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  1. I want a Fletcher Munson function on my mix board's Master fader.
  2. Nice work! It's surprising how inexpensive some expression pedals are (~$20). Also, for those wanting toggle foot switches, I built a nice one for my Stomp that includes LED rings (but you have to use DPDT switches and a battery, and you have to make sure the toggles are "in sync" with the HX).
  3. The best thing would be to request support for MIDI clock, or Ableton Link. I think the original MIDI spec dropped the ball a bit with the lack of a CC for setting a tempo (hence workarounds like Ampero), but that's water under the bridge. If you have a clever app (like Set List Maker) you can set it up so that a tap tempo CC command is sent on quarter note downbeats in sync with MIDI clock. I use that feature with an HX Stomp all the time; I send the first four beats to set tempo for time-based effects.
  4. soundog

    A/D question

    I'm going to bed.
  5. Also worth a mention, be careful with the input level setting in Native. It's easy to overdrive the plugin. Use -8dB or -12dB on peaks, and make up for it at the output end.
  6. Have you tried setting levels with NO Native blocks in the signal path? Set your input levels so you get a nice clean DI level. Make sure you don't overdrive the Native input setting (use -12dB for starters). You should have no problems getting a good output level into your DAW track unless there is something wrong in your hardware (bass, DI, Scarlett, or cables). After you get a good level, add an amp block only (with no cabinet). Start with the default settings and adjust. All still good? Then add a cabinet. Add blocks as needed, checking levels along the way. Troubleshooting: start simple, then add stuff. Let us know how it goes.
  7. We're all speculating. Gotta hook up a monitor to figure it out. Essential MIDI troubleshooting tool.
  8. Good suggestions from @rd2rk. Your Helix is obeying orders, so you need to figure out who is sending the orders and how it's happening. Get a copy of MIDI Monitor (free from Snoize) and see what's going on. MIDI Monitor will show you who is sending what. Also, create an empty Logic project and see if it still happens when you press record. Remove as many variables as possible.
  9. Yes. If you think you might need MIDI control for your Catalyst without using a computer or mobile device as your controller, skip the 60W and buy the 100W with MIDI DIN ports. If MIDI control via a computer or mobile device is all you need (or if you could give a damn about MIDI), then choose based on your power needs and budget.
  10. Yes, it could be a USB connection problem. Or—as you already suspect—you could simply be crazy.
  11. So, I don't hear anyone here really raving about the results of a pickup swap. Is it really worth the time and expense? I can find no before/after comparisons. Why would I want to do a swap if I'm happy with the stock pickups?
  12. Very very useful info! Thanks for posting it....
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