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Found 69 results

  1. I'm trying to connect my new JTV-69 variax and while the computer sees the Variax USB adapter, and the USB adapter indicates (via the two green lights) that it sees the Variax, the computer doesn't see the Variax. I've tried multiple computers and versions of the software. As far as the computer is concerned, there's no Variax there. Up front: I am using the small black Variax USB adapter and included VDI cable The battery is fully charged (though by the end of troubleshooting it only had 3 dots) I have a TRS cable plugged in I have the volume turned up The lights are on on the Variax I have two lights on the Variax USB adapter I have tried both the included VDI cable and 2 separate Cat5/Cat6 cables I have checked with Line6 Monkey on a separate computer using all of the combinations of troubleshooting I have checked with the OLD Workbench on a separate computer I have repeatedly connected / restarted / removed battery; replaced battery I have wiggled and jiggled and swabbed and double-checked all the connectors. Everything is in-place. The Variax doesn't show up, not even in Monkey. I'm really not looking forward to returning this guitar, but the inability to use it with Workbench is a deal-breaker.
  2. Hi all Longtime lurker, first time poster. I've had a Variax 600 for years and have finally got around to getting a USB interface for it (one of the newer ones) and cable in order to use Workbench. Now I've read many posts about this (big thank you for that!) so made sure I downloaded the standard Workbench designed for an older Windows (I run Windows 10), get the 32bit Java, Line 6 Monkey etc but it doesn't recognise the guitar when plugged in with the CAT cable. I've got 2 green lights on the interface, it seems like all the drivers are up to date but I go into Workbench and I just get the message 'no device detected' even though it can detect the USB interface? Any ideas? anything I'm doing wrong? Thanks Nick
  3. I've bought a second-hand Variax jtv-69 and a POD HD500 and these days I'm trying to connect them with little success so I thought to post my questions here. My idea was to connect the Variax guitar through the POD HD500 to my MacBook and then access the various customisation options via the Workbench HD and POD Edit. So far none of these steps have worked for me. First of all, the HD500 isn't recognised by the POD HD500 Edit app in mac. I have a MacBook Pro late 2012 with 16GB and Catalina. I tried the two USB ports and neither will work. I even tried to install the drivers for the HD500 dated from 22-June-2018 which worked for a YouTuber (which I found in this forum) but does not work for me... I keep getting this message: "POD HD500 Edit - Could not detect a POD HD500 connected to your computer. POD HD500 Edit will run in offline mode." The Workbench HD doesn't recognise neither the POD nor the Variax guitar that is connected to it. Looking at the system diagnose I can actually see that the POD is connected to the USB (see the attached pictures). If anyone has an idea of a solution I'll be very grateful! Can't wait to see this gear working without issues.
  4. Aloha from Honolulu, Just got a refurbished JTV-59 from Line 6. Excited. A couple of newbie questions... (1) What is the best way to listen to Workbench changes through headphones? I read somewhere that I could run it through my POD HD500X, but it seems I'm hearing the POD's settings, not Workbench changes. I tried a "blank" slot in the POD, but it still wan't very satisfactory. What am I doing wrong? (2) I'm now running my JTV into my MacBook Pro and out to a Vox cabinet. Change the setting tho' I do — both on screen and with the JTV-59's knobs — but it all seems to sound the same. I'd have though a Les Paul simulation would be rather different from an acoustic 12-string from a banjo... Again, I must be messing up somehow... Any suggestions gratefully received. Will go back and re-watch the tutorials out there, try to get some of those tones... Mahalo! Cat
  5. I recently picked up a Variax 300 & was wondering if I could edit/update workbench by plugging my guitar into my hd500 pedal via ethercon cable & then plugging the hd500 into my Mac via usb cable? Or will I need to buy the vdi interface to be able to access workbench? Variax 300 - Pod HD500 Macbook Pro (2010) osx 10.11.6
  6. Hey guys, I have a Variax JTV but I don't have the USB interface in order to use it with the Workbench. If you have a Variax USB and don't need it anymore because you have the Helix or another unit that interfaces with the Variax, I would appreciate if you would be willing to donate it or sell it for a reasonable price. The brand new unit is too expensive for me. Thanks.
