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  1. Well, for those whom need to know, Warmoth shipped my neck yesterday so the shipping 8-10 weeks is at 8 weeks. Once I get mine on, I'll post a picture or two. Cheers! Jd
  2. Did you order a custom spec neck or one that was in stock, that is if you pulled the trigger? Curious as to how long for you to get yours if you did already. I ordered a custom one with a spray finish beginning of Nov and the email order said 8-10 weeks. Not sure how back ordered they currently are. Jd
  3. I'm not sure on what adding another cabinet will do, others might be better suited to answer that one. As for the L6 link cable you have would work fine as DMX is a digital signal and this is what the L6 link uses, and the specs are correct with impedance of 110-120 ohms. A typical microphone cable would have a impedance of 45 ohms and should only be use in a pinch and a shorter cable the better. Jd
  4. I could understand the volume knob, but the tone knob? Wouldn’t the model selector one have to be lower profile also with it being in between? Jd
  5. Double check that the mags level is turned off either within the Helix patch and check the configuration in the Variax itself with the Workbench HD editor. This is also assuming your playback level is high because if you're listen at lower volumes you might be hearing the strings them self if that makes sense to you. Jd
  6. Questions are do you want to change the existing 4 amps the DT25 does out of the box or will you see yourself wanting change say for example the high gain amp for some other amp? How long would you stick to that? Also are you using the amp stand alone or with a HD500(x) or Helix? Jd
  7. I replaced 2 of the 3 pickups on my JTV-69s Variax Guitar. Here are the photos of the process. ***** THIS IS AFTER WARRANTY INSTALLATION. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK ***** Also follow Partev Sarkissian's advise on pickup replacements. Here is link to the photos. Hope this works. Let me know if you have any questions. Jd
  8. What version of Pod HD500x Edit are you trying to install? As what I see for OS 10.6.8 you should be using version 2.26 from what I read on Line 6 download page. Also what type of Mac are you trying to install this on? Jd
  9. How are you connected to the Variax Standard? It works best if you use the Line 6 interface supplied with the guitar, Jd
  10. I've swapped out some of my pickups in my JTV-69s According to Sweetwater's specs on them, they are Alnico, not sure II, IV, V. Bridge pickup impedance is 7.18k, Middle is 6.29K, and Neck is 6.16K Before I swapped out I measured the heights neck pickup: Low E side-.1885" High E-.2330", Middle: Low E-.2100" High E-.2405", Bridge Low E-.2025" High E-.3195" Hope this helps you. Jd
  11. DT Edit is pinned on the top of this forum. If Monkey is not recognizing the DT25 it's possible using DT Edit might show the same results not seeing the DT25 Jd
  12. You would have to use the effects loop of the pod 500x, you can then put the effects loop anywhere in your effect change. Jd
  13. jakeman19

    Pod HD and EMG

    You have to push down on the toe of the expression pedal to switch from Volume to wah or back to volume( or what ever you've selected the exp pedal to control) also note you'd have to have a wah in your list of effects for this to work. Jd
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