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  1. guitarbloke1980

    Helix Stomp FOH and Amp Setup

    @amsdenj - This sounds like it's exactly what I need for my live setup! However I do have a question - I hooked up the Stomp as you suggested (Send L going to FoH - for testing purposes at home I'm using an frfr PA speaker so Send L went directly into this). The Main L went to my amp and cab, however the problem is I'm getting no sound from the PA speaker. Do I need to change anything on the Stomp need to be able to use this configuration?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm struggling a little and need to bombard you all with questions I'm afraid! :( I've been tweaking my HX Stomp setup tonight (after 2 months I still haven't dared to gig with it!), and I've run into a few issues which hopefully can be easily fixed. I'm pretty sure some (or all) of these are due to my inexperience so I'll be the first to hold my hands up to being a technophobic idiot! Ok, so...Problem 1 - I tried to incorporate the HX Stomp into my exsting pedalboard. The chain is: Buffer - Korg Pitchblack - Digitech Mosaic - Digitech Drop - Strymon Riverside OD - HX Stomp - Front of Amp. The volume on the Strymon seems redundant - there's no volume increase at all as I turn the volume knob on the pedal. It also seems to have introduced some noise when the Strymon and HX are connected together (even when the Strymon isn't engaged). If I remove the Strymon the extra noise disappears. This isn't an issue normally (when I'm not using the Stomp). Problem number 2: I bought a Moskey dual switch to use as FS4 and FS5. However, it just sxrolls continuously through all presets and won't stop. It's configured like this in the global settings: *Footswitches* Stomp select = Press Fs4 = preset up Fs5 = preset down *Preferences* FS4 = EXP/FS tip FS5 = EXP/FS ring Tip/ring polarity: both set to normal Problem 3: When I'm running into the front of the amp (with nothing in the amp effects loop), the volume control on the amp does nothing. I can only control the volume via the knob on the HX. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong! Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any feedback or help!
  3. guitarbloke1980

    Stomp + Footswitch Question

    Just thinking out loud here, but If I get something like one of the cheap Moskey 2 button switches to use with my Stomp, would it be possible to make 1 of the switches change between snapshot mode and preset/fx mode?
  4. guitarbloke1980

    HX Stomp - Sudden Loss of Sound

    I'll keep an eye on it, if it becomes more of an issue then I'll send it away to be repaired. It's only about 3 months old at the moment. Thanks guys!
  5. guitarbloke1980

    HX Stomp - Sudden Loss of Sound

    Yup, I checked all the cables were seated correctly etc, but it seems strange that it was as soon as the Stomp had powered up again that everything roared back to life.
  6. guitarbloke1980

    HX Stomp - Sudden Loss of Sound

    Twice yesterday whilst jamming at home (just guitar into Stomp and Stomp into an FRFR speaker), the sound just suddenly cut out completely. The Stomp remained powered on and wasn't frozen, I still could switch to different presets, but zero sound was coming out. Up until this point I had been playing quite happily for an hour or so. I had to power the Stomp off and back on which got things back on track right away, but it's a little worrying if this were to happen at a live show. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. guitarbloke1980

    To DI or not DI.. that is the question...

    I’m an HX Stomp user – well, owner at least. I haven’t used it live yet, but I’m getting close I think! So I’m wondering – is there any benefit to taking a DI from the Stomp and sending to the PA as an XLR? Or is it fine just to run an unbalanced jack to the desk? It’s not really my area of expertise so please excuse me if this is a basic question! I’m going to be running the following setup – Guitar --> OD pedal --> Stomp --> Left Mono Out going to an FRFR speaker on an amp stand behind me for foldback + Right Out going to the desk Or… is it better to just go Left Mono Out straight to the FRFR speaker and then take a feed from the FRFR directly to the desk?
  8. guitarbloke1980

    HX Stomp - FRFR Speaker - Wow!

    So I bought a JBL PRX710 from work last week to try with the HX Stomp. It was a silly price so I figured it’d be worth a gamble. On Friday night I fired it up at home, dialled in my favourite HX patch and cranked it to gig level (sorry neighbours!) - and WOW! It just sounds phenomenal!! I would go as far as to say it sounds better (at certain things) than my Suhr Badger 35 and Zilla Fatboy 2x12. I was concerned that the low end may not be represented as fully due to the 10” woofer, but it sounds tight and focused. Everything sounds very articulate and clear – and most importantly, it sounds like a real amp and cab – not at all like a digital reproduction. I cannot wait to get this into a rehearsal with my band to try it out, as this may change once I’m in a room against a Dual Rectifier, bass drums and keyboards – but I’ve already been blown away by first impressions!
  9. guitarbloke1980

    10" FRFR Speaker?

    Thanks guys, they've said I can have it for £50 (GBP) which seems like a good buy to me :) I'll take it!
  10. guitarbloke1980

    10" FRFR Speaker?

    Oops - sorry I meant to include those! 133db SPL 1500w Frequency range: 50 Hz - 19.6kHz http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/vintage/vintage-portable/prx700-series/prx710#.XIJnmYj7SUk I will have the speaker raised off the ground on an amp stand and tilted slightly
  11. guitarbloke1980

    10" FRFR Speaker?

    So I've been offered a JBL PRX710 for a very silly price through my work. Would this be suitable for the HX Stomp? Coming from a guitar amp and 2x12 I'm concerned that a single 10" speaker won't be able to cut it in the mix with my band (keys, bass, drums and the other guitarist plays a dual rectifier through a 2x12). I'll be feeding it into the FOH as well, but I'm thinking about the mix onstage.
  12. guitarbloke1980

    Using FRFR Behind You On Stage

    This is pretty much my exact situation! I need guitar coming out of FOH and also on the backline for a bit of stage volume to hit that front row and to bleed into my IEM. Unfortunately, it's not quite so easy with the HX Stomp when using the 4 cable method. I've yet to gig with my Stomp because I need to test this setup properly at a rehearsal (and my band only rehearses once a month...).
  13. guitarbloke1980

    Digitech drop

    I have recorded in Logic using my Digitech Drop into the HX Stomp and it works great! The Line 6 Pitch Shift is not even close to being as good as the Drop pedal
  14. guitarbloke1980

    FRFR Recommendation (I know, I know...)

    Thanks man - any advantage/disadvantage to going for a 15"? I'm not sure it's necessary, but then again, as it's only a single speaker, I wonder if it'll carry the bottom end a bit better with a 15".?
  15. guitarbloke1980

    FRFR Recommendation (I know, I know...)

    Thanks! I'll look into the EV ZLX :) I can get JBL at good prices as I work for Harman - is there a particular range you'd suggest? EON/PRX/VRX?