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  1. had this here too - on a new MBP 2018. in Ableton 10.1 beta
  2. d0stenning

    HX Stomp MIDI controller (IOS)

    i've got the file in both my DropBox folder on iPad AND iCloud
  3. d0stenning

    HX Stomp MIDI controller (IOS)

    I just purchased and downloaded this. But whenever I try an OPEN-IN to install the preset in M D nothing happens. On iPad Air 2 latest iOS. Latest MD PRO How do I load this file into MIDI DESIGNER ?
  4. d0stenning

    Using a Windows 10 tablet to run HX Edit

    Also.... anyone using Surface Go for Ableton? ( and / or Helix Native or Ableton ) ?
  5. d0stenning

    Using a Windows 10 tablet to run HX Edit

    out of curiosity - have you tried the tablet with Ableton ? clearly it won't be very zippy but might support a few tracks if the plugins etc don't consume too many DSP cycles.
  6. Seriously ?? POLYTONE BRING IT ON Sure hope so :) But don't recall any mention of jazz in DI interviews. Personally - considering he said pet FEATURE not pet MODEL i don't think polytone is it.
  7. d0stenning

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    I second this post (unsurprisingly to many). For me its about having as much flexibility to choose between my full HELIX Floor rig and this extremely portable unit depending on circumstances. At home i'd prefer often to use my HELIX. It allows for so many tonal choices to be chosen via stomps and everything is displayed clearly on scribble strips. This allows for creativity and experimentation. Once "on the road" - at tiny venues and mostly wanting to carry just a single guitar case on a bus or in taxi - i'd prefer to use my Stomp for its compactness. As someone who owns a lot of 3rd party presets that I love and use a lot - I would like to be able to share as many common presets and sounds as possible betweenn both units. I don't ming making the comprises of a single DSP chip limitation and making my HELIX presets fit on only one DSP to do this but the full capacity of that is being artificially hobbled on Stomp - be it for well intentioned user friendliness reasons etc or not - and so even those patches on the HELIX that can run in a single DSP are still not able to be ported to the Stomp. Given the compromises inherent in designing something like the stomp - and given there has always been a number of HELIX users who would benefit from having a much more portable version of the modeller - surely it behoves L6 to at least give us the option to use more blocks - up to the same court as HELIX. And let us deal with the GUI trade-offs as fit. I've suggested some ways in which we could have the best of both worlds on IdeaScale. For example we could have Stomp presets that are categorised/tagged as "HELIX MODE" - and in this mode - the GUI remains the same - 6 blocks are shown in the screen and can be edited. But in fact more than 6 blocks can exist for the patch. In HX Edit the user would be allowed to specify which out of ALL of the blocks being used in the preset ( where the number exceeds 6 ) are to be visible ( and thus tweak-able ) via the Stomp screen editor. The remaining blocks would be hidden in the Stomp GUI and only accessible via the HX Edit editor. So for example the user could opt to hide such blocks as IRs, Cabinets, Volume/Expression pedals, EQ etc - and leave just the 6 blocks most likely to need adjusting as visible. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Stomp-allow-more-than-6-blocks-for-IMPORTED-HELIX-presets/940395-23508#idea-tab-comments
  8. d0stenning

    I want a Helix Riser!

    While waiting for an iOS version of HX Edit - nearest thing to a small iPad - based solution would be the new Microsoft Surface Go running HX Edit.
  9. d0stenning

    Reserved Midi CC and external Midi controllers (HX Stomp)

    Yes I come across this issue as a problem for other MIDI controller devices. I own an ActitioN MIDI controller which has fixed MIDI CC for each stomp. So i'd really like for my HELIX ( and soon Stomp ) to be able to have some of its fixed reserved CC made customisable. Special things like Snapshots and effect bypass assignments.
  10. Give there are many who already own a MIDI foot controller - be it MC6 or something much cheaper like one of the ActitioN range - the argument about cost doesnt really work. Its even possible to switch snapshots via MIDI over USB - so it could be that for some performers - an iPad connected to the Stomp running some app that sends MIDI CC messages would also work fine. So really - it would be very helpful if L6 in a future update - allowed for more than 3 snapshots.
  11. d0stenning

    Any idea what we can expect in the next update? 2.65 or 2.70?