  7. Q: How do I perform a Factory Reset on my Variax Acoustic? Variax Acoustic 700 Hard reset: See the following link: Variax Reflash and Software update F.A.Q. Variax Acoustic 700 - Soft Reset Start with unit off (TRS cable and/or Variax Digital cable unplugged from guitar). Rotate the model selector to the SITAR position.Press and hold model selector (as in Save routine) while inserting TRS cable or Variax Digital cable to power up the unit and perform reset. Variax Acoustic 300 (Steel String and Nylon) These instruments do not have a reset function. The presets are simply a variety of settings that the user can overwrite. In other words, the user cannot lose anything, except for the original settings that are provided as examples/starting points. Q: Can I use the XPS power supply from a Variax electric guitar or bass to power my Variax Acoustic? A: Yes, you can power the Variax Acoustic with the XPS power supplies from the other Variax electric guitars and vice versa. Q: What is 'neck scale'? A: Neck scale is the distance from the bridge to the nut. All Variax electric guitars have a scale of 25.5" Q: How can I adjust the intonation on my Variax acoustic? A: There is no way to easily adjust the intonation on the Variax acoustic guitar. Different string gauges can effect intonation, so try using a different string gauge if you are having intonation issues. Q: How can I raise the action on my Variax 300 acoustic (nylon or steel) guitar a the bridge? A: If you need to raise the action on your Variax acoustic 300, you will want to shim the bridge underneath the single piezo strip. If you do not feel confident doing this procedure yourself, please have an authorized Line 6 Service Center perform the procedure. Q: What are the default alternate tunings on the Variax Acoustic 700? A: The PDF file attached to this answer provides a nice little grid of all the default tuning modes for the standard Variax Acoustic 700 models. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system, you can get it from the Adobe Website by clicking on the "Get Adobe Reader" link in the lower right hand corner of the webpage. Q: Can I load Electric tones on my Variax Acoustic? A: No. Because of differences between the architecture of the Variax Electric and Variax Acoustic guitars this is not possible. Please be aware that there are acoustic guitar tones available on the Variax electric models if you want to have acoustic and electric sounds on a single guitar. Q: What size allen wrenches are used on the Variax acoustic guitars? saddle height adjustment: 1.5mm Truss Rod: 4mm Q: What gauge of Phosphorus Bronze D'Addario strings are on the Variax Steel String Acoustic guitars? E:12 (high) B:16 G:24 D:32 A:42 E:52 (low) Q: What strings come with the Variax 300 Nylon acoustic? A: D'Addario ProArte Hard Tension strings Q: What is the hole diameter for the tuning gears? A: The Variax guitars accept the standard 10mm (13/32nd") tuning gear. Q: What happens if I use different brand or gauge strings on my variax bass or guitar? A: The results will be the same as changing string type or gauge on an analog bass or guitar. The Variax guitars are no different than most other guitars regarding setup and maintenance; the may need to be set up for different gauges play correctly, or seasonally to counteract climate changes. The Variax will accept any common string gauge for that instrument type. Q: Can I put nylon strings on a steel string instrument (and vice-versa)? A: You will have numerous mechanical issues if you restring a guitar with meant for one style of guitar with the other. Nylon strings tend to be thicker so they may not thread through the nut and/or tuning gear very easily. Nylon string will have at least 30 lbs less tension on the neck, so the truss rod may not be able correct for the correct tension, and may not be able to return to correct tension if/when the guitar is restrung with steel strings. Steel string installed on a nylon string guitar can crack the body/neck as it was never meant to take the tension increase of steel strings. Q: Where can I get replacement bridge pins for my Variax acoustic guitar? A: The bridge pins used on the Variax acoustic guitars are the same as any other bridge pin available from your local Line 6 dealer. Q: Do the Variax guitars have a low or high output impedance? A: All Variax guitars are low impedance, and should be treated like they are active instruments. Q: What kind of finish is used on the Variax? A: All Variax instruments use a polyester (yes, polyester) finish. Q: What type of glue is used in the hardware? A: Hide (i.e. horse) glue Here is a document with a list of the Acoustic 700 presets with Pitch settings: acoustic700pitchpreset.tmp.pdf
  8. Hey guys, I have a JTV variax but I have no USB interface to change it's parameters, and I have no other interface (POD, helix, etc.). The interface by iytself is 150$ here, which is absurd. Would this cable make the Workbench HD see my JTV and allow me to update firmware/upload patches and change params? https://bencraven.com/?p=1616 Thanks!
