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  1. redbelo

    Boss EV-30 works with helix ?

    thank you guys, I am ordering one soon ,
  2. redbelo

    HX Effects Transparency?

    If i notice any coloration on the sound, was mostly good coloration, because you can boost, or dim your line output as you desire , but no muffled sound like the cheap modelers do , that being said , i get some 60 cycle hum , especially if I crank the gain of the tube amp a little more than 10 o clock , but that appears to be the result of matching the analog and digital unit , they never went very well together , I tried some inline hum canceling box , but no lucky there, it is more annoying when I use two tube amp in a stereo configuration , I still working on it , for now, I keep very clean pre-amp, and I use the master volume on the amp, that helps with the noise , that being said the ability to arrange the pedals anyway I like, and the variety available, surpass the drawbacks by thousand a mile , i even compare some of analogs with the compatible digital pedals , i could not hear any difference
  3. redbelo

    Boss EV-30 works with helix ?

    I found this question on the net already but I haven't found any detailed answer, I know about the mission expression, but, the dual output on the BOSS, I assume could operate EXP2 AND EXP3 on one pedal simultaneously? Plus I like the smaller footprint on the BOSS, I assume that it will also have a wider throwback than the Mission, that looks much like a crybaby. any recommendation, I am just speculating, for now, thanks
  4. redbelo

    stereo setup noise idea needed

    I have the helix on a not so large room, with 2 tube amp on clean , in stereo, I am going from the helix to the amp from the left and right instrument cable output on the helix , NOT the 4 cables Method, and I have this electrical HUMM, that is quite common when you hook two tube amps, with a digital moduler in between, is not so loud , but for prolonged playing time, it builds up on the ear becoming very annoying . so far I tried the ground lift on the back and doesn't help, maybe anyone know a trick or a sort of buffer or a magic pedal that isolates the amps from the electrical current that is creating the noise?
  5. redbelo

    idea needed to chain setting

    No, I don't want both at the same time,, or volume or wah, but now it is switching between on and off for the wah and for the volume instead work the volume or wah is supposed to work, I don't know I am lost,
  6. redbelo

    idea needed to chain setting

    I am trying to set up a chain starting with volume pedal - assigned to EXP1 and a wah pedal assigned on EXO2 I want the volume pedal EXP1 to be ON all the time, when I TOE IN to switch to EXP2, I want the volume to remain on, and the wah to come ON as well the WAH functionality when on the EXP2. Right now when i toe IN the EXP1 goes to EXP 2 , but it turns the volume OFF. may be an overkill come to a forum for this, but I am just bouncing some ideas
  7. redbelo

    Looper vs expression pedal

    Ok , when I am just sitting , and Just making some noise I love to have , my beatbuddy , a looper and my guitar , but because I like to have the helix on the table , to tweak tones , I wish to use a foot switch for looper control I have a boss fs-5 foot switch , the one that Is dual switch ,momentary or toggle , I wish to operate the looper with the foot wile having the helix on the desk , or at list push record while playing , is that possible ? Another question is on the back of the helix have two exp inputs , the EXP2 and EXP3 are they TRS or TS only ? Sorry if the question if is too amateurish , but I will get there , I am a slow learner :) thanks for any help
  8. redbelo

    Helix Vs Native

    All things being equal , OutPut Volume , Panning , so on , does patches created on Native sounds the same on Helix floor unit?
  9. redbelo

    Turning the helix ON/OFF

    Can I Use a external ON/OFF switch to power the helix if I leave the onboard switch permanently ON?
  10. redbelo

    Varian string spread

    I assume the Variax modeling pickup is a piezo style on the bridge like a midi guitar right ? that being said , is there any of Variax models thats comes with a vintage string spread at the bridge(2/732) or the widest 2 1/4 ? if there is which one ?