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    Music is the best therapy.

    My stuff:
    Line 6 Variax JTV 59 - Line 6 Firehawk FX - LTD Viper Guitar - Aeros loop studio - Beatbuddy drum machine - Rockson bass guitar (cheap but sound good)

    Make somes covers and just starting my own music.
    But my rules is : make music to make fun !!
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  1. Thank you very much ! I was looking for the HX Stomp or Headrush MX5 I know more about with thiscomparison TX
  2. Hello I want to know Can I with the Hx stomp do exactly the same as the Helix LT? The same split system ? Using the same number of blocks? Split into 4 lines? Do i have the same amps, cabs, fx etc... Is there something missing in the HX stomp compare with the helix (behalve the variax input)? tx
  3. hello is there a way to select a color for the switch , directly on the unit WITHOUT the "Touch" mode I have topper on the switches TX
  4. I think Using the looper and the reverse function
  5. Hello I tried the Ernie ball paradigm 46-10 and seem to be more stretchable ! Sound a little bit darker, but better bends than traditional
  6. You need to put a return block at the end ,the return 1 or return 2 ,I guess
  7. Depend what you use as guitar model, you can assign a tuning on each guitar model about 70 different tuning if you use acoustic you can assign the custom knob with you guitar model 1 = capo 1 fret 2 = capo Fret 2 3 = Capo fret 3 etc.... If you play only with Strat model Spank 1 = Drop A Spank 2 is Drop B Spank 3 is Drop C Spank 4 is Drop D Spank 5 is standard E Replace the Lester model with the Spank with Workbench Lester 1 is a spank now = Open A Lester 2 is a spank now =Open C etc... Just set the tuning in a following order A B C D E You can do the tunings for each preset with Workbench To hear the tunings Select the guitar model and go the the model knob
  8. Thanks a lot man Finaly I understand, It's clear and very well explained. LOVE YOU !
  9. Hello Can somebody explain or point to a video What's this Flash Icon on commander center? How does it work? What's the switch to press ? Why 6 flash icon ? Are they working in combination with other switch? Etc.... I'm on HELIX LT TX A LOT
  10. Go to Variax settings into your Helix >Click on the right side to your model> check "snapshot" and save Fo'r the tunings do the same , but select "force" and Save Watch this video:
  11. If you are more strat or tele, than the 69 because the neck is close to a strat The 59 is more a big Gibson neck About the Sound I had a Standard before strat neck , very confortable now I own a 59, and for me the 59 sounds better, but the neck is bigger No depends the strings quality and the gauge aswell I play for years with 46-10 And one day I decide to change and go for 49-11 and that's it, sounds better on acoustic, metal Now I put always 49-11, but everybody have another opinion!
  12. Hello you cannot start an update trough the Helix You can just use Workbench trough the Helix but NO UPDATE to update you need to connect your Variax with the usb interface
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