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    Music is the best therapy.

    My stuff:
    Line 6 Variax standard guitar (Black) - Line 6 Firehawk FX - LTD Viper Guitar - Pigtronix Infiinity looper - Boss DR 880 drum machine - Fender acoustic guitar - Rockson bass guitar (cheap but sound good)

    Make somes covers and just starting my own music.
    But my rules is : make music to make fun !!
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  1. https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?PHPSESSID=71c622ab97f7f9114cb2845f8b0f8292&topic=24065.0 https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?PHPSESSID=71c622ab97f7f9114cb2845f8b0f8292&topic=9388.0 You can try one of this bundle, make a account is totaly free You need to make account to see the download bundle
  2. No panic, yes you can make alternate tunings with the Variax directly from your phone/tablet Take a look here 19.45 min variax tuning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_DaB0vrOXc And you can save your preset with the tuning BUT YOU NEED THE VDI CABLE
  3. Never use a Hub with Pod's, I think your problem is that the Boot reconize a external drive (the Pod)
  4. I think but not sure that this Zoom G6 can kick the Pod Go lollipop!
  5. Do you check the front part of the guitar bag? My battery was there with the manual in a plastic bag
  6. Launch Line 6 monkey and reinstall "flash memory" at the windows "do you want to keep the existing preset" click "NO" and wait to the end
  7. connect the looper after the Pod Go , it's always better !
  8. Yes it works but you need to use the battery or the Variax Power kit https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VariaxPwrKit--line-6-variax-cabled-power-kit don't need battery inside the guitar with this all the time and you cannot save a preset for variax model and tuning on the Pod go also you cannot detune your Variax directly on the Pod Go Because there is no VDI input But You can save preset and different tuning on the variax when launching Workbench HD
  9. What you talking about man,???? Workbench HD work perfect on windows 10 for Variax Standard and JTV 59 NO PROBLEMO on WIndows 10 for years now§ Already connected My JTV 59 on Workbench today!
  10. you need to press the preset A-B-C-D that you want after the bank changes up/down
  11. Punkyboy

    Firehawk Loop

    You can not change the preset with the same loop, when you change the preset the looper stop! All the looper of line 6 multieffect are crapy, the best way is buy a separate one and put it after the firehawk guitar>Firehawk>looper> amp/Pa
  12. A good begin is to use good strings at least 10-46 And don't forget the tone knob full open /close give a little difference
  13. You need to reflash the memory with line 6 monkey It gonna be asking if you want to keep the existing presets select NO You need to insert the battery, plug the usb interface and a 1/4 jack
  14. Do you put a full loaded battery inside , or are you trying without battery??
  15. Yes me ! very good, no problem to save a preset with a model and a tuning you can detune from your phone/tablet Need VDI Cable for that
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