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    Music is the best therapy.

    My stuff:
    Line 6 Variax standard guitar (Black) - Line 6 Firehawk FX - LTD Viper Guitar - Pigtronix Infiinity looper - Boss DR 880 drum machine - Fender acoustic guitar - Rockson bass guitar (cheap but sound good)

    Make somes covers and just starting my own music.
    But my rules is : make music to make fun !!
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  1. You need to reflash the memory with line 6 monkey It gonna be asking if you want to keep the existing presets select NO You need to insert the battery, plug the usb interface and a 1/4 jack
  2. Do you put a full loaded battery inside , or are you trying without battery??
  3. Yes me ! very good, no problem to save a preset with a model and a tuning you can detune from your phone/tablet Need VDI Cable for that
  4. Hello psarkissian Are the VDI cable cat 5e good for the JTV 59? I saw people tell that a cat6 is needed for the JTV 59? Where can I find that if needed?
  5. Punkyboy


    Just put music on your phone or tablet, go to the app and below you will see "Music Library" click on it Don't forget to adjust the volume with the big knob and the volume of your phone too Bluetooth connection required, all the sound coming out your phone/tablet is playable trough the FH
  6. Ok I have the Mooer Radar and sounds great, More possibilities Put it on the fx loop and you can enjoy the stereo effect of your delay's etc... 11 mics , 36 cabs, power amp , 3 EQ Work great
  7. Hello Tury I agree what you say, but always a pity by Line 6 to updates some gears A lot say go to helix, but I,think they don't know if they make a new gear that the Helix will be abandoned like the others , always the same by Line 6 For my parts it's more about respect of all the guy's that make Line 6 great and that's not the Helix buyers. About the bluetooth disconnection you need to check your phone or tablet and disable the battery or/and memory management about the Firehawk remote. Take car for Android V10 there is a bug with the music library, (open a ticket, but still no update (minor update)
  8. To boost the volume of your acoustic you can try : 1- Workbench and boost the volume of your preset (bottom ) also if the sound is too boomy you can adjust the volume of each string 2 - Use comp 3 - Use the boost/EQ mod if this exist on the Helix try one or a combination
  9. I don't have the Helix But Do you mean that you want a acoustic sound only and can have a acoustic blend, I mean switch between the two? Make a chain with the acoustic and as VARIAX INPUT Make a chain with the acoustic and as MAGs INPUT Now I repeat I don't have the Helix, but this is another way Put a volume pedal at the end of chain 1 with settings 0% - 100% Put a volume pedal at the end of chain 2 with settings 100% -0% And no normaly you can add the blend with your pedal Depend what you want you can limit the blend at 50% or 20% etc..
  10. Depends the pedal that you put on the FXloop, In your case it's a looper and you have just 2 possibilities: Begin or end of the chain. If you put your looper at the end of your preset and make a loop, when you change the preset, I supose that your loop sound change too? If yes, change the looper and set it after your pod, in this case you can change your preset without affect your loop sound and can add other preset sound on your loop!
  11. To play with a looper for jamming, It must be at the end of the chain and stay there! I f you want to make a sound, put it to the begin, play your sound in dry, let's play your looper, set your guitar on the stand , and now you can change anything like amp, cab, mods etc... and the sound of the looper gonna change everytime you change something In short: Jamming =looper a the end Create = looper at the begin But the best way to use an external looper is put it after your pod, not in the chain; I mean guitar>POD>looper>PA or amp.....
  12. Take a look at the input of your POD Maybe it's on "Mags" and that can be the reason that you only hear the Variax with the original pickup (no modelisation) Input must be Variax if you are connected with a VDI cable Guitar if you are connected with a Jack
  13. Hello Do you check on the Firehawk > Variax section if you have Model & tuning Controlled by Variax or Firehawk? Also you need to save the preset with model & tuning on each preset on the FH If the Model is controlled by Variax =you stay with the model selected on your guitar If the model is controlled by the Firehawk =You model change with the SAVED preset
  14. I got this problem sometimes on mY variax Standard What I did is put the part of the rj45 cable on the guitar deeper inside and hold it full inside and rescan Workbench Sometimes the little cap of the guitar put a little bit the cable out it seem stupid , but that's happend sometimes
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