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  1. I have found that the edit programme often does not start if I have other programmes running so close them all down and see if theat works. I often also have to pull the power out of the Pod to restart it - There does not appear to be any logical or consistent pattern but in the end after a few tries it does work. Hope that helps
  2. I am constantly breaking my top e string (after about 12 hours playing or so) and looking at the angle from the bridge I think this is a design flaw - on no other guitar have `i had this problem n over 30 years playing - Am looking to alter the angle to put this right. I do bend strings by a tone or tone and and a half but the actual breakage rate on the variaxe is unacceptable.
  3. Hi - Great post on power for the poorly designed G10 but how theĀ  heck did you open the box - I undid the screw but can't see how to open it ? appreciate help before I pry it to destruction!

    1. a2dconverterguy


      Use a guitar pick to separate the halves at the circled locations....


    2. chris_edbowen


      Thank you so much - really appreciate this - Going to give it a go now.

      And thanks for posting the pics really useful

      Chris Bowen

    3. chris_edbowen


      Success - I used a knife as the pick was too thick but once the first housing is free it was pretty easy - useful knowing where they were though.

  4. Thanks for the post this makes sense to me although on a line six video the demo mentions the interaction between a variax/pod and the electric setting that doesn't seem to make sense as the Amp modelling is supposed to accurately create this - I will try it set to flat response and edit my patches with full amp models - will report back if I have sny significant findings. I did find that the 4cm (4 cable method) was cumbersome - ultimately it seems if this is the way things are going the old tube amp system could be on the way out?
  5. Has anyone worked how to get the best sound from a Pod HD500x with the L2t powered speaker - It is not obvious whether to use the full amp models or just the Pre-amps because the electric setting on the speaker emulates an electric guitar amp so logically it would seem that using the pre-amp versions in the pod not the full amp models should sound better - sorry if this is covered I could not find anything on this so far? Ps I am using a variax JTV Pod Hd500x and Sounsource L2t
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