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  1. So if they still sell it they should still support it with up to date software, mine and a lot of others opinions.
  2. You can’t load your Neural DSP presets onto your Pod. Using the Pod via midi might work but not sure as more info is required. Is the plug-in a stand alone one on your computer or is it one in a DAW? Jd
  3. Not that this is an issue for me yet, I find it interesting that they still sell Variax Standard as well as other models yet the software to program and control it is not up to date. So I find this argument of 10 plus year tech will not be supported when they are still selling the Variax. Or am I missing something? Jd
  4. So it controls the DT fine, but I'm curious can you have post amp effects like you could with POD HD500x via the L6 link? Not sure how this works. Jd
  5. Not that I’m going to be any help, but I’ve only looked at this with my POD HD500x experimenting for someone else whom asked a question about it a couple of weeks ago. Would be interested if someone whom does know how this would work with Helix. I haven’t switch to a helix because of the L6 limited integration until their recent change with the firmware update and even now it’s still not as integrated as it is with the HD series. Line 6 has left us DT users in limbo in this integration with Helix unless someone chimes in to say otherwise. I’m curious. Jd
  6. It doesn’t change anything if you don’t edit anything. If you want to experiment though, just remember what amps settings you had before you start, that way you can can put it back if you need to. This editor doesn’t have a way of saving settings from I remember. Jd
  7. So I did a quick test again to see what it does. If you choose Left or Right, Left/Right it includes the effects you have after the amp in your path(chain). If you choose amp A or amp B, amp a/b then it will not include the effects after the amp in the path(chain). As I said before the top path(chain) will be DT configuration bottom path(chain) will be simulated. "But what exactly does it do if I don't choose the left or right or both and choose either amp a, amp b, or both....... Does it just emulate the models of the amps without any effect(s)?" It will configure the DT to what you have in the top chain, bottom will be simulated and no effects after the amps will come through. What every you have before each amp will still go through the DT or simulated amps. I think this is how it work for a wet/dry or wet/dry/wet setup. If you had a second DT amp you could do a wet/dry rig by choosing Left/Right for one, and the other you'd choose Amp A/B. If you had a third DT amp you could got wet/dry/wet by choosing Left on one DT, Amp A/B on the second, and Right on the third. In these cases the DT's will configure to what you have on either chain. Jd
  8. I'd be thinking for best results you'd have to use the pre amp selection for the DT25 and the SoundSource would be a full amp model including cab sims. That's why it's sounding like it's lacking something on the SoundSource side of things. Jd
  9. Welcome to the forum. To answer what I know and just quickly setup on my setup, JTV69s--->(POD HD500x--->DT25 via L6). "In the 500x setup menu on page 9/12: l6 audio, what is the difference between left and right vs amp a and amp b" Depending on how many DT series amps(you can connect 4 if you want) the POD changes to DT on this screen. Just an FYI if you didn't know you can also connect the SoundSource speakers via L6 link. If you connect one of these I believe it would say AMP but here I'm not sure as I've never connected one. Having said that, you then can let the POD know what DT amp or SoundSource speaker to have what feed. I believe there a spot as to where on the path in the POD you are "tapping" the signal that will send to that DT amp. "and could someone explain what happens if I am using line 6 link and put two amp models in the chain but am only using one dt50 amp?" On the top path on the patch you are creating, that amp will configure the DT to the appropriate amp, and the on the bottom path that amp will be a simulation(I believe) is send to the DT in mono. I setup a quick patch to play with this and when I changed the amp model on the POD the DT changed as normal, but when I switched the bottom path amp the simulation changed the DT didn't follow. If you turned the volume of the amp in the top path and change the bottom path amp you'll hear what I mean. Hope that helps. Jd
  10. Sorry, I've got nothing at this point. Jd
  11. So I was able to connect to my DT25 via the DTedit software and YES it does show up in Line 6 Monkey. I did have to redo my MIDI setup on my Mac for the M-Audio 1x1 to be seen by the DTedit software. Have you tried doing a reset on the DT25? Other than that, the board level stuff is beyond my expertise.
  12. I’m sure psarkissian would advise against poking around. Having said that, I’m not at home with my amp now but when I get home I’ll double check. I don’t know for sure if monkey would see the amp, it’s been a long while since I connected to mine. Jd
  13. I have a DT25 but the startup should the same and what you described is normal operation. If you did get the DT50 212 for $550 that’s a pretty good price I think. Good luck and rock on dude. Jd
  14. If you are using the DT25 separate like a usual amp, and with the 8 amps you setup, that’s what you’ll get. It will switch to whatever you had programmed in it. If on the other hand connected to the DT25 & POD via L6 link, then in the POD you’ll have to use amp models that say eg: “AC30 pre” and the amp will switch to the appropriate settings regardless of what have programmed in the amp. Hopefully that makes sense. Jd
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