns and both outs (L and R) into the amp returns.
  6. I’m set up exactly that way. Just tried again for another hour fiddling with blocks and splits and pans but still hearing the 2nd amp when the only loop I have available is the 1st amp. Can’t figure it out. I appreciate your help. I have seen everything on line and tried everything. I can’t believe no one knows how to do this properly or that there’s no patch available.
  7. Ok, it’s been a month of struggling to make this work properly. This thread isn’t helping. I simply get “bleeding” into the other amp. If Fx loop 1 in on, or even if I only have one loop in the signal chain, I still hear the other amp. How come I can’t get it to work? I’ve tried Fx stereo blocks with a pan on my exp, still hear the other amp. Just one Fx loop and still hear the other amp. separate send and receive blocks, same results. I’ve tried splitting the chain too. A/B and Y…nope Customtone has no 7CM HX Effects patches. im thinking of ditching the whole experiment. It’s been a struggle. Any ideas? Preferably with pictures or a patch that works.
  8. Why doesn’t this work? I get bleeding between the amps.
  9. Looking for advice on running HX Effects through 2 amps. One has an FX loop and the other doesn’t. Can I do left to the front of amp 1 and right through the loop of amp 2? Anyone working with a similar setup?
  10. Just trying to understand how to set up my HX Effects as an A B Y into 2 channels of an AC 30 with NO FX Loop OR a foot switch to change channels. Basically out of HX Effects into the front of 2 amps. Also want to be able to use 1, 2 or both channels. Help if you can. I assume you can use the send 1/2 to each amp? Or the L R outputs? Or the EXP? 4 Cable Method is not an option.
  11. We should be able to cut from input to output and paste in a different patch. This would be very helpful so the top signal chain could be one patch and the bottom another.
  12. We should be able to cut from input to output and paste in a different patch. This would be very helpful so the top signal chain could be one patch and the bottom another.
  13. Hey, can't I just run the 1/4" out into the back of the L2t?
  14. I like the way the piezo sounds through the acoustic modeler on my L2t. I would like to add some effects in this path. Is it possible to run a piezo guitar through the helix to the BACK of my L2t and us the on board effects?
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