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  1. There's a nasty rumor that the JTVs have been discontinued. Since the Standards and (I assume) Shurikens take the same battery I hope that Line 6 continues to restock these batteries for a few more years at least.
  2. I know this is an older thread, but I did exactly this and it works great! I won a bid on a used G90 with broken transmitter, but the firmware was old and you can only update via an XD-V75 unit. So recently I bought a used V75 with no mic or antenna, updated the firmware on both and it works great! Now the G90 is racked with Helix and I can put the G10S transmitter back on the pedalboard with the Stomp for gigs. I especially like the longer signal and battery life gauges on the G90.
  3. Those are the exact same as the ones in the link I posted, so I guess the OP now knows that these are pretty popular. ;-) Congrats on the 59P, Joe! Those really are cool. I'm glad I picked one up.
  4. I put these on my imports. Direct replacement. Guyker 6Pcs Guitar Machine Heads (3L + 3R) - 1:19 Locking Tuning Key Pegs Tuners Replacement for Electric or Acoustic Guitars (Chrome)
  5. Thank you, Mike! Sadly you're about 2 years too late to see me live. BOTH of the bands I was in (90's Flannel Rock and a 70's-90's mix, respectively) broke up shortly before quarantine or dwindled during. I was sick of arguing about which tunes to play and having to pay out of pocket for a lousy practice space, but I've started to get the itch again lately. The Variax is a fabulous instrument, regardless of model, and there is no easier way to drop tune during a set. Best trick in the box, bar none. I became a Gibson snob for a minute, but came to my senses, and I've fallen back in love with my JTV 59's. I banged away on the Cherry Burst at every gig and it is truly a work horse. If/when I get out there again, I'll look you up. ;-) Nate
  6. I love the sculpted heal! I prefer the Tylers to a Les Paul’s neck heal, for sure! If the circuit boards ever die, I’ll be rewriting these as traditional 4 knob types.
  7. I have one and two imports. By touch, I’d be hard pressed to tell them apart, which says a lot for the Korean models, but glad I didn’t get the US model new. The top looks better, but the feel is the same. I’d like one in one of the exclusively US colors if they were more reasonably priced. I just can’t see paying Gibson custom shop prices for a JTV which will not retain its value (nothing with circuit boards ever really does). The US is on the right.
  8. The short answer is: NO. The PodHDs/DTs and the Helix have completely different architectures and that was the limitation in order to make it work. In order to do things the way the PodHDs did required two-way communication via L6-link. The "fix" was only one way communication out to the amps. You'll have to do 4CableMethod in order to get post processing, but unless you REALLY like the sounds of the DT preamp, there is little point in that. Channel A is replaced with the Helix amps, which by most accounts is better. I have this setup and love only using the one cable. L6-link has been through a few generations of gear at this point and I hope they do more with it in the future. Unfortunately some legacy gear will have limited functionality with it when trying to connect to the newer stuff.
  9. I'm extremely happy with the results I get from the Helix>DT combination. I was late to the party so I started with the DT25 HD a few years ago and wanted to try its big brother so I ordered a refurbished DT50 HD from Line 6 (sadly the only one that doesn't work... something in it died). After that I just started acquiring them whenever I found a great deal (cheap and barely used) so now I have 3x DT50 HDs & 1x DT50112 and 2x DT25 HDs & 1x DT25 112. Also, 2x DT50 4X12 cabs which I love. I hope to keep these amps running for a long time (that is, unless L6 comes out with a new version... :-) ) I also own a PC+ 112 & 212, just because I may want to gig again someday and I've found they are gig friendlier.
  10. Apparently, he took his toys and went home. I have 7 DT amps, so I have a feeling the local service center is going to know my first name pretty soon. ;-)
  11. I believe you are confused with the DT25 which has the switch. The DT50 has a push/pull master volume pot for this function. ;-)
  12. Wow, that’s awful! I was just looking at those on their site and was disappointed they were out of stock (just in case).
  13. I fried my Vetta II HD that way (or it was a very unfortunate coincidence). Used a power strip switch. Seemed to be a momentary spike in power and it was toast. I have been turning things on/o in series ever since. Good to know that L6 is making things more robust these days.
  14. I think you could use two of the effect loop sends to feed the two amps.
  15. I’m curious how this worked out for you. I am about to go w/d/w with two DT25s and a DT50 with Helix. Because... I can.
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