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  1. jakeman19

    flash memory

    You'd have to connect to it via MIDI and use the DTedit to find out what firmware.
  2. jakeman19

    Mon ordi ne reconnait pas mon POD HD ?

    https://line6.com/support/account-services/ Register Gear Jd
  3. jakeman19

    Preset Bpm For Delays?

    If you haven't done this already, make sure on the SETUP view on page 6 of 12 that you have Tempo Sync:3 set to PRESET and NOT GLOBAL. Jd
  4. Are you trying to have a guitar feed going through the POD and also through Helix Native? In parallel or are you trying add more FX to the signal chain that you are using the plugin and POD? A more clear plan would help for us to give our 2 cents. Jd
  5. I've tried a right angled Cat6 cable. You have to make sure you get the correct right angle one as the plastic lock clip can be on different sides. I don't use this anymore as the Cat6 cable doesn't act like a guitar cable in how it falls to the ground so I ended up getting something else. Jd
  6. Line 6 moderators, please pin this topic of Variax users trying to update them via Helix ISN'T supported at this time. I've seen all to many posts here and on multiple Facebook pages of people asking why trying to update their Variax guitars(or Workbench) using a Helix doesn't work. Yes, it was missed in Helix and may come in a future firmware update in which at that time you could then delete the Pinned post. Jd
  7. Again Thanks for the reminder of the saving of the bundle. Knopfler fan also. This guitar makes it easy to change from one artist sound to another if you tweak things enough. Jd
  8. Did you also change out the middle PUP for a Custom Shop Fat 50? And Neck? I only did bridge and middle as the Edge sound, whom I'm trying copy, only uses 2nd position most of the time. I don't seem to find the FS-1 dark, seems sparkly to me comparing it to my Signature Edge Guitar. Might have to play around with the pickup heights to compensate for this. Thanks for the link on the modelled tone. Will be interested to hear the difference with the one I created. I've never posted it cause I was never satisfied with it compared the real thing. Jd
  9. Thanks for the response. But it won't screw up the processor board it will just NOT sound as if it was on a passive guitar setup? Jd
  10. So I guess putting in a DiMarzio DP110 FS-1 Guitar Pickup that has a DC Resistance: 14.23 Kohm isn't a good idea? What would I have to do so the processor board is happy with a 14.23 k Ohm pickup as I really would like this pickup in my JTV-69s? Jd
  11. jakeman19

    Nylon String IR?

    No problem sounddog Jd
  12. jakeman19

    Nylon String IR?

    To Delete, under your post when you have logged in of course, it shows "Quote Edit Options" under Options pull down menu chose Delete.
  13. jakeman19

    Nylon String IR?

    Line 6 have not done anything in regards to nylon guitar modeling since the Variax acoustic guitar model before the JTV's came out. Not until people bark enough, using the above suggested ideascale link, your not able to IR anything into a JTV unless Line 6 releases something. So your out of luck I'm afraid. People have been asking to swap out current models with other guitars models and we've seen nothing to this point of this happening. There is also nothing you can do with IR's on Helix/POD HD500x that will change the modelling on the JTV in the fashion you're thinking.
  14. jakeman19

    JTV 69S with PODxt Live

    Here is what I found in the XT live documentation: 3-2 Press the Soft Button under the word VARIAX and turn the Effect Tweak knob to choose ON or OFF to tell PODXT Live whether you’d like it control the Variax. When control is enabled, PODXT Live can change Variax models as you change PODXT Live channels, as described on page 4•10. pretty sure it change my JTV when I had it connected via the VDI. Jd
  15. jakeman19

    JTV 69S with PODxt Live

    Yes, when I first got my JTV I connected to my XT live and all the XT was able to do was change what model of guitar on the JTV. No custom tunings are available on the XT. This is all from memory as I switched to HD500x soon after. Jd