  9. Everything is okay with (old) workbench, updating Variax 300 with new firmware, reflashing, etc. Except: I cannot update any of the patches. As soon as I start uploading a patch to the Variax 300, UBS interface starts flashing on UBS side, no flashing on Variax side (just green) and then error with connection and also connection to workbench is lost. Happens on Mac and on Windows. So problem must be on Variax side. Does anybody know what the problem could be? (I got the 300 recently, second hand. Only had JTV's so far)
  10. For anyone who is unsure of whether you can use the legacy Variax guitars under Windows 10, I can confirm that you can. I went to the download section and just selected Windows 8 as the OS and downloaded Line 6 Monkey and Workbench (non HD version), ran the installers, hooked up my Variax USB Interface and Variax 500 and everything worked perfectly first time. I had no issues with Java or the installation on the drivers. This statement is valid as of April 2018
  11. Has anyone else noticed that if you set a custom name for a model in Workbench, the Helix onboard screen shows that but HXedit continues to show something like Custom_4 etc ?
  12. I have a PodXt Live and a JTV-69. Both really nice pieces of equipment!! However, I'm stuck with what's on them because I'm a Mac user and upgraded to High Sierra. Line 6 Edit for editing and saving my channel banks requires Java6 and even if you install it, High Sierra will start going bonkers with Java AWT errors when using it. What else can I use to manage/backup/edit my Pod Xt Live? Now, when it comes to Workbench HD, sure it all looks like it will work, but when it first starts up, it times out trying to download the presets. When I try to change body style or make some other change, it just freezes. This happens on multiple computers, one running Sierra and the other High Sierra. It just seems like the software quality and support has gone downhill. I can't make any changes to either pieces of equipment. Heck, I even tried on someone's Windows 10 machine and Workbench did the exact same thing, and I couldn't even get Line 6 Edit installed on it. To Line 6: Look, your equipment is great, it lasts a REALLY long time. But, you just can't forsake software when the operating systems advance. If you don't see it being cost beneficial to do so, then open up the software and allow the open source community to manage it. I spent my entire holiday trying to edit/customize my equipment settings and got absolutely nowhere. Any advice from out there in the ether? Any similar experiences?
  13. I just wanted to share some of my experiences (and frustrations) when using the JTV. I have done some tweaking in workbench and the guitar is now a dream; if you spend some time with this guitar it really is a work of genius and incredibly playable/musical. Here is what I did: Set each presets' string volume: I did this not using the global string volume but the string tab for each preset. It took some time but it was worth it. Prior to doing this I found on many of the presets some of the strings were thin and others were too 'present'. In many cases the string volumes were out by a significant degree eg 50 50 50 100 80 100. In most cases I found my top E string was the quietest and weakest sounding in each preset. It seems strange that the individual string volumes were so far out, you think they would nail this in the factory! I then boosted the preset volume by between 3-6db for to compensate for string volume reductions I also - in also most every preset - increased the pickup level by between 3-6 db for each preset pick up. I tried to get the levels roughly the same between presets, as for me I find this much more musical - prior to doing my level tweaking I found the models with lower volume less appealing. Now I have levelled each preset out some of my favourite models are the ones that I 'skipped' prior to the above. If you are not happy with your JTV I would strongly suggest doing some of the above. I was about to get rid of my JTV but now I absolutely love it and can't put it down. The models shine through much better now and there is no longer the frustration of playing 'thin sounding' strings on many of the models. I now need to find a decent amp for the guitar - currently i'm using headphones, but previously I have played it through 'normal amps' and been v disappointed. I haven't tried it through an amp since doing my volume/pick up tweaking so it might sound alright now. Has anyone got any suggestions for amplification?
