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  1. Could it be, that the firmware of the spider V Amp has to be downgraded to 2.0? I have the suspicion, that with the new firmware the amp does not charge the transmitter completely. I have replaced the transmitter, but the new one is'nt any better. Has anyone tried it with the orginal reciever? Greetings Hendrik
  2. Hi, I purchased a new Relay GT10II transmitter for my Spider V 120 MkII. I waited for Version II because of the issue with battery life. However I experienced, that the battery life with the new transmitter is only about 2 hours, before it has to be charged again. Is this goint to be fixed, or does it take some time until the transmitter gets its full capacity? I have firmeware 2.02 installed in the Spider V and 2.00 in the transmitter. Best regards Hendrik
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