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  1. Punkyboy's post in Problems with wah effects was marked as the answer   
    If I understand you mean the wah stay On when the pedal is off
    So I supose that the Wah block in your chain stay on too (white color)
     set your pedal off  you need to hear the click. So select your wah block en press "enter" to set it OFF .Your wah block is Black now, save your preset NOW
    now assign on your wah block  too "toe switch"
    save again 
    now normaly if your press the pedal , the wah is on, repress the pedal to set the wah OFF
    you see now your wah block changing into white/black
  2. Punkyboy's post in switch between Variax & Variax mags I'm lost was marked as the answer   
    I ask on another post this problem and completly forget the post omg :o
    it's a "don't force" problem
    It's ok the link here http://line6.com/support/topic/16165-variax-and-hd500x-saving-presets-possible/
    Sorry for the inconvenient and tx to help
    Silverhead you can kick my lollipop if you want ahahah :(
  3. Punkyboy's post in HD Edit Save ? was marked as the answer   
    Try this
    double click another preset to launch it 
    Now jcome back to your preset you want to save with ONE click (it's normaly hightlight)
    now choose the selected left from the pod (icon on HD Edit)
    Also make sure your Pod is detected
  4. Punkyboy's post in Fbv Shortboard And Dual Tone Switching was marked as the answer   
    yes I find it !
    just adjust the tweak on the Pod x3 to dual
  5. Punkyboy's post in How To Set The Bender On The Fbv ? was marked as the answer   
    I found it with this guy's

  6. Punkyboy's post in Midi Code For Tuner? was marked as the answer   
    OKI i find it
    cc 69  127 on
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