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  1. That's great! But it should also be in this more specific forum page. It's more important than the pinned "Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models" in my eyes seeing how many ask this question as opposed to shared models. Just a thought. Jd
  2. I find this inquiry should be a pinned topic on this JTV forum as there are a lot of people that miss this, having to use the USB interface to always update(flash) the JTV. A moderator should pin it. Just a thought. Jd
  3. The issue is the tab to unlock the XLR would be difficult to get to when you want to disconnect the XLR. I've not seen a 90º Neutrik Ethernet connector before either. Jd
  4. Seeing as you'd like to have 3 sources plugged in at the same time this could be tricky. You are able to use the guitar input and aux input and mic input at the same time but would require some programming choices on what path they use if I'm correct. Not sure if the mic input would be able to be used for any of your instruments. Sounds to me like you need a switcher box before the POD like an A/B pedal. Hope that helps. Jd
  5. I got this response from Celestion: Sorry – as these are custom speakers, the information isn’t published. If you like you can look at the curve for the Seventy 80, which will be very close to the G12P-80. There’s nothing like for like in terms of the G12H-90, though. Any other insight Partev? Jd
  6. I've looked on Celestion website and it doesn't show a G12H-90 or a G12P-80. Unless you are looking at one of the many G12H types and I don't see any G12P-80 only in some impulse responses and that's G12P Seventy 80. Jd
  7. Thanks Partev. I've sent them a message but haven't heard back from them yet. Jd
  8. Just curious other than the ohm rating and wattage is there a big difference between these 2 speakers? Are there any frequency responses charts for these speakers that we can cross reference? Jd
  9. Thanks Partev. Another question is if a PSVANE ECC83 would also be one that is OK? This is one they have sourced for me. Jerome
  10. @psarkissian I've been trying to source the pre-amp tube for my DT25 112 up here is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada through my authorized service centre Long & McQuade. Maybe because of supply issues they are finding hard to get the 12AX7 Chinese made tubes. They keep saying it shouldn't matter but I keep telling them about your recommendations you've made here. Would 12AX7 Electro-Harmonics be OK or is it for sure the Chinese made one required? Thanks for all you do & rock on good sir! Jerome
  11. So if they still sell it they should still support it with up to date software, mine and a lot of others opinions.
  12. You can’t load your Neural DSP presets onto your Pod. Using the Pod via midi might work but not sure as more info is required. Is the plug-in a stand alone one on your computer or is it one in a DAW? Jd
  13. Not that this is an issue for me yet, I find it interesting that they still sell Variax Standard as well as other models yet the software to program and control it is not up to date. So I find this argument of 10 plus year tech will not be supported when they are still selling the Variax. Or am I missing something? Jd
  14. So it controls the DT fine, but I'm curious can you have post amp effects like you could with POD HD500x via the L6 link? Not sure how this works. Jd
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