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  1. So even the new generation of GT10 are 2.5 hours???? What a load of rubbish!! Line 6 stop using CHEAP CHINESE batteries and GRAB GOOD QUALITY JAPANESE ones instead!!!!
  2. Same issue here. I played my G10 *exactly* once and then stored it!!! unboxed it upgraded to 1.06 and I get less than 15 minutes worth of play!!! Did it take a month to receive replacement from the repair shop???
  3. Hey guys, I have a Variax JTV but I don't have the USB interface in order to use it with the Workbench. If you have a Variax USB and don't need it anymore because you have the Helix or another unit that interfaces with the Variax, I would appreciate if you would be willing to donate it or sell it for a reasonable price. The brand new unit is too expensive for me. Thanks.
  4. Who mentioned just using the cable without a MIDI device? Clearly this cable is intended to use both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT device on an audio interface. So does that make that an "active" device?
  5. So how come that web page says that the cable works and that the Line 6 Monkey and Variax Workbench recognize the Variax? (just by using this cable)
  6. Hey guys, I have a JTV variax but I have no USB interface to change it's parameters, and I have no other interface (POD, helix, etc.). The interface by iytself is 150$ here, which is absurd. Would this cable make the Workbench HD see my JTV and allow me to update firmware/upload patches and change params? https://bencraven.com/?p=1616 Thanks!
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