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  1. soundog

    HX Effects Corrupt Patch or RAM?

    This: https://line6.com/support/topic/35734-hx-effects-freezes/?tab=comments#comment-266698 is identical to the problem I'm having. I've done the "reset" reboot and the buttons are working now. I'll load patches one by one, but running out of time. Three hours until gig and I have to pack, shower, eat, and feed the dog! Stress.
  2. soundog

    HX Effects Corrupt Patch or RAM?

    It seems to be the unit. Aaargh! I reinstalled the firmware. All works good for awhile, but quickly the foot switches lock up and won't respond. Bummed because I have to get other stuff ready now for gig tonight. I'll open a ticket Monday. This unit seems FUBAR. I experienced this right after I got the HXFX, but after a firmware reinstall the problem never reappeared but it's ba-a-a-a-a--ack!
  3. @loltuner .... sent you a PM. Other Variax users: sorry, I'm too busy to do other overseas requests like this. Line 6: surely there must be some easier avenue for legacy Variax users to obtain an odd part here and there????
  4. soundog

    HX Effects Corrupt Patch or RAM?

    Has anyone had problems with a random custom patch not working properly? I made a fairly simple patch that has a Split Y into two paths, and each path has a separate Send/Return loop. The paths are joined via a Mixer at the end. Both paths are mono in and out, with hard pans L and R. I've used this patch format numerous times successfully, but yesterday one of the patches stopped working: the Send/Return 2 was not sending (or returning?) audio. I had an identical backup patch that I could switch to that was working. I even tried copying and pasting the Split Y, Mixer, and Send/Return blocks from the good patch onto the bad, and it still didn't work. Finally, I created the patch from scratch in a new preset slot, and it worked just fine. So, the one patch is simply bad, while all parameters and settings appear normal and good. So my question is, has anyone else run into an odd patch now and then on the HX Effects that didn't work properly? Or could there be a problem with bad/corrupt RAM for the presets? I ran into this once before right after I bought the unit and thought it was user error, but now I think there is some sort of corruption going on (and don't mean in the government). Update 9/22: Was working on setlist for gig, and started running into erratic behavior on some other patches. I use HX Edit to edit my patches (Version 2.6, with 2.6 firmware). This seems relevant, because later, I started getting an error from HX Edit "Failed to load preset. Timeout waiting for a response from device". Now the error persists and HX Edit is not communicating properly, despite reboots of HX Edit, HX Effects unit, and computer. I've tried different cables, as well as simplifying anything connected to the HXFX. I also reinstalled HX Edit. Other USB devices are communication with my PC. The other patch problems could be explained by USB communication errors (?), especially when writing info to the unit via HX Effects. I'll continue to troubleshoot and update, but at this point I'm not sure I'll be taking this to my gig tonight.
  5. soundog

    Varian 300 vs Workbench

    I was able to get an older version of Workbench running on a newer Mac with runtime Java, but it was a pain and a lot of trial and error. Other users have reported been unsuccessful. Plus, I'm always afraid to upgrade my OS for fear it will break forever. So, on the Mac the options are somewhere between painful and impossible. Just fix it, please.
  6. No worries, @bubney. I'll send you a PM so we can exchange e-mails where we can work out the details and I can send you copies of the invoice and any tracking info as we go. I'll order after we've made e-mail contact.
  7. soundog

    Varian 300 vs Workbench

    When folks get a Variax they believe they are buying a guitar, not a computer. If Line 6 perceives the Variax as a disposable piece of electronics with a vastly shorter lifespan, I'll never buy another one. Look, we're not asking them to update the ding-danged hardware .... just the editing software. It shouldn't be that difficult to keep Workbench running. (Its more like a DAW plug-in, and most of the popular ones are updated to stay compatible with changing operating systems for decades.)
  8. soundog

    Varian 300 vs Workbench

    If that's the official Line 6 position, my official position is that its horse doodoo. Obviously the software will run on newer operating systems with workarounds (as some have figured out), so it shouldn't take many resources to make any required fixes. They are basically saying that Variax guitars (as a customizable instrument) have a very limited lifespan compared to normal guitars. The reason I bought a Variax in the first place was so I could create custom tunings, etc.
  9. soundog

    Varian 300 vs Workbench

    Recent, related threads (and there are plenty more): https://line6.com/support/topic/35663-line-6-please-fix-the-legacy-workbench-problem/ https://line6.com/support/topic/33142-variax-500-and-workbench-on-windows-10/ https://line6.com/support/topic/26686-unable-to-install-workbench-on-mac/
  10. soundog

    swap presets between HX edit and Helix Native?

    It make sense if the basic file contents (text-based) are the same that you could edit the preset (cut out HXFX non-supported stuff) and then change the extension. Why not experiment with it .... it may be a simple thing.
  11. soundog

    swap presets between HX edit and Helix Native?

    The preset format for the HX and the HXFX are a different file format, so not interchangeable. Theres an idea for interchange on IdeaScale, so vote here: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-EFFECTS-HELIX-PRESET-SHARING/925115-23508#idea-tab-comments If you haven't signed up, its quick and easy to do. Then you can vote for or create ideas....
  12. soundog

    swap presets between HX edit and Helix Native?

    For some weird reason I have pretty much stopped reading novels. These days when I buy any new hardware or software, I download the manual on my iPad, and use it for bedtime reading. Benefits: 1) I learn all kinds of weird sh*t about my equipment I would never have known, and 2) It works better than drugs for falling asleep quickly.
  13. soundog

    hx fx: usb ground loop...

    Open up a ticket with Line 6, methinks.
  14. soundog

    swap presets between HX edit and Helix Native?

    Sure, its easy. Just read page 16 in you Helix Native Pilot's Guide. Here's a free preview: With a Helix device connected, you can drag a preset directly from Helix Native plug-in's Presets panel and drop directly into the Presets panel of the HX Edit application to import the preset into your Helix device. Likewise, you can drag a preset from the HX Edit app into the Helix Native plug-in to import your device's library presets into the plug-in
  15. soundog

    Helix FX what is "initiate ?"

    Silly boy. !!!INITIATE!!! is preset #127. Its a self-generating synth sound that should play noises when you hit some foot switches. If you don't like it, move it or delete it.