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    Music is the best therapy.

    Using different guitars like - Ibanez S521 - LTD Viper - hell yeah a Jack & Danny Strat Vintage,Line 6 Variax Standard
    Line 6 Pod HD500X,Boss DR 670, Beatbuddy,Pigtronix Infinty.

    Make somes covers and just starting my own music.
    But my rules is : make music to make fun !!
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  1. It's also interesting to make a morphing Make 2 channel one up and one down , with a volume pedal a the end of the chain on each channel so we have ex : Line 1 : screamer -amp-reverb- volume pedal Line 2 : Amp-chorus -reverb - volume pedal Now on Volume pedal of line 1 setting to 0%-100% Volume pedal of line 2 setting to 100%-0% Both are on ex1 Now just switch the pedal to go from line 1 to line 2 or line 2 to line 1
  2. No problem in Europe https://www.musicstore.de/de_DE/EUR/search;pgid=fOgg8gwrQIFSRpZVGW6t9CCG0000n3Oodopi?SearchTerm=variax+standard&SearchParameter=%26%40QueryTerm%3Dvariax%2Bstandard%26FollowSearch%3D9563 https://www.thomann.de/be/search_dir.html?sw=variax+standard&smcs=06ab0e_3847
  3. I need to convert the 500 patches for my 500x it's not the same extension
  4. Remets la en configuration usine (regarde dans le manuel) si toujours pas, regarde dans le logiciel, tes config tuning et pitch
  5. And you can download patches for 500x and convert for 500 with the converter tool
  6. Are yours Input settings on "Variax" or "Guitar" You need at least "Variax inputs on the Helix
  7. But the question now is where is the guy starting this post? lol
  8. Hello, here is the video and before you watching I can say it's working perfect! Cheers
  9. Sometimes Monkey is buggy Go to download and take all what you need, install with the setup
  10. Ok my friend another video with only the pod and variax and my bad english coming soon
  11. You ask me to switch between these preset like I do here ,without Editor open ? It work the same I can switch between Gibson, Acoustic and sitar and comeback ,No problem, because these preset ar saved on the Pod HD (forced and not forced) You can do the same , but without Editor , I mean directly from the Pod Most of time I don't use Editor ! .
  12. Here is the video Again sorry for my horrible english, but the most important is to try to help If this what you mean , it work perfect for me Take a look.Cheers
  13. Yep, I have "les pauls "on preset C, no acoustic or sitar sound on preset C I go make a video, for him and you to show how it works
  14. Oh I don't have this problem ! I can switch from acoustic preset to distortion preset with my model to les pauls without touching my variax knob Just switching the Pod Preset Let say ex: My variax is on "Les pauls" preset 1A is acoustic (variax) forced preset 1B is Sitar(variax) forced preset C is distortion(variax with knob on les pauls) not forced No problem with this
  15. No, I have a Pod Hd 500X and variax Standard Are you connected with the VDI cable? You need the VDI variax cable to do that. If I understand, you want ex: preset 1A acoustic simulation with variax Preset 1B Crunch sound with Leister modeling(but if you change to strat he go to start just turning the variax button) is that that you want?
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