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    Music is the best therapy.

    My stuff:
    Line 6 Variax JTV 59 - Line 6 Firehawk FX - LTD Viper Guitar - Aeros loop studio - Beatbuddy drum machine - Rockson bass guitar (cheap but sound good)

    Make somes covers and just starting my own music.
    But my rules is : make music to make fun !!
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  1. What kind of headphone do you use? Is it a 32 Ohm ? For music player at least a 70 ohm is a lot better 32 ohm is more to listen music from a player or phone
  2. https://mega.nz/file/OYhgFCyR#vpefsoJg9rL-LDI02lGUFYSHnSc2GrPo_wv-uy_CyoE
  3. ahahah omfg I didn't see it But why the lollipop is the guy responding on this post 5 year after?? OMFG
  4. The new firmware is 3.11 no? Salut le dernier firmware est le 3.11 en tout cas c'est ce que j'ai sur mon LT, et tu parles du 2.01? refait un update avec Line 6 updater
  5. Hello Could be fine to add the tuner into the HX edit software I notice that's possible to launch the Global EQ, in this case can be possible to Launch the Tuner too Just a suggestion
  6. is that what you mean, look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvu96Iqy7yo
  7. And if HX edit cause a boot failure to update your Helix, Launch Line 6 updater it will do it.
  8. Yes I know it, But Line 6 are the best in modelisation ! And because I have a Variax !
  9. Thank you all for explanation. I will try your suggestions But can Line 6 not fix that issue ? Or they already ditch the device like they always do?
  10. Hello When I change snapshot, it make a weird sound like a POP I have a Variax and when I want to switch from acoustic to drive it make a sound between the change WTF is that? Tx for any help
  11. Thanks a lot man, Love you ! But to be honest , they can add a feature(for the snapshots ) to select all the strings together, could be more easy
  12. Hello guy's I need help! I try to make snapshots with different tuning with my Variax JTV 59. I think , I miss something , but don't know what I make a video to explain and let you see how I do, sry for my bad english; https://youtu.be/VKYbNLUW-JM Thanks for any help
  13. Ok It's resolved What I did: - Connect the Variax with Usb interface - Launch Line 6 Monkey and reflash memory with original bundle(not keeping existing preset) - I test with the Helix and it works - Launch Workbench with the helix and reinstall Chad Huskey bundle And it works - I reinstall my 2 custom on Variax with the helix and it works - I close all - Relaunch all to test and now it works I think but not sure maybe it's because I change 4 original tuning on the tuning knob ?
  14. Hello I try to launch Workbench Hd trough the Helix Workbench launch but I have a error when scanning the presets My presets are the Chad Huskey bundle I try to flash the memory trough helix too with Line 6 Monkey but not working I use a VDI cable, work pefect on Helix for changing patches etc... WTF ? Tx for help
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