    I'd like them to focus on improvements to the overall aspects of the HELIX rather than more models. There's a lot that can be improved - from : more than one global EQ preset global presets for control centre settings better USB Input/output routing options - at patch level AND GLOBAL level presets per effect/amp type a more accessible way to adjust USB 1/2 level better integration of iOS devices via USB into the HELIX iOS Editor / control of the HELIX HELIX NATIVE - much more flexible options on mapping MIDI CC messages to aspects in HN plugin like SNAPSHOTS ( currently its a fixed CC for ALL snapshots with the value determining the snapshot - index but many hardware MIDI foot controllers have fixed CC for each pedal so this won't work to change snapshots in HN ) ......to name a few. oh..... and a POLYTONE model :)
  12. I have two MIDI foot controller devices which have FIXED MIDI CC numbers for each stomp. Namely ActitioN and the IK BlueBoard. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HELIX-NATIVE-Snapshot-Control-support-MIDI-pedals-with-FIXED-CC/938764-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments Trouble is the SNAPSHOTS feature in HM 2.6 uses a FIXED CC value - CC#69 follows by a Value 0-7 for each snapshot. So say i want to use 4 stomps for SNAPSHOT 1-4 - my foot controller sends four DIFFERENT FIXED CC values ! I use Ableton - so initially had a look for MAX4LIVE devices that can remap one CC to another - but found none that could remap the different CC values ( 76-79 in my case ) to 69 - while at the same time setting VALUE to 0 when I send 76, 1 for 77, 2 for 78 and 3 for 79. So my attempt to use MAX4LIVE MIDI conversion add ons failed. What we really need is a way in HN to either have a LEARN function so to change snapshots we can use the CC values of our choice ( and ignore value ) OR.... have a built-in CC remapping facility page where HN automatically transforms incoming ( different ) CC values to 69 and the appropriate value. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HELIX-NATIVE-Snapshot-Control-support-MIDI-pedals-with-FIXED-CC/938764-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments
  13. d0stenning

    Fremen's Helix presets

    OFF TOPIC slightly but don't shoot me! You'll laugh but my HELIX is temporarily upstairs -deliberately put out of reach so I can focus on how much i can do with just an iPad and MIDI pedals etc as one-man-band. So,...... have just purchased Bias Amp and FX. And - apart from DSP draw ( on my iPad Air 2 ) am actually quite impressed. Think its useable... until Line6 make something like the AmpliFireBox for the HELIX - i.e. a tiny box with minimal basics that i could take to open mics. So...... any chance or plans to make some Fremen presets for the Bias AMP 2 iOS/VSTseries ? I guess one issue is i don't think they allow custom impulse responses on iOS. But maybe if you do a deal with BIAS.... who knows ?
  14. d0stenning

    MIDI actions for Preset Up/Down and Snapshot Up/Down?

    On further research into this i appears there is actually **NO** support in the MIDI standard for preset UP/DOWN functionality. Which is a bit of a shame. Who knows maybe in the very new MIDI HD ( or whatever its called these days ) "new improved" MIDI spec ( i.e. the one that includes MPC and lots of new goodies ) will address this issue - since it seems such a useful one - to me at least.
  15. d0stenning

    MIDI actions for Preset Up/Down and Snapshot Up/Down?

    Funnily enough - i was just googling for this issue now - as i've recently bought an Actuation 12-stomp MIDI USB foot controller. it is a very limited but value for money item. And one needs to use some app or hardware in order to remap the MIDI CC messages from what is sent out from the Actuation unit to the HELIX. I am using an iOS app MIDIFLOW on my iPad which is connected as USB HOST - to a USB hub to which both my HELIX and the Actition controller are connected. By setting up a custom page in MIDIFLOW to remap all the MIDI CC messages from the 12 stomps to the correct CC messages for the HELIX I can operate all the 10 FX bypass switches remotely. I'll be getting to work tomorrow to do a separate MIDIFLOW page to allow the Actition box to select snapshots ( according to the MIDI specs in the HELIX manual ). But - as those here have found out - there doesnt yet seem to be a way of simply sending out MIDI CC messages to the HELIX simply to flip to the next preset - or down. I can think of workarounds but i can agree with others here that it would be nice to be able to map ANY aspect normally controlled by stomps - to an external device - in my case an external stomp box i plan to use so my HELIX can be mounted on a high stand or coffee table while I still have something to do a bit of pedal-ballet with - er.... down below...