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  1. I bought a set of AllParts locking tuners (Part No. TK-7591-010) for $35 online. They fit like a glove, swap out in minutes, and are working nicely. I used the original washers from the Variax because I like the bevel on them better than the ones provided. Sure, there are better locking tuners out there, but these are a nice match for my Standard.
  2. This is the only thing I use to power my Variax's in the studio: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VariaxPwrKit--line-6-variax-cabled-power-kit Overpriced? Yes! Works? Every time and clean as a whistle.
  3. Except here in Washington state (and I think Ohio too!) we are no longer allowed to be in a room together. But some people are still able to act like virtual A-holes.
  4. Try this (assuming you're feeding a stereo instance of Native with either a dual guitar track with guitars panned hard L and R, or using two mono tracks into a stereo bus panned accordingly). Use a Split Y to keep the guitars panned hard L and R onto path A and B. Then put whatever amp/cab you want on Path A after the split, and same for Path B. Then put a Mixer right after the amps to rejoin them on Path A, with the same hard pan L an R. The add any stereo effects you want to your new stereo path. See screen shots here for Split Y and Mixer settings (whoops, Mixer A Pan should be 100, not 98). Let me know if that works for you.
  5. soundog

    Helix For Bass

    I agree, some additional bass stuff would be appreciated. In the meantime .... yeah, I would experiment with the Darkglass (obsidian), even using a parallel path with the Darkglass really cranking and smashing and ripping.
  6. Aardvark .... yes you can pan in any DAW. But if you play around with stereo and mono inputs into Native, and panning the resulting signal ... you will find that it's not all straightforward and as expected. It's so cosmic I won't even attempt to explain it. As mentioned here, this thread is useful if you are trying to pan a guitar within the stereo effects field created in Native: http://line6.com/support/topic/32305-panning-your-hxn-guitar-within-a-stereo-track/ Another method to experiment with is to use Helix Native as a mono guitar processor (amp and cabinet only), then bus the mono output to stereo effects, either using Native or other plug-ins. There are other ways, of course...but it usually does take some experimentation to get what you want during a stereo mix.
  7. I would just focus on getting as good a vocal/microphone raw recording as possible into a Reaper track. Then use plug-ins (EQ, compression, effects) later during mixing. I imagine Reaper has some very usable free plug-ins for vocals.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Not my style of playing (dent/metalish), but you cover all the bases from clean/light to nasty/heavy. The youtube reviewer did extensive testing on a lot of preset makers and concluded (as I and others on this forum have); your presets are not a rip-off and are, in fact, excellent.
  9. Thanks for sharing. The stereo and split/merge stuff in Helix has caused grown men to cry. This thread may also prove useful:
  10. See if this thread helps:
  11. For me, this (Line 6 leaving out almost all of their MIDI Out control capabilities ) was one of the biggest shortcoming of the Stomp. Otherwise, I'd buy one! Line 6 has eluded that they might add it to maintain inter-device unity, but I haven't seen any signs of that happening. We can only wish....
  12. Yes, there are a number to choose from .... some host VST plug-ins, others host AU plug-ins. Do some searches, read some reviews. There are probably free and paid, and maybe free trials for the paid versions.
  13. Ah hah (I only looked at the rear-panel photo .... the DINs are on the side)! So that little host board would work. Worth noting, the nano doesn't send Program Changes .... just note values and CCs.
  14. Usually through a DAW, yes, but you can use a "plug-in" host that runs on Mac or Windows. There are various options to choose from, although I haven't used any of them. Helix Native can be used for live, but that's not what its designed for.
  15. Ah, I just re-read the OPs post and see that the Stomp doesn't have a 5-pin DIN MIDI input, so yeah, he can't use that little board. FYI, that host board actually is a great substitute for a computer if you need to use a USB controller with any hardware that has 5-pin MIDI in. I use mine all the time with Korg controllers.
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