  14. While searching the internet for Variax related information I came across this tutorial on advanced editing in Workbench relating to tone. I am not sure if it has been shared here before, but I didn't find it doing a quick search of the forums. The information may be useful to other Variax users so I thought I would share it. If you are interested in resonant frequencies etc. and how to set the capacitor value and pot values this is a good resource. Thanks to the original creator. The only reference to go on is Vettaville.nl WB Tutorial 6 290107.pdf
  15. Another newbie question so I know what to expect when I get Workbench for my Variax 500. I know that you can visually create a custom guitar using Workbench, which leads me to believe that when selecting a model/pickup selector combination to edit, it shows some form of preset guitar. Is this preset always a default blank canvas, or is it based on what is currently in that position either from the guitar itself, or the factory default? The reason I am asking is that my 500 has a couple of models that are different than the stated defaults and I am wondering how to get the settings back to the factory defaults without having to flash the guitar. I have been reading though the forums and have seen a few threads about failures when updating. I don't want this to happen to me obviously, so I was thinking I may be able to just tweak the few I need to. One of the ones that needs changing is the Sitar as it is not on my guitar, it sounds like it is another copy of the Danelectro. So if I launch Workbench and select the correct position, will the Workbench UI show the settings for the Sitar, the duplicate Danelectro, or a default blank patch? If it is not the Sitar, then my secondary question is to ask if anyone can post screengrabs of the settings for the Sitar so I can manually set it without flashing the guitar? Does that make sense at all? I feel like I am rambling and not clear. TIA Colin
  16. Hi All, I have just purchased a used Variax 500 and none of the extras came with it. I have done a quick bit of research and found out that I need the original Workbench software, not the HD version. I tracked that down OK in the downloads. I have an old laptop running Windows 7 so it will install OK. I also downloaded Line 6 Monkey. My question is this. Is there an alternate way to connect the Variax to my laptop other than me trying to find the USB interface online? Would a USB/Ethernet dongle also work with a standard Cat5 cable to do the same thing? So far I am loving the Variax, but the previous owner had made some changes to the stored models and I would like to be able to reset them to factory. For example the Sitar is a different guitar model, and the Spank models have been changed to be much louder than any other models. There was some confusion at the store I bought it from, as to what should have been with the guitar, as it had been sold as used online, and returned to a different store with no extras. The original store in Arizona is trying to find out what was originally with it and if it was sent out to the original online purchaser or not, so I have no idea if I will be able to get the interface etc. or not. TIA Colin PS. If you happen to recognize this guitar as potentially one you sold, I wanted to say that you really looked after your guitar, it still looks like new. :)
  17. Hi guys, Digital gadgetry has a bad day? Does anyone know of an issue regarding connectivity between Variax 300/600 and workbench using Pod HD500, and Windows Vista? I have no issues with connecting to Monkey, or HD Edit, via the same connection. So here's the story... I successfully reflashed the firmware using Monkey in my 300/600 vaxplant, as I was having a strange warbling issue all of a sudden on the open 6th E, and fretted F. So after reflashing, I go back into Workbench to reload all my user patches from a backup, and it won't connect. I used monkey to download Workbench again, used the Line 6 uninstaller to uninstall Workbench, then re-installed it. Still no banana. Doesn't even recognise 300/600 as being connected. Disconnect everything, reconnect, still no banana. I connected to my MacBook Pro, and everything connected fine, reloaded patches fine. So I had a workaround, but I still want to have connectivity, as my computer workspace is where I usually do it all.
