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  1. is this vibe possibly going for the Magnatone varistor vibe type effect maybe ?
  2. This feature request on Ideascale exists to serve those who own both a Catalyst 100 or 200 AND also own a HELIX of some kind or a HX Stomp or HX Effects unit and who wish to use both together in a seamless way. The idea is for users to be able to create a SINGLE preset inside HX Edit for HELIX, Stomp or FX -but where optionally the Catalyst signal chain can also be included in block form such that a single preset sets up both the HELIX or HX device AND there Catalyst. For this to work the HELIX/HX device would act as master and catalyst as the slave- in that all the parameters and model blocks in the Catalyst would be stored in this preset - and whenever this preset gets switched to, a set of MIDI commands ( syses maybe? ) would be sent over MIDI DIN to the Catalyst such that we have just ONE preset for everything in both devices. This gets over the situation where otherwise one would have for example one preset in HX FX and need to switch to some preset in catalyst that one wants together. Of course one can do this but it's a fiddle. How much better to be able to store parameters for both the HELIX or HX device AND the connected ( over MIDI DIN ) Catalyst. In effect ( scuse pun ) the two units become seamlessly "one" - and this HX Edit feature would add a strong reason for the owner of one of the products to get the other. Vote up for this here: https://line6.ideascale.com/c/idea/1054047
  3. Currently Pedal A can only be used for channel switching while Pedal B is used to turn an FX off and on. It would be extremely useful to just be able to assign EITHER of the pedals to one of the three sonic effects in Catalyst - ie BOOST , FX or REVERB. https://line6.ideascale.com/c/idea/1052327
  4. Q: whats the situation with the FX Loop feature? does it place the return ... A) before the Catalyst preamp section? B) in-between the Catalyst preamp and REAL (solid-state, ie sonically neutral) power amp section? C) in-between the Catalyst preamp and modeled TUBE power amp section ?
  5. So if one owns KOMPLETE KONTROL , Ableton PUSH or MIDI controllers with knobs... It would be great to adjust model block parameters via knobs. The plugin exposes lots of switches and buttons by name. But so far only seem to be able to control master input volumes etc - and not the 6 knobs or more representing parameters I the currently edited model I( amp, speaker or effect ) One hopes that soon Native Instruments will eventually deliver what's been promised - namely ability to host EFFECT plugins as well as instruments in KOMPLETE KONTROL. When this happens we'll for example - I'm guessing/hoping - be able to easily adjust the first 8 parameters in any model block, But not quite clear how this works in HN Also with the hardware version of 3.15 there was mention of new MIDI control features there. Anyone have more info on that ?
  6. Is it just me or have they improved the tone and feel of the new updater? I plugged my guitar into the updater app this morning and my high ends and crunches seemed just ... kind of updaty but more so. as if with added updater freshness. updates just feel more ... real and that old inauthentic updater-sim quality is no more. ( oh and my farts now smell like petunias )
  7. Anyone wish for a Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature model in HELIX ? https://line6.ideascale.com/a/ideas/tag/tags/classic-reverb-signature
