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  1. soundog

    Hx effects prices on EBay

    If anyone is selling on fleaBay because they suddenly realize the HX FX isn't an amp modeler, then they didn't read any of Line 6's marketing material. Its pretty darned obvious, duh. (BTW, if you buy one used make sure it has a money-back, and that you immediately test it to ensure it doesn't have the white-noise defect discussed on this forum.)
  2. soundog

    Helix Native Will Not Launch - Surface Pro

    One step at a time .... the journey is worth it!
  3. soundog

    Helix Native Will Not Launch - Surface Pro

    useful site for you .... http://surfaceproaudio.com
  4. soundog

    Volume matching patches - what's your process?

    +1 on a phone dB meter.
  5. soundog

    Helix for voice effects

    Yes, it works well for this application, I've used it for vocals + acoustic guitar, with a separate path for each.
  6. Let us know if you make it through the barbed wire unscathed! FYI, I have Workbench legacy working smoothly and reliably on OSX Sierra. I had to use runtime Java, and an older version of Workbench. As many have mentioned, Line 6 would be doing their customers a favor if they updated Workbench so that it would simply install and run smoothly on popular Mac and PC platforms. Or, at a minimum, provide reliable application notes for how folks can get up and running.
  7. soundog

    Used Variax 500 multiple issues

    Just a heads up. If you have a problem installing and using the legacy Workbench software after you get your interface, there are various useful threads on the Workbench forum (see below for an example). Not everyone has problems, but if you do, check that forum.
  8. soundog

    Best interface for helix recording to iPad Pro

    Yeah, use a CCK. And get the Apple one that also supplies power via Lightning. Your signal will remain in the pristine digital domain; using the XLR or 1/4" outs would result in an additional D/A and A/D conversion.
  9. soundog

    Helix (Mark 2) ?

    All true. No HX2 needed yet. The original Helix platform can continue to evolve, and be injected into all manor of hardware and software "skins" or form factors. So far we've seen the Floor, Rack, LT, HX FX, Stomp, Native — who knows what else we'll see. And the processing power in these things is sufficient to support more firmware-based goodies over time. I love the updates — its been like getting a new and better unit every time! Me? I'd love to see better polyphonics and pitch-shifting stuff.
  10. soundog

    Helix plug-in on MacOS - permanent spinner

    Sad. Maybe they'll keep adding steps until it works!
  11. soundog

    My first few hours with the HX Effects

    I hope your friends and partners are OK with your selection criteria.
  12. soundog

    Helix plug-in on MacOS - permanent spinner

    I hope it fixes your problem .... please let us all know if it does!
  13. All very good info here but — at the risk of sounding like a broken vinyl album — Line 6 should either fix legacy Workbench so it just works, or provide updated support notes to show users what they need (Java, OS versions, or whatever) to get it working. Yeah, its working for me (though it wasn't obvious, took a lot of online digging and some trial and error) but I have no idea if it will still work after a next OS or Java security update.
  14. soundog

    Helix plug-in on MacOS - permanent spinner

    Try Stop Network Filter in Little Snitch for a moment?
  15. soundog

    Helix plug-in on MacOS - permanent spinner

    Do let us know what happens. Line 6 should support the demo .... how are they going to make any sales if the demo won't run?! I have this fix in my Logic Pro notes file (random stuff I copy from the web), and it has fixed problems in the past when I had a problematic plug-in. It seems an odd fix, but it might be worth a try. Shooting in the dark here.... If Logic crashes while scanning the installed plug-ins, follow the steps below to resolve this problem: 1 Close Logic and open Finder. 2 Navigate to the following folder: • Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components 3 Copy the plug-ins that are causing the problem from this folder to your Desktop. Once copied to your Desktop, delete them from the Components folder. 4 Start Logic and open the Plug-in-Manager under Logic Pro > Settings > Plug-in-Manager 5 Click the button Reset & Rescan Selection. 6 Close Logic after the scan has finished. 7 Move the plug-in files from the Desktop back into the folder "Components".