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  1. is that what you mean, look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvu96Iqy7yo
  2. And if HX edit cause a boot failure to update your Helix, Launch Line 6 updater it will do it.
  3. Yes I know it, But Line 6 are the best in modelisation ! And because I have a Variax !
  4. Thank you all for explanation. I will try your suggestions But can Line 6 not fix that issue ? Or they already ditch the device like they always do?
  5. Hello When I change snapshot, it make a weird sound like a POP I have a Variax and when I want to switch from acoustic to drive it make a sound between the change WTF is that? Tx for any help
  6. Thanks a lot man, Love you ! But to be honest , they can add a feature(for the snapshots ) to select all the strings together, could be more easy
  7. Hello guy's I need help! I try to make snapshots with different tuning with my Variax JTV 59. I think , I miss something , but don't know what I make a video to explain and let you see how I do, sry for my bad english; https://youtu.be/VKYbNLUW-JM Thanks for any help
  8. Ok It's resolved What I did: - Connect the Variax with Usb interface - Launch Line 6 Monkey and reflash memory with original bundle(not keeping existing preset) - I test with the Helix and it works - Launch Workbench with the helix and reinstall Chad Huskey bundle And it works - I reinstall my 2 custom on Variax with the helix and it works - I close all - Relaunch all to test and now it works I think but not sure maybe it's because I change 4 original tuning on the tuning knob ?
  9. Hello I try to launch Workbench Hd trough the Helix Workbench launch but I have a error when scanning the presets My presets are the Chad Huskey bundle I try to flash the memory trough helix too with Line 6 Monkey but not working I use a VDI cable, work pefect on Helix for changing patches etc... WTF ? Tx for help
  10. Ok thank you guy's ! I did what datacommando say, but i tough it was a better than this copy/paste
  11. Hello I'm new to Helix Is there a easy way to delete a snapshot ex: there is 4snapshots nad I want to delete the snapshot 3 Tx
  12. Warning, DISABLE screensaver time Disable Sleep mode* Don't switch to another window Otherwise the update is cancelled,
  13. I don't remember the firmware, but can be 2.80 or 2.30 ,I don't know, it was never updated I think But I'm with you when you say" It is also documented in the Release notes for 3.11" But my opinion ! If you buy a gear on this price, the information that you mentioned must be in the box ! But excellent unit , sound amazing !
  14. Get my Helix LT today, after enjoy the presets, I make the step to update the firmware. And the hell started, boot failure,trying 3 cables, no way, restart 20 times HX Edit no way, restart computer, delete the usb device etc... after 1 hours of misery NO WAY . I was really pissed I decide to run Line 6 updater and that was resolved in 2 minutes If you encounter this misery to update with HX edit, switch to Line updater
  15. Punkyboy

    Amp ranking

    Hello I'm new to Helix LT I coming from the Firehawk FX, the amp are ranked so that you have a Clean, American, British, high gain section You can go easy where you want to choose a amp ! On the Helix all is named ? Could be fine to add a sign after the amp name like "C" for clean "A" for american fender type, "B" British, "HG "for High gain So can be more easy to find a amp type in the whole list
  16. If I only need to cable to connect to Workbench, is it the RJ45/USB cable that I need - You need the USb interface Do I need to connect to Workbench if I'm satisfied with the preloaded models? - No I keep seeing a VDI cable mentioned. I think that's if you have a certain Line 6 floor pod, you can power the Variax Standard with this cable and no need for a battery - exactly is the JTV battery the same as the Standard - Yes You can not update the firmware of your variax without he usb interface WIth the Vdi cable and a Pod Hd 500x Or Helix you can launch workbench without the usb interface !
  17. Do you have the VDI cable to connect the Variax on your Helix? In this case you can launch Workbench HD trought the Helix without plug the usb Interface ? To see if it works If not Uninstall Line 6 monkey and Workbench HD Reboot your pc and Install WORKBENCH HD ONLY ; I think during the installation you gonna have the option to install Monkey at the same time (don't remember exactly) Try again I see , you say that monkey and workbench don't work ? Maybe try to launch with right admins ( right click)
  18. Do you plug a Jack on the guitar? you need to plug a jack to power up the guitar And don't forget to put the battery inside ! and set the Volume knob full open ! I recommend you to install WORKBENCH HD he install drivers too
  19. I set my presets in Style order like: All the acoustic with as LAST LETTER after a space a big A on screen " Acoutic amp A " All the clean with a Big "C" "God is there C" All the crunch with a big " CR" "Nirvana CR" All the Chorus "CH" "Purple rain CH" All the Distortion & Drive " D" All the Synth fx " SX" All the Bass "B" etc.... I know immediately that i f I want any chorus fx I go to the top If I need a Bass preset I go to the bottom etc... Don't mix your preset otherway you take a lot of time to find one
  20. Try a factory reset first ! Power OFF the unit Press and hold both knobs: the Big Master Volume and the Tap, power On the unit
  21. Try to update with the App on your phone or tablet, take care it take a while can be 30 minutes
  22. And connect direct on your pc, Battery inside and a 1/4 jack to power on !
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