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  1. So i found my answer based on this video
  2. Hi Craig, i eagerly clicked over to the blog to get a better description, but the blog was gone and wayback machine didnt harvest that page. Do you have that step by step, as ive spent days trying to work it out with limited success. I feel like im close. Im actually trying to capture Helix LT as my expression pedal, which i have created the external device "new instrument" and can record MIDI to an Aux track but can record it into the automation lane for Native Wah. Cheers man
  3. Hi Sounddog USB direct to Computer (high powered Win 10 laptop but not amazing for audio). I havent adjusted input and output levels in Native - will try that next - it seems that dynamic range is way different so this could help The preset was dragged over direct from HX (Helix LT) into Native, so shouldnt be any change (i guess leaving the wah on would be a big one but that was off). Im liking your idea of block by block from empty preset - ill try that next. Monitoring of both options was done through same headphones plugged into the back of the Helix floor. Regarding low DRY signal from HelixLT. I wish they could pump it up a little coz when you zoom in DAW you can see the alias/stepped/jaggies in the waveform. It really is only a problem for one of my instruments that has very low output. Ive upped the sample rate to 48k in Global on the LT to try compensate.
  4. The same tone applied to Dry signal and recorded through Floor Unit arent close. Id like to get them close so i can play the same tone Live as recorded. Process i followed. 1.Record to DAW on Input 1 (Floor Tone) and Input 7 Dry DI tone. 2. Drag preset from HX Edit to Native to keep tones Identical Then when i playback they are substantially different, one being tinny and one feeling compressed. Ive tried 2 DAWs, Studio One and Mixcraft. Originally i thought it was that the DRY signal helix records is SO low that the waveform comes out stepped in Mixcraft, but it doesnt waveform seems okay in Studio one. GOing crazy, any tips appreciated.
  5. Ok, Im joining this thread, as I have identical problems, with BSOD spitting out all kinds of different messages, KERNEL etc etc. I thought it was just my Razer laptop that had bad hardware, but on seeing these posts I see it may by Line6 drivers at fault. Also, i cannot use line6 HD500 with USB while computer power is plugged in to power. I know this is an ongoing earthing problem that Line6 seems to not have a simple solution too. Quite disappointing if solution is to buy a Helix. I would prefer not to, as it only encourages line6 to not fix older hardware issues.
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