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  1. I have a drum machine that can be slaved by the hx stomp Tempo , I already can control the tempo on the drum machine by tapping on the STOMP , I wonder if there is anyhow I can control the tempo on the HX stomp By using the expression pedal ? If I were to control the tempo on the Stomp with the expression the drum machine will follow , I also have a midi controller with expression , but so far what I can see I can not control the tempo with midi expression , But I maybe wrong , it is my first day with the STOMP . Any ideas ?
  2. Can I control the tempo with the EXP pedal 1 on the helix?
  3. ya but how i do the connection ? from the coax or xlr to the optical that the APOLLO requires ?
  4. my goal here is going from the helix to a TOSlink digital cable , to go to the imput of my APOLLO twin interface , or i am going to need a device in between if i decide to used the digital output ?
  5. what is the diference of S/PDIF and the line out ? I assume S/PDIF is digital , but isent the XLR digital also ? what is the diference ?
  6. That is what is amazing with the helix , the ability to explore all the options , I found the frfr to be more quieter , but the tube amp to sound more natural , here goes a suggestion , if you want to use more the possibilities of the helix , get some frfr but keep your amp , and than you use stereo effects on the frfr , and your tube dry and clean on the middle wet dry wet, , or you can experiment dry wet dry settings , or use the delais to bounce from left to right , and have the main amp distorted , just use the frfr to bring dimension to your sound . I need one more frfr , but is were I am moving towards
  7. What is the pros and cons of using a the helix out into a interface as opposite , the use of the interface over native plugin?
  8. thanks Steve , can I also do this on the helix edit on the computer ? all I see is when I click on the Input/Variax than I go to the Variax settings I only have Per Preset and Global Settings , I don't have P/Snapshot , am I missing something here ? sorry if I am missing the point , is my 3rd day wit the Variax , for the record is a JTV69 , last version . thanks for the help
  9. when I create a preset , on the SNAPSHOT 1 - let suppose a clean electric on the Variax , then I create a acoustic preset on SNAPSHOT 2 using the Variax - let suppose acoustic model on the Variax . when I switch SNAPSHOT from 1 to 2 should the SNAPSHOT control the Variax , or the knob on the Variax will always be what's determines the guitar model ?
  10. man you get embrace it , do like me buy a keyboard 63 in ATA case , gut it , and build a 2 tier pealboalboard inside , go big or go home , lol plus I got two wheels to haul my pedalboard .
  11. guys , I could use a loop out to plug the polytune to the line , but I don't want waste any loops, and I love the tc electronic polytune , because I can leave it on all the Time , before I was using it in front before the input , but I bought a Variax now ,and I am wondering can I use the S/PDIF IN/OUT, RCA to a mono I assume that out is a clean signal , I am Not sure of the impedance compatibility , if the S/PDIF OUT send a clean signal , I could use a RCA out to Mono and connect the POlytune an leave it on
  12. go used , and cheap , I just got on the mail 3 days ago , a used 650 from GC, but it is giving me a quite a work to setup the way I like , I replaced the neck , but that is on me , I have big hands , so I had a wider neck and the installation was smooth , I had to drill to holes on my neck , but no problem there , it came without the arm , and missing a knob , but 25 bucks on line and I was good to go , I like to modify stuff to my liking , so if I had bought it new I would be hesitating to modify , sense is used , I don't mind do whatever it takes to make personal to fit my needs , I am not so crazy about the bridge , the way the strings hook behind the saddle , I can't get it to stay in tune , I am wandering if the strings move every time I use the tremolo bar , still get to work on it , . I must say if I bought new I would send back , but because I paid have of the price I am even considering a more exciting paint job on it lol.
  13. How do I know if I am clipping or just getting too much signal on the imput of the helix and should turn the guitar pad on ?
  14. hummmm, I just found out that I can use the cursors on keyboard , oppss , rookie mistake
  15. I don't want sound lazy , but there is any midi controller with knobs that will move the parameters on Helix Edit , or Native plugin, you know like placing the cursor the top of gain , Treble, volume and such , then turn a knob instead the default , clicking up or down ? would make life easier :)
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