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    Music is the best therapy.

    Using different guitars like - Ibanez S521 - LTD Viper - hell yeah a Jack & Danny Strat Vintage,Line 6 Variax Standard
    Line 6 Pod HD500X,Boss DR 670, Beatbuddy,Pigtronix Infinty.

    Make somes covers and just starting my own music.
    But my rules is : make music to make fun !!
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  1. I had this problem in the beginning! I resolve it to disable the power or memory management of the phone or tablet. No disconnection anymore! With new phones you can select witch app to disable the management !
  2. Hello I just bough one a month ago, to replace my Hd500X and it's just WONDERFULL! so easy and good sounding, you can run Drum tracks trough your phone to jam, And you don't need to go down or on your knees all the time? I see a lot of demo of the Helix, but the gear is always on a table and that's not the reality, normaly your gear is on the ground And you need to lollipop your back all the time to adjust, Not with the FH, just use your phone/tablet But people need to know this: For the Bluetooth connection, I have NO problem, because you need to disable the battery manager of your phone/tablet for the Firehawk remore app, other way it can close your connection to save the battery or memory There is a little problem with the music library and Android V10, You can run a song with the "song tab" but not with "Album" etc... other way the app crash (I open a ticket about this a month ago and wait for news) For my part The FH is the best they make !
  3. After a factory reset, YOU NEED to remake a pedal calibration! You did it? Factory reset don't reset your pedal calibration !
  4. Check of you have any tweak on , on the volume or other settings
  5. 10 custom and you can change the original tunings on the knobs like open G or DADGAD ,you can change this with your own
  6. SET "VARIAX" as INPUT on your pod PRESS and HOLD SAVE and navigate to the inputs settings
  7. I had the 500x , but I think it's the same way! At first: Select "Variax" on input settings of your pod Then choose the model and/or tuning on your pod(Press and old save to go on the settings screen and navigate to the page) And save your settings BUT DON't CHANGE the input settings it must stay on "Variax"
  8. Punkyboy

    POD Go Edit

    Depend of the RESOLUTION of your screen ! I notice absolutely NO problem with my phone, and have a nice full screen of all my settings. It's why I choose the Firehawk, No need to go on your knees or lollipop your back to go down every time you want to adjust something A screenshot of my Amp setting and one of the full EQ settings
  9. Here man Take care there is a notifcation about the 2 "return" like little crashes on screen or sign of use the one on full price is a NEW ONE You can see that when it's in your basket https://www.musicstore.com/en_HR/HRK/search?SearchTerm=firehawk+FX
  10. Don't waste your time with the battery, it's empty after 3 hours! Go for a VDI cable if you have a line 6 pedalboard with variax input (no battery needed) of go for this https://www.amazon.com/Line-Variax-Cabled-Power-Kit/dp/B006HKEMEW You save a lot of time and energy to reload your battery every time
  11. Hello Just get my new smartphone . And hell yeah I get a problem with de Firehawk App When i go to "Music Library" all the thumbnails are loading without problem BUT when I click on a thumbnail the APP close immediately But when I choose "Song" on the topbar all the songs appears and this work. I had not this problem with my old phone When I install the app Ihad this message " This app was designed for an older version of Android and may not function properly. Check for updates or contact the developer. " Old Phone Android 6 New phone Android 10 Can you update your stuff please? it's the minimum of respect !
  12. First you need to be connected with wifi or other to your account From the EDITOR , click on the cloud ans save to your tones
  13. Who make Line 6 GREAT? The Helix buyer? Of maybe all the rest buying the POD 2.0 Bean, Xt bean, X3 Bean, x3 live etc.. Don't forget all this guy's is a sign of RESPECT
  14. There is a logic thing on the app to do (to update) Whe you are on "Playing" and playing a song Could be logic to have a shortcut on top bar to go to the output options And from output a shortcut to "Playing" I don't see that on my phone!
  15. Hello I sell my HD Fully Loaded Bundle for 20 euro if someone is interested let me know . Buyer need to have a valid Line 6 account ! Take a look Bundle here :https://shop.line6.com/software/model-packs/hd-model-packs/hd-fully-loaded-bundle.html
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