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    Music is the best therapy.

    My stuff:
    Line 6 Variax JTV 59 - Line 6 Firehawk FX - LTD Viper Guitar - Aeros loop studio - Beatbuddy drum machine - Rockson bass guitar (cheap but sound good)

    Make somes covers and just starting my own music.
    But my rules is : make music to make fun !!
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  1. And connect direct on your pc, Battery inside and a 1/4 jack to power on !
  2. Man, I think you forget to select the "Variax" Input on your Hd500 Page 3 on your Pod HD screen: Inputs 1 select Variax Inputs 2 select Variax if you use the dual channel
  3. When you change the tuning on the tuning knob ex you change the Drop D with a Drop C on the knob , the Drop D will be blue light to remember you that this tuning is changed. it's not a default. If you want to get the White light again, just change the tuning with the original. This can be done with Workbench>tuning> manage
  4. Don't forget to DISable the battery management for the App on your phone/tablet and set it to "Not optimize " for the APP Sometimes you think it's the BT but it's the app ! On android you can find that on "Settings">Battery>Battery optimise> look at the app , press and Hold and select "not optimise" Also disable the battery saving mode too
  5. Yeah sorry, this video is making with Android V 10 and I see you have V11, so I think you can forget it, cause Line 6 seems to not want to update the app. But you can run with your other music player and it's better for my part because you can easely adjust the outputs with the Fh app and switch to your player and vice versa.
  6. Take a look here : but you can run your Music player of your phone/tablet too, in bluetooth and the sound get into your FHFX
  7. Some people say that sometimes just need to move the sd card works !
  8. Try it first otherway = rewrite the firmware on the sdcard with imageUSB (free software don't need to instal, just launch)
  9. Could be the SDcard inside, sometimes you just need to remove and insert again You need to remove, the screws at the back side (NOT THOSE IN THE MIDDLE) only the screws at the plastic support Now you can slide de front and remove carefully Now remove all the nuts and the screws at the ouput side You will see a large and a little electronic board, turn CAREFULLY the little one and you will see the micro sd card 8 GO class 4 Try to remove it and insert again you can power on the FH to take a look if restart or not If not : The image is broken on the Sdcard you need to reinstall a new .bin image on the sd card The sd card can be fixed with a little bit glue, take care to not add glue on the connector of the sd card
  10. Hello yes the music library of the app crash and starting with Android V9 But you can launch it with the "SONG" Tab this way works I open a ticket in 2020 about that, but itseems they don't wan't to fix that ! Maybe you can try to open a ticket again ! I think it's a minor update but yeah It's Line 6 !!!
  11. Hes' speaking about that stuff, that can powered the guitar without batterie https://www.ebay.com/p/1803832669
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