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  1. I think you nailed it. I'm using Ableton Live and the 0 notes are in between the -1 and 1 notes. Everything is off by an octave between the Helix and Ableton so I think you have it right. Thanks so much!
  2. Anyone else have an issue with command center and Helix sending the wrong MIDI notes? I set a button to send E0 on channel 10 and instead it's sending E-1. I could be doing something else wrong, but other MIDI devices aren't having this issues.
  3. I'm just getting into using the Helix to control the DAW on my PC. Took a little figuring out and thought for how to approach but it's working great! Only problem is that I ran out of switches quickly. Using 8 of the switches for stomp effects on leaves me 2 for commands sent to the PC (plus the tempo and mode switches which I also use). Is there any way to change from stomp mode to "control" mode to use all the switches for both? Kind of like you can already do for presets and snapshots. I think the answer is probably no, which is kind of a bummer and would be a cool feature.
  4. Nevermind, I was looking at HX Edit. Duh
  5. I'm an idiot and I can't find it, please help.
  6. I should have mentioned, my gaming headset is plugged into PC USB port directly and is selected as the audio device like you mentioned. Game audio comes through fine, but chat from other players gets routed to helix unless I shut it off.
  7. Anyone have their chat switch to the helix when its on and plugged in with USB? I can't play COD with it on. No chat audio on my headset but all the other sounds are on the headset earphone.
  8. Deleting unused authorizations worked for me! I also got a response from tech support but didn't need to try their suggestion:
  9. Thanks! Looks like I'm not alone and there jo solution yet. I'll submit a ticket and follow up on that thread. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Glad I'm not alone, but not glad there's no solution. Submitting a ticket now...
  11. Tried that, it signs in, authorizes and then the same screen again.
  12. In both Ableton and Reaper, this is what I get when I pull up the plugin. I have the latest version installed 1.93.
  13. How? Should I plug in USB and do it from the PC? I can't even select it right now.
  14. Whenever I try to switch to one certain preset, either using the footswitch or menu, the helix freezes up. What should I do to try to resolve it?
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