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  1. soundog

    Reverb tails cutting off in Cubase 10

    We'll need another Cubase user to test it on their setup. Another question ... is this when applying Helix on a track (real-time playback), or when rendering (bouncing) the audio file?
  2. soundog

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    You for sure need the L1 woofer ... it adds nice low end to the guitar, you'll miss it without it. I got tired of carrying the darned thing around, so got an LD Systems Maui. Much lighter, easier, and sounds great.
  3. soundog

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    I've used my L1 with a Helix and HX Effects, as well as vocals (mixed in). It works and sounds great. You need to roll off the highs a bit (as I would with any full range speaker for the Helix). Use the L1 as your personal monitor (PA for small rooms), and you can take a line out from it for FOH.
  4. soundog

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    Why not continue using your L1?
  5. soundog

    Wizard uses the helix :-)

    Interesting. Uses the Helix as a hub for ins and outs, as well as an effects unit.
  6. soundog

    Helix Native update process

    You can't get away with anything around here.
  7. soundog

    Helix Native update process

    If you hold down control-alt-delete when you launch the dmg file, your PC will turn into a Mac. (Most people don't know about this.)
  8. soundog

    Helix, mic, backing tracks, mixer help?

    I don't know what format your files are in, but I use MP3 Normalizer to normalize the audio level of all my files for use in my car audio systems. That app normalizes files in seconds, so you can do a huge library in hours, and it maintains all the tags and folder structures. By far the best solution is to get your backing tracks at the same normalized level.
  9. soundog

    Using Helix to control vocal processor.

    Get an older MIDI-compatible TC Helicon vocal effects unit. I use a Voicelive Play GTX, and the Helix products (or any MIDI controller) do preset changes and fx mutes perfectly.
  10. soundog

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    True, although the corporate battleground is littered with the remains of companies who killed their gold-egg-laying goose by ignoring their customers and focussing only on profit. I don't believe Line 6 is one of those companies.
  11. soundog

    HX Stomp and MIDI - some insights

    Glad its working out for you. I currently use the HX Effects, but ordered a Stomp to try out because of the smaller footprint. After using it for a week I returned it — it didn't have the robust MIDI capabilities of the HX Effects. If Line 6 adds the missing MIDI features I'll pick one up again, because I really liked the rest of the package.
  12. soundog

    Helix Native - nasty sound artefacts at 44.1KHz

    I normally record at 44.1 and have had no such issue (Logic Pro X).
  13. soundog

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    I started mowing my lawn yesterday (washington state, so I had to wait for the rain to subside). The lawn was so high I to push the mower at a raised angle on the first pass. The air filter cover vibrated off and got sucked into the blades along with the filter. I'm waiting for parts to arrive from Amazon. And now its started to rain again. If 2.8 arrives before the parts I'll have something to do while I'm waiting. If not, I'll keep hacking away at the grass while I wait for 2.8. Either way, life goes on. Brahhhhhh! Ob la di!
  14. soundog

    Reverb tails cutting off in Cubase 10

    Strange. Are you certain there is not a gate set somewhere?
  15. soundog

    Helix Native Problem

    Helix Native has serious problems with installation and registration. If you look over on the Helix Native forum, you'll read the woes of many a user. Line 6 seems to be oblivious to what the root cause is, or how to address it.