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  1. soundog

    Hello all - and a question

    The spec on your adaptor is a good match. It "should" work, but not guaranteed it supplying what the XPS needs. Hopefully you can suss out which component is bad (the power supply or the XPS) and get refunds as applicable.
  2. soundog

    Native license after selling LT?

    Line 6 sez: * Eligible Products must be purchased as new from an authorized Line 6 reseller (an “Authorized Reseller”). * Eligible Products must be owned by the Qualified Purchaser for a period of no less than one hundred eighty (180) days in order to qualify for the Promotional Savings. These terms imply you can sell you LT hardware after your 180 days ownership is over and retain legal ownership of Native. Of course, the new LT buyer won't be eligible for a Native discount.
  3. soundog

    Hello all - and a question

    The XPS footswitch is sensitive to the power supply used .... I learned that when trying different, cheaper ones. The Line 6 supply is the only one I've ended up using. I've not experienced the red/green alternating light you're experiencing, though. This will be difficult to troubleshoot unless you try an "official" Line 6 power supply; then you'll know for sure if the XPS is OK.
  4. soundog

    Ideal strings for Variax Standard?

    V-Picks for $4 seems high but acceptable. But $3.85 to ship it is ridiculous when the pick would easily ship first class (with tracking) for less than 50 cents!
  5. soundog

    Helix Native crashes Logic Pro x

    I'm baffled too. Maybe the copy protection Line 6 has created for Helix Native is causing the problem? I don't know. Native is working fine for lots of Logic users, but others are routed through the gates of Hades. I'm sure you've probably tried to troubleshoot a bunch of stuff, but you can try eliminating as many other variables as possible so you're just dealing with Logic Pro X (with a fresh project) and Helix Native. No audio interface or other plug-ins or previous projects. And delete Logic preference file(s). Apple provides step by step processes here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT200260 https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201199
  6. soundog

    What kind of hum/buzz am I dealing with here?

    Do you have the proper slave/master setup for your SPDIF? It is probably either a SPDIF digital mismatch, or a grounding issue.
  7. soundog

    Presets via PC??

    Sounds like a useful workaround. Version 1.8 is not out as of today, but I suppose we can assume MIDI program change support won't be added as it hasn't been mentioned. We shall see. I don't think it would be a difficult feature to add (mapping MIDI program changes to Preset selections), but would require lots of testing (lots of DAWs).
  8. soundog

    What kind of hum/buzz am I dealing with here?

    What is your complete audio path? Include all cable, computer, interface, speaker/amp info. Also any lighting stuff (fluorescent? Tibetan salt crystal?) Example: Guitar -----> 1/4" guitar cable ----> Helix ----> ? --------> ? ---------->
  9. soundog

    Direct, unamplified guitar tracks for Native

    Speakers and headphones can make a big difference, dependent on quality and response (and volume, spacial effects, etc). If you have a decent audio interface for recording and your playback is the same for Helix and Native, things should sound close to identical. If you record using Helix as your interface things will be identical. This assumes levels are set correctly in your DAW and Native. You could always try those headphones with your Helix and compare. Or run your computer through your speakers. Try to keep the other variables the same. [Line 6 reports the firmware/software is identical between Native and the hardware....]
  10. soundog

    Helix Native deal for HX Effects owners

    Apparently Native is now now $99 for Helix, LT, Stomp, and Effects registers owners. All the time, not just a short promotion...
  11. I missed any mention of that here on the forums, so this is great news, especially for Stomp and Effects owners.
  12. Just in case you missed this promotion in other threads.Not sure how long the deal lasts.... https://shop.line6.com/software/helix-native.html
  13. soundog

    Helix Native crashes Logic Pro x

    .... this all seems so ding-danged random. I run my system with wi-fi turned off all of the time and things are OK. Maybe you have to wear a certain color of shirt?
  14. soundog

    Can never get the sound like in demo videos

    Great post, @WarringtonCJ!
  15. soundog

    Presets via PC??

    Good to hear the glitch gap isn't a big deal. This method would be perfectly adequate for live performance use....thanks for sharing. When using Helix Native as a guitar amp/fx modeler for DAW recording, you would use the same preset for a given track, and use the Snapshots for toggling or changing FX or amp blocks. This method works great for automation during mixing.