  18. Hi everyone, Newbie here. I just received a brand new Variax Standard today, and I frustratingly can't seem to get it connected in Workbench HD. It just says "Not connected." I am connecting the Variax to my Macbook (running MacOS Sierra) by the VDI (RJ-45 type) cable, plugged into the USB interface, with a fully charged battery and audio jack plugged in. The volume is turned all the way up, tuning set to standard, and the model selection knob disengaged. Line 6 Monkey seems to recognise the Variax is plugged in, and tells me the device firmware and all applications are up to date (screen shot attached). The guitar has been registered. The lights on the USB interface are both solid green (at the USB and Variax in ends), and I have tried a standard Ethernet cable that I know works, in case the VDI cable was faulty, but no go. I have no other USB drives etc. attached. Any help here would be much appreciated
  19. Hi I bought a Line 6 Variax Standard about a year ago, I have got a 2011 Macbook Pro running OSX 10.7.5 and yet I cannot get the guitar to talk with either Monkey or Workbench. Each time it gets to the update section in Monkey it freezes then crashes. Any ideas? One side of the USB interface is green, but the side where the guitar plugs in has a red light. Chris Richards Nottingham, UK
  20. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and joined just after buying a jtv-69 used. It came with a battery and a charger, but no digital interface in the case. So my question is: what exactly is needed in order to connect it to my macbook and eventually to workbench hd? will a regular ethernet cable work? do I have to use the line6 cable? even on that cable, it's written that it's meant for digital connection to a PodXT and the like - so I'm not sure that this is meant to be used to connect the guitar to a computer. Maybe it's mentioned somewhere but I honestly could not find the complete info. is the "DVI" the cable itself? or some kind of a converter/adapter? assuming I have the line6 cable, does it connect to a usb or the ethernet port? how does this chain look exactly? If you could help a newbie I would be very grateful!
  21. Hello I'm thinking about and buying a Variax Standard at my local music store but the seller tells me that the software is not include. Can you download the software (Workbench)? Does it work?
  22. Hello all I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't seem to find anything. I just managed to get hold of a 15 year old Variax Acoustic 700 and its in incredible condition. Very lucky find in my local cash converters! I have a Pod XT Live and Workbench 1.75. All connect and runs perfectly. I have made a few custom tunings but I'm struggling to understand something. What i want to do is select say Jumbo and have say Eb tuning available on that, but what i want is when the selector turns red into the alternate tunings, to turn it and have say drop D. I can do that but then it also changes the sound to that model too. So it changes to Dread. Apart from over writing the Dread (or lets say Nylon which I'l never use anyway), is there a way of doing what I'm after or do you also have to reprogram each bank for the sound and that tuning, meaning you lose that guitar model? There are probably 3 or 4 sounds I would use with all the same 4 or 5 alternate tunings to hand for each sound.
  23. Just purchased a POD so a total newb. Line 6 recommends the software for POD HD500x owners but doesn't really say what it can do. Best, Bill
  24. Sorry for the clickbait-title but it is true! Never understood why the slots are so restricted and there is no playground-area which could be used to try custom models. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/An-area-to-store-unused-presets-within-Workbench-HD/902175-23508 Please give your vote to this idea :)
  25. Hi, Now that my beloved Variax 500 is working again (thank you Line 6!!), I'm looking to connect it to Workbench and adjust some of the guitars and pickups. I no longer have the old USB interface, but i do have a Helix LT. Question - can a legacy item like the Variax use the Helix LT as an interface with the older Workbench (As I don't think the Workbench HD would work with my older guitar) thanks in advance!
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