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  1. I agree with Pianoguyy. I think most people whom use the mic input on a POD HD would be doing a more basic vocal chain. A thought though would be taking others guitar presets and just mute/disable the amp sim and see what you get. Hope that helps. Jd
  2. Cesarelik, Welcome to the forum. An FYI, you should be posting this under Multi-Effects Units/Helix. You'll get a better response posting it there. Dream Rig has to do with Line 6 integration of the Variax guitars, Helix or POD HD with L6-Link, and Amps with L6-Link such as PowerCab, DT series amp or StageSource speakers. Just trying to help. Jd
  3. It adds to what I posted. My post still is correct that you would use the Preamp Models with a DT amp, hence ".......or when using the L6 LINK™ connection.*" Jd
  4. From the Advanced Manual of the POD HD500x: Amp and Preamp Models We’ve included a complete set of “Preamp” versions of each Amp as well. Choose one of these to obtain the tone of just the preamp stage of the amp - recommended when feeding your POD HD500X output into an external amplifier, or when using the L6 LINKTM connection.* See above for the explanation why or why not to use "PRE". If you use the 4CM then you might want to use the "PRE" to use the modelled preamp of a specific amp to then go through the power amp section of the amp you are connecting the POD to. Jd
  5. I'm the same in that I run the POD MV at 12-1 o'clock and DT to taste, small room and in a condo so never past 11 o'clock on the DT(yes, I know I could use the LVM). Jd
  6. You would need a USB-C to USB-A to connect to your Mac. If you want to use the HD edit software there are a few hoops you have to go through to get it to work. See here for that: https://line6.com/support/page/kb/general-faq/operating-system-information/apple-silicon-m1-or-greater-driver-installationremoval-notes-r991/. Using the POD HD as an interface for audio into a DAW I've found it's not stable at the moment. Check if the new driver works as one was released Sept of 2022. Jd
  7. The "Pre" refers to it being used in conjunction with a DT series amplifier via L6 cable connection. So if you are using the POD stand alone without a DT amp, don't use the "Pre" models. FYI, I've never used my POD in 4 cable method (4CM) so not sure how that might work as I have a DT25. Jd
  8. MacOS is the issue. You need to use an older version of OS. That’s why I kept my old MacBook Pro with High Sierra v10.13. With Line 6 support of older products and newer software it was inevitable. Jd
  9. That's great! But it should also be in this more specific forum page. It's more important than the pinned "Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models" in my eyes seeing how many ask this question as opposed to shared models. Just a thought. Jd
  10. I find this inquiry should be a pinned topic on this JTV forum as there are a lot of people that miss this, having to use the USB interface to always update(flash) the JTV. A moderator should pin it. Just a thought. Jd
  11. The issue is the tab to unlock the XLR would be difficult to get to when you want to disconnect the XLR. I've not seen a 90º Neutrik Ethernet connector before either. Jd
  12. Seeing as you'd like to have 3 sources plugged in at the same time this could be tricky. You are able to use the guitar input and aux input and mic input at the same time but would require some programming choices on what path they use if I'm correct. Not sure if the mic input would be able to be used for any of your instruments. Sounds to me like you need a switcher box before the POD like an A/B pedal. Hope that helps. Jd
  13. I got this response from Celestion: Sorry – as these are custom speakers, the information isn’t published. If you like you can look at the curve for the Seventy 80, which will be very close to the G12P-80. There’s nothing like for like in terms of the G12H-90, though. Any other insight Partev? Jd
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