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  1. I recently bought some used, powered PA speaker (EV ZLX-12p). These are mainly for acoustic gigs, but I wanted to play around with various HX Effects shenanigans, as well. I normally use the HX in front of an AC15, but I'm always curious about DI options. Yesterday I downloaded the Line 6 Allure IR pack and loaded it up. I then ran the FX Loop 1 send from the HX into the guitar input of my Orange Micro Dark, and connected the FX loop send from the Orange back to the FX Loop 1 return on the HX. I put some compressor and drive blocks before the loop block, and some delay and reverb blocks after. I then connected the mono output to my mixing board via a passive DI box, and ran the board into one of the EV speakers. For the IR I chose the 90's V30 mode. Wow! It sounds awesome. The Micro Dark has a solid state power section, so I'm essentially cutting that out and using the 12AX7-driven preamp section in a loop on the HX. The three knobs on the Orange are all still in the circuit (Vol, Tone, Gain). It sounded massive! It's much nicer than the crap headphone output on the Orange. Anyway, figured I'd share in case anyone else wanted to have a go. Next I'll try setting up a preset with this IR but without the amp in the loop, to see if I can make a reasonable emergency tone in case my main amp craps out.
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