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  1. It sounds like you want to use the Vai preamp and HX Effects into the power section of your amp bypassing the preamp of your amp. You could run the Vai preamp into the HX Effects into the Return of the Loop on your amp. Alternatively, you could put the Vai preamp in the loop of the HX Effects and then the output of the HX Effects into the Return of the Loop on your amp.
  2. There is always so much room for interpretation online... I took his statement to mean HE mainly uses them for acoustic but I could wrong.
  3. The Morningstar is great! I ordered mine on April 16th, it shipped from Singapore, and I had it in my hands April 23rd.
  4. Not at all, sir. I thought maybe I should clarify my previous statement. My intent is to use the KRKs for monitoring eventually so, your solution is of interest to me! Thank you!
  5. The JBL Flip 4 has a 1/8 inch mini port input which would be much better than using bluetooth BUT that tiny speaker is not going to sound very good. I have a Sony bluetooth speaker that sounds decent for listening to music. While I was in the middle of moving my family, I tried plugging into the little Sony speaker with a 1/4" to 1/8" cable I have since all my gear was packed up. It wasn't much fun playing my guitar through that little speaker. I use an American Audio KPOW15BT with My HX Stomp and I like it MUCH better. Musiciansfriend has the KPOW15BT Mkii as their Stupid Deal of the Day today for $149.99.
  6. Yes sir, a ground loop is what I believe I experienced but, my point was and is, I only experienced it with my KRK monitors. I connected everything in the same manner when using my powered PA speakers and the did not experience the ground loop noise. At any rate, I am glad you have found a solution for your issue and it may be a solution for me as well. Thank you, sir!
  7. I cannot explain what you are experiencing but I can tell you I experienced a similar issue when using my KRK Rokit 5 monitors. With the USB cable from my HX Stomp connected to my laptop, I experienced overpowering hum and noise. Once I disconnected the USB cable, the noise disappeared. I do not experience this noise issue when when I use my powered PA speakers instead of the KRK monitors. My best guess is the KRK monitors are more sensitive to ground loop issues.
  8. I have not experienced this issue. Have you checked every thing else in your signal chain such as the cable and output jack of your guitar, the cable to your FRFR speaker, and the FRFR speaker itself? Could it be a power issue? I know it is very basic troubleshooting but I would want to eliminate any other possibility. Good luck, sir.
  9. If you have a midi controller, I personally have a Morningstar MC6II, you could use something like a Voodoo Lab Control Switcher MIDI Amp Channel Switcher to change channels on your Peavey. RJM makes a similar device called the Amp Gizmo.
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