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  1. How? Should I plug in USB and do it from the PC? I can't even select it right now.
  2. Whenever I try to switch to one certain preset, either using the footswitch or menu, the helix freezes up. What should I do to try to resolve it?
  3. So it's not normal then? Just for these 2 updates?
  4. I keep seeing posts about 2.81 and 2.82 but the sticky is still at 2.80. Am I missing something? Is there a reason the latest aren't stickied?
  5. Xvive works well for me (practicing and jamming).
  6. Why not? I get if it's distorted but have always wondered why guitars never went balanced.
  7. Pretty good idea. But can it restore the feedback to the right value when you turn it back on?
  8. This was definitely most or all of the issue, thanks so much. This isn't intuitive to me that it should work like this so I never would have tracked it down without your advice.
  9. Thanks Peter! I don't understand completely, but will play around with those settings and figure out if this is my issue. I have a feeling this could be just the ticket!
  10. I was just playing around with it and there is a significant volume drop when I switch the output from multi to 1/4 or anything else. What's the deal here?
  11. Yes! Glad someone else has the same problem. It's weird that we can't get enough volume vs others who seem to have way more volume available than they can stand. If it was close, I'd say it's just a preference thing but that isn't the case here.
  12. That's a bummer. Headphones are brand new, I'll try on something else to rule them out. Helix is out of warranty so hope the amp is ok.
  13. Levels are fine there, plenty on tap but not controlled by headphone control as far as I know (?)
  14. Good idea. I do like it loud but I'd think if it were just a preference thing others would be in the same boat or at least close to maxing it out. I can't be the only guitar player that likes a little volume.
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