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  1. Interesting. This thread got me digging more. Did you read this (detailed) article .... https://theproaudiofiles.com/eric-clapton-guitar-tone/ It mentions rolling back the tone controls on his Les Paul, as @codamedia suggests. Makes me want to experiment a little more (though I play a Strat).
  2. You would think something would work nicely, but I never could find blues harp tone I liked using Helix. I ended up ordering one of these stomp boxes https://www.lonewolfblues.com/break.html and really like the tone: harp>mic>harp break>PA
  3. Read the end of the following thread and see if the solution offered by another user fixes things for you:
  4. I'm using the Classic Rock presets right now in the studio, working on a new album. This pack has become my "go to" set of presets when I'm looking for the perfect tone. I can always find what I need there without a lot of tweaking or work needed. The included matching IRs are the frosting for all of the lovely cakes. Thanks for making presets .... they never disappoint.
  5. Good to hear! Thanks for letting us know...
  6. Have you tried Logic 10.5.1? They apparently fixed some stuff that was negatively effecting various plug-ins. I'm sticking with 10.4.7 until things settle down.
  7. Hard to say. For sure using an LT for playing would be more fun with foot switches. And the guitar input would be an improvement as an interface over over the dated Toneport UX2 (though its hard to tell how much of a difference you would hear on your setup). That said, I would base your decision on how your cash flow is. It often comes down to fun vs money (but gear lust can be an addiction). You could also consider selling your Helix Native (through this forum) for a little cash, and buying a Helix LT for your recording and playing "live" needs.
  8. Well, in retrospect I'm sorry I made light of the matter (I just wanted a free Helix). I doubt it was even an engineering oversight .... it appears the recall was most likely bad lithium-ion batteries from a bad lithium battery manufacturer. Its a big pain in the arse for a company when that happens. And lithium-ion fires or injuries are no laughing matter.
  9. The hardest part about being a Power User is learning to use your powers for good, and not evil. (If we use abuse our special powers, we are immediately demoted to Just Startin' — which is a shameful embarrassment after such a difficult climb.)
  10. silverhead would never kill one of his best buddies.
  11. How long does the notice (below) IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Corrective Action required for Relay G10, Relay G10S, and Relay G10T Wireless Products Purchased Prior to February 2020 have to appear on the Line 6 home page. What is the legal requirement? How long is the punishment for a little faulty engineering? Wouldn't a more just punishment just be to give everyone a free Helix?
  12. Lots of grumbling about LUNA over on gearslutz. I don't think I'm gonna jump on that band wagon to even trial it out, at least not for a long while,
  13. That's normally done in/by the DAW or plug-in host you are using with Native, so it depends on what you're using.
  14. Hmmmmm. "Honest Amp Sim Reviews" provides the most accurate and thorough online reviews I've found for guitar and bass amp modelers. That's how I discovered the modelers I use in the studio (currently Helix Native and S-Gear). He gave Guitar Rig 5 only 2.5 stars out of 5 —vs 5 out of 5 for Native. I'll let him explain why: Guitar Rig 5 Review Helix Native Review
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