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  1. TheDaveDaveDave

    New forum layout suuuucks

    Yep, new format isn't doing it for me either, mostly reading on a laptop. The two pages of stickied messages and what not seems like it'd be even more annoying on mobile...
  2. TheDaveDaveDave

    DIY-project: MIDI-controller for snapshots. Powered by Arduino

    Congratulations - looks like an awesome job! Even more awesome that learned so much in such a short period of time - that's stuff you'll have in your head forever!
  3. TheDaveDaveDave

    ...Whoa- Pending update (2.50) pinned above

    Thanks for that! Going over the list, it looks pretty intuitive: 1) All drives are mono, 2) all comps are mono 3) the "80A Flanger" is mono (!?). With that flanger exception in mind, all modulations, reverbs and delays are listed either as "Stereo Thru/Stereo Effect", "True Stereo" (sounds the same to me) or a handful that are "Stereo Thru/mono Effect.". For me, the moral of the story for me is this: Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line and never choose a "legacy" flanger. :-P
  4. TheDaveDaveDave

    Helix as Mac Output

    It is kind of a drag on Mac, but this seems to be the way all external audio interfaces work with macOS - this is the same for my UAD Apollo Twin and my RME UFX. When using the Helix as an audio interface, I always have Exp 1 as a volume for guitar level, and thankfully the Helix volume knob is big enough and tough enough that I can adjust the overall level my foot.
  5. TheDaveDaveDave

    Direct Box - Passive or Active?

    Good call - sound guy will give you less grief when he sees such a well respected brand of DI.
  6. TheDaveDaveDave

    Mesa Mark 3 Simul Class

    I have a Mark V, played at Mark IV for a decade, and rehearsed a bunch with a Mark III. My memory of the III is a little faded, but based on your video, I'm really thinking that the Archon LD in the Helix might get you where you're trying to go.... It's a REALLY awesome model!
  7. TheDaveDaveDave

    Should I step up to Helix?

    I use Helix in many ways - as a pedalboard, 4cm, preamp models into power amps and FRFR. It rocks in every way in each scenario. Cheers
  8. TheDaveDaveDave

    Helix LT into effects return of amp

    What amps/effects/preamps/pedals are you running into the Mk IV? For a starting point, you should really start with a Helix preamp model only, and then add pedals. Don't use a full-blown amp model, amp&cab or cab - you already have a real power amp and cab. Also, try the Helix output settings with both "line out" and "instrument". Hope this helps...
  9. TheDaveDaveDave

    2.31 Release Date

    Hmm. Controversy. :rolleyes: My guess would be this new feature: discrete power amps - i.e., being able to mix and match preamps and power amps. I imagine that would stir up a LOT of disagreement between audio-techies and digital techies alike. On the "feature side" - it would take the realm of tones in the HX up by a power of two... which is a LOT. Just my .02 spacebucks.
  10. TheDaveDaveDave

    How do you guys feel about the Dirt Pedals?

    I love the Minotaur. I'd never played an original or a clone, but after trying the Helix, I bough 4 or 5 different clones and the Helix is better than any of them, if only because I can pair up an EQ in tandem and active them both automagically. (The only real pedal that does this is the JHS Rockaway Archer, which I also wound up buying.) I also love the OCD, The Timmy and the new EP model... Just for busting out on a lead. @OP, I haven't had much time with a real Rat at all, but I can say that at between all the TS-based pedals and Klones I've had, the "bare-metal" pedals all sound slightly different from each other, and the Helix is squarely in the ballpark of the pedals that it models...
  11. TheDaveDaveDave

    Helix Models you wish they would add...

    Thank you Line 6!
  12. TheDaveDaveDave

    line6 (helix) haters on YouTube

  13. TheDaveDaveDave

    When will we see new models and firmware for helix??

    Really? It's just a freaking number - the features that they released are the features that they worked long and hard to release, with the intent of pleasing their customers. Come on man, lighten up!
  14. TheDaveDaveDave

    helix vs focusrite

    BLUF: yes, I think it's a bubble, but it's great that you can discern the difference. IMO, there are a LOT of better interface pres than the Focusrite stuff. I've only got an older Octopre, which is great, but the hi-z and mic pres on my RME UFX and on the Apogee One are much much better sounding to me. My old Yamaha I88x units were also much much better sounding. But the Helix is so good that over never even bothered to compare.
  15. TheDaveDaveDave

    Suggestion of backpack for Helix

    The way it opens up is like a Mono guitar case... two zips down from one end of the Helix, down 1/2 way the length. Both snug and easy... love it!