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  1. Looking to pick up a helix lt in the next few weeks and i see that everywhere in canada has it listed for 1349 exactly. Are there any deals to be had out there that anyone has found? Also, are retailers generally able to budge on the price at all? In my experience with guitars you can usually get them to knock a bit off of the asking price.
  2. Just curious what everyones experience has been using the dirt pedals in helix. Im sold on the helix in general and will be purchasing an LT in the new year, but from my experience using helix native (trial) i feel like the dirt pedals are a bit hit or miss. For example to my ears the big muff doesnt sound right, the rat can have a really odd squawk in the high - mids and I almost always find myself happier boosting the gain on an amp instead of hitting it with an OD. Just curious if you guys feel the same.
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