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  1. Aaah Ok when you put it like that, that actually makes a lot more sense to me and sounds a lot less scary! =) Out of curiosity, where did you find out that you need #71 and value 2 & 3? Or is that just a case of RTFM lol?
  2. Unfortunately, the word MIDI fills me with fear and dread!! :D
  3. Is there any way that I can configure the Stomp to just flick between Preset and Snapshot? i.e I don’t want to have to press the button again to skip past Stomp mode. I only use the Preset up/down and Snapshot modes., so I want to lose the Stomp Mode option. If it helps, I have a Mosky dual switch – currently this is set up to go between Preset Up/Down - SnapShot – Stomp Mode
  4. Aaah now I feel pretty dumb LOL Thank you so much for this info!! :-)
  5. Stupid question time - I wasn't planning on using the Send or Return on the HX Stomp - I was thinking I could that the Stomp's Output would go to the Amp's Send, and the Stomp's Input would go to the Amp Return. Have I got that totally wrong?
  6. So after a good 8 months or so of trying and tweaking, and tweaking and trying, without any real success I’m finally on the cusp of going back to using my amp for my main sound and ditching the modelling altogether. I was thinking of sticking it into my amp’s effects loop and just having the following blocks: Reverb Delay Chorus Boost (to give me a volume jump for solos) Is it as simple as that? Or would I need to do something else to configure it for use in the amp’s loop?
  7. Just a bit of feedback on this - Last night I tried replacing the amp block with the equivalent pre-amp instead. There's not a huge difference to my ears in the tone - the pre-amp perhaps sounds slightly warmer. What I did notice is that (aside from the pre-amp block being waaaaaaaay quieter,) the pre-amp blocks are missing some of the controls that are present on the amp blocks (most noticeably the presence control). I had no idea until last night that presence was a power amp control only! The volume difference between amp and pre-amp is enormous, so I'm having to redo all of my patches to try and match the levels. One thing that has made a big positive difference is adding a parametric EQ block at the end with a low cut of 110hz and a high cut at 14k. This has added a lot more clarity to my sound, so I guess it's a step in the right direction. I'm going to give it a go at my gig tomorrow using the pre-amp blocks and see how it sounds :) Fingers crossed!
  8. Aaah ok I'm with you now! Thanks Kilrahi! :o) I will try messing about with some pre-amps in that case - I have a gig this weekend and it would be great if I can get my sound sorted by then!
  9. Oh no no no, I'm not using any cab or IR blocks - just the amp block. I use an Amp block, a Delay block and a Reverb block. I'm using it with my real amp and 2x12 cab. Sorry I should have been clearer!
  10. Ooh sorry yes I should have mentioned this!! All I'm using is an amp block (full amp, not just pre-amp), delay and reverb on the stomp (in that order).
  11. It doesn't sound great - it's really hard for me to describe, but it's like there's something missing (or perhaps extra something masking my sound). I know I have some work to do with EQ'ing, but I wanted to check if my chain seemed to be laid out in the right order, just so I can eliminate that from the equation - I'm not used to sticking everything into the FX return, it all feels a bit strange to me still :)
  12. Could I get some advice on my chain please? I’m running my Stomp straight into the FX Return of my amp, in conjunction with a few other pedals. This is my current signal chain: Guitar – Digitech Drop – Digitech Mosaic – Overdrive Pedal - Stomp – EP Booster – Volume Pedal – Amp FX Return Does that look about right? The volume pedal is at the end because I want to use it as a Master volume. I guess I could remove the OD pedal from the chain as the Stomp probably has that side of things covered.
  13. Thanks so much SaschaFranck – this sounds like some solid advice! And thanks for the suggestions about the Global EQ settings – I appreciate I’ll need to do some tweaking with it myself, but it’s always nice to have an example of how others are using theirs :) Looks like I still have a long road ahead of me before I’m ready to play live with the Stomp, but I’m looking forward to trying out all these suggestions and seeing how I get on!
  14. Thanks for the really detailed advice Bob – I am leaning more towards using my real amp and cab with the Stomp to be honest. I do love the amp-in-the-room feel when I’m on stage or at rehearsal. I have a nice enough amp – it’s a Suhr Badger 35w head, and it sounds great with an overdrive pedal pushing it, but it’s a bit of a one-trick pony and I just love the versatility of having modelling options available. Maybe I need to rethink the EQ on the physical amp as well - I’ve been doing all my EQ’ing via the modelled amps on the Stomp... I’ll check out Max Carton’s videos when I get home from work – it sounds like they’ll be really useful. I did contact Glenn for some advice a while back and he was really helpful – he mentioned to me that his IR’s are more of an EQ than an actual IR and that his patches are designed to be used with the IR enabled even if running into a real amp and cab – But as you say, tweaking is no doubt required to take into account the difference in equipment. I’ll try your suggestion of disabling everything apart from the amp and go from there.
  15. I’ve been using the HX Stomp at rehearsals for a few weeks now. I use it mainly for amp modelling with a touch of delay and reverb. If it helps, I’m playing hard rock covers in a bar band (Guns n Roses, Poison, Motley Crue – that sort of thing) But it seems to sound pretty weak in a band environment (the other guitarist is using a Dual Rectifier + Mesa 2x12 cab and sounds massive). Now, I was using a 10” FRFR speaker which probably wasn’t doing me any favours. I had the speaker behind me, angled up on an amp stand. However at last rehearsal, I started using the Stomp into the return of my real guitar amp and using my 2x12 Zilla Fatboy cab instead of an IR. It sounded better, presumably because of the 2x12 cab, but still nowhere near as fat and warm as the other guitarists tone - I recorded some of the rehearsal and when I listen back my tone sounds waaay thinner than the other guitarist. I'm sure 99% it's not the patches I'm using - I'm using some that I bought from Glenn DeLaune who is an absolute master at this stuff. I’ve tried messing with the Global EQ, but I’m struggling to wrap my head around all the different frequencies, and often I just end up making things sound worse so I have set them back to their stock values. Would replacing my JBL 10” with a dedicated 12” FRFR speaker help matters – I’m looking at the Headrush 112 (and then maybe adding the Headrush 108 later)
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