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  1. soundog

    HX Stomp Midi commands

    The MIDI capabilities of the Stomp are sadly lacking compared to all of the other Helix devices. I returned mine after I found that it didn't include the MIDI Command Center features.
  2. soundog

    suggestions for organizing presets

    LOL --- I was wondering this too until I tested the lollipop thing. It seems every time you use any lollipop cuss word the lollipop forum exchanges the lollipop cuss word for the lollipop lollipop word "lollipop." It lollipops me off.
  3. soundog

    suggestions for organizing presets

    Don't forget you can also use a blank preset as a header name. I put dash lines in front and behind my headers. - - - Devil Tones - - - Cauldron Pitchfork Goat Herder - - - Angel Tones - - - Halo White Wings Pearly Gate Its a handy method for making small groups and easy to create, organize and read using the Helix Editor. MIDI is the fastest and easiest way to find to a tone....push a button and go straight to it. Use an iPhone and a camera connect kit to interface it to the Helix MIDI port, and there are plenty of apps available.
  4. soundog

    Footpedal for Helix Native?

    That Akai will work great as a controller--- the faders, pots, and switches can send CC info, the pads can send program changes. Of course, it would be hard to use when your hands are full of guitar. I have an Akai MidiMix that I opened up and wired footswitches to; you could do the same (but need to know a little about electronics and be handy with a soldering iron, and not opposed to voiding the warranty. But even with no footswtiches, use the knobs and faders sure beat using a mouse!
  5. soundog

    Footpedal for Helix Native?

    Its ugly and its old, but if you can find a decent used Behringer FCB 1010 works nicely. I don't recommend it for gigging because its so honking big. And the manual is in Martian, so its best if you are MIDI-versed, or a very patient person. Plenty of online info, users, and youtube vids, though. Outside of that, there are all sorts of controllers out there, but a couple of things to keep in mind: * Newer controllers are MIDI through USB, which is perfect for computer/plug-in control use. If you get an older controller (5-pin DIN output/input) with no USB, you'll need a MIDI interface with 5-pin for your computer (or a 5-pin to USB converter cable ... but a good one, not those $5 Chinese flea-bay ones). * The FCB 1010 includes an expression pedal. Otherwise, you can shop for a MIDI footswitch and pedal separately. Figure out how many switches you need ... the price goes up as you add more. * For any controller, make sure its programmable and capable of sending CC messages. If you want to perform preset changes, make sure it will also send PC commands (preferably programmable, rather than increment/decrement). * If you're a decent hacker, there are videos on hacking cheap controllers (like Korg minikontrllers, etc). There are also plenty of MIDI "brains" or Arduino/Raspberry pi that can be wired up with foot switches and programmed to do what you want. Pretty geeky, but cheap. * A lot of MIDI controllers are way overpriced. The used market is a good way to go.
  6. soundog

    Does the hardware have better response than the plugin?

    @jorge -- this is an old discussion and hypothetical question (does Helix and Native sound and behave identically), and its never resolved because of the system variables for Native (PC, audio interface, drivers, etc). plus you'll always get different opinions and arguments. [my own opinion is they sound and behave identically if the input path and A/D quality is similar and buffer setting is low.] are you trying to decide between buying one or the other? what would you use them for? that's a discussion that can be solved and put to rest...
  7. soundog

    Helix Native Stopped Working

    There is some weird copy protection voodoo in the trial, which can cause problems. Make sure the demo is able to log onto your line6 account (password and user names OK), so no firewall or Little Snitch or similar that could prevent background log-ins.
  8. soundog

    Make Helix Native run on IPadOS

    I appreciate your spirit and wish you all the luck. Pack plenty of rations and wool socks.
  9. soundog

    Make Helix Native run on IPadOS

    You've shattered his dreams — he may never be the same. But he had to face the truth sometime....
  10. soundog

    Crackling static noise

    There are more ways for noise to get introduced into the signal using plug-ins/DAW than using Helix hardware. On top of that (as you have discovered) you have more places where you have to make sure you're not introducing digital clipping or overloads.
  11. soundog

    Helix Effects Corrupted Preset?

    Is that with one particular "older" preset that you made? If so, try writing down the settings for the preset, reload the firmware, then build a fresh version of the preset. See if that fixes it.
  12. soundog

    Helix Effects Corrupted Preset?

    Yes. Exactly as you say. Had to restore everything from scratch, and then loaded in presets one by one until I figured out which one was the corrupt one. Luckily, I haven't had the same issue since, and I gig regularly. I can't remember which firmware/software I was using, but perhaps there was an issue with earlier stuff that was written into the preset(s).
  13. soundog

    Helix Native noise in hi-gain sounds

    Any noise at all in your signal path/chain will be amplified with a hi-gain sorta preset like this. There may be something introducing a little noise into your signal path between your guitar and your DAW, which then gets amplified. I don't believe Native would introduce the noise by itself. For examples, consider the gain on your audio interface (make sure no peaks above -3 dB), the gain setting in Native (make sure no peaks above -3 dB), noise from your interface, USB, and/or computer system, pickup/cable noise picking up electromagnetic voodoo from you computer system and monitor, power supply if you're using a laptop, any other plugins on the channel, etc, etc, etc, etc. With Helix Floor, of course, the only place you might introduce signal noise is via your guitar. pickups and cable. Lots less places for noise to happen! For a test, try replacing Native with a high gain plug-in. Crank it and see if you hear any noise in the "silent" signal. See if you can isolate a noise source outside of Native.
  14. soundog

    support for FBV3 - and stand alone

    A trip to MIDI assignment hell. Beware all ye who enter here....