  8. Talisker is lovely. When the chance arises ( and money's no object ) I'll go for a Lagavulin.
  9. Jack and Coke - hey no worries man. But you put Coke in a single malt and I'll hunt you down. Make that an Islay malt and I'll come at you with an axe. ( er ... axeFX? )
  10. Yes - on reflection I kind of agree that maybe 100% headless is a step too far. So maybe something very minimalist - as is the current HX Stomp - but it needs more buttons than the stomp so that its less modal and more like HELIX Floor in operation. so an "almost-headless" 'HELIX Floor Compact' might be the ticket. I personally ( having used the Stomp ) could live with 6 stomps+scribble strips to keep things compact. That gives us for example 3 Snapshots and 3 effect blocks visible and accessible at all times. ( or 6 snapshots etc etc ) But as it is with the Stomp - a wonderful device sonically but i'd prefer to edit away from the floor - unless absolutely necessary in the last minute. I realise it must have been a hell of a challenge to cram so much into my Stomp - but ergonomic ( rather than block count or sonic ) issues are my main gripe with it these days. I *would* like to be able to save a block by being able to select an IR in an amp-cab model block instead of speaker model - in order to release a single extra block. ( but now we're mainly talking about the Stomp which isn't the question here )
  11. I jus think a screen this big doesn't ultimately belong on the floor. Scribble strips do. Maybe an economy unit that simply delegates editing tasks to an iOS device but wth a "tiny" screen for emergency lat minute editing would be the answer. Kind of like Stomp i guess - but with scribble strips too? would make that mockup above a lot smaller. but whatever it is - it needs to have just enough - *extra* buttons and/or stomps when compared to the HX Stomp in order to eliminate the annoying modal switching that one has to do on the stomp currently. ( or maybe i'm missing some hidden feature )
  12. nice addition and pedal edit is cool for sure. but for ultimate tweak-ability i just like knobs and sliders. And pedal edit is still a little modal for my liking. I like the idea of having - say 12 knobs in a separate controller unit where the firs 6 could be defaulted to the amp at all times while the remaining ones go to something else. the ability - like one finds with the modular-synth-thing these days - of simply being able to reach out to a knob and know it just does what it says on the "label" is priceless. Hell - maybe such a separate HELIX "control surface" could ..... double up as a... MIDI / DAW/ synth plugin ..... er .... control surface.... ? Its why the studio pros - for decades and gigabucks have been prepared to pay for massive desks like the SSL -
  13. But maybe if a future HELIX has that many stomps then a better fit would be a new HELIX Rack - with HELIX CONTROL MK II But then again - maybe that's the answer - my HELIX BOARD + HX CONSOLE idea .... In MY final analysis I think it makes little sense for a floor multi-effects unit to merely copy anachronistically the current way guitarists assemble huge numbers of pedals on a board and then have to constantly bend down to the floor to tweak or program the whole caboodle. hardly ergonomic. hardly taking full advantage of a modern technology that - as far as user interaction and ergonomics - needn't just emulate the old way. So put only that which absolutely HAS to be on the floor - namely stomps and scribble strips - and put all the tweak able dials and knobs and buttons into a separate unit which can be operated at human eye-height without bending down. Just because HELIX is emulating old-school SONICALLY doesn't mean that *user operation* has to be old school ( ie requiring users to bend down and get backache ) too. :D
  14. Bring it on! IF YOU BUILD IT .... THEY..... especially since the main reason I sold my helix floor - apart from not needing two units - one seeing little action - main reason was I mistakenly thought I'd had my HELIX Floor for around 5 years and thought a HELIX II might be imminent - but.... it turns out - silly me - I'd only had it for around 3 years! - But all the same - it means I. got a good resale price for it last week on eBay which is earmarked for whatever eventually becomes the HELIX II or HELIX PRO or ULTRA... but I don't need 18 switches - 16 will do... :) But.... I also suspect - if Line6 designed in a really good looper - 4 track - something that beats boomerang etc - built in - those extra pedals to control looping etc etc - might with time see a bigger base becoming interested than might be suggested by user surveys. After all - how many people have massive pedal boards with what amounts to 18 stomps or so ? quite a few I reckon. And being able to access snapshots while also being able to turn off individual effects at will - OR.... being able to allocate 4 or more stomps and scribbles to MIDI control or the built in super-duper-looper.... then that would be an attractive proposition. you just need to provide lots of use-case examples for how those extra 4-6 stomps would be used :)
  15. I might - to be honest your specs are kind of what I was hoping for in what turned out to be the HX Stomp. But in full irony I ended up sellling my HELIX Floor but keeping my newly bought Stomp. its not perfect for me - but in fact is good for me for now. the 6 block limit is good for me to end choice paralysis and to focus on learning what amps and effects are capable of. the user interface on the Stomp is irritatingly modal though and cries out for a HX Edit for the iPad to make up for the limitations of useablity / workflow. it sounds just as great as my Floor - which has gone to a new owner who will I'm sure love it. 1) Full Variax Control. YES PLEASE 2) 6-8 Buttons 6 will do 3) Scribble Strips yes please 4) More powerful than HX Stomp ( More Blocks, More Snapshots, Snapshots with names, Holds more presets than 128) nice to have but actually I don't care so much any more for the proposed form fsctor 5) No Wall Wart Power Plug OH ABSOLUTELY! I HATE wall warts 6) No Built In Expression Pedal (just optional plug in) agree 7) XLR outs not bothered 8) Volume Meters nope 9) Buttons with more programmability (Not just click, but also - toggle, and hold, that you can assign) agreed. the interface on Stomp is nowhere near as effortlessly easy and workflow-assisting as HELIX Floor. Maybe a few extra buttons - even ONE would have made a huge difference in reducing modal operation - menu/mode diving etc etc
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