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  1. Hi Phil, I just USB plugged my POD GO into my Son's three years old Windows 10 Gaming Computer, and it did not automatically set up a driver... Doesn't that mean it's actually not USB Class Compliant? Not trying to give you a hard time, but I also could not find any mention of Class Compliant in the POD GO manual. I need to know for sure, because I'm on the verge of buying a Kenton USB midi host so I can control my POD GO and a couple of other MIDI devices with my MC6 MIDI foot controller. According to Kenton, as long as the device is Class Compliant, the host will work. So anyway, if I spend $200 on a Midi Host and it doesn't work, basically, for me, it's $200 paperweight... I guess what I need to know, is, how do you know it's Compliant?
  2. Hi DI, Do you know if POD GO is USB class compliant? I want to control it with a Morningstar MC6 through a Kenton USB MIDI Host, apparently it should work provided it's USB class compliant for Midi Over USB.
  3. I'm in the same position, did you follow through and get a USB HOST? Does it work?
  4. Retro-Rick

    Helix 2.9

    Thanks Mr Oxford Dictionary, for correcting my spelling... Uber helpful....
  5. Retro-Rick

    Helix 2.9

    Great reference, what's up with your avatar, that's ubur creepy!
  6. Retro-Rick

    Helix 2.9

    There was a bit more info posted on TGP - here's most of it... They're not really new footswitch modes. They're new commands that will be added to the Command Center, so the commands you assign to footswitches will show up in Stomp Mode (as all commands do now). There will be Preset, Snapshot and Looper commands. With the Preset commands, you can assign any preset to any footswitch. Or you can assign the Preset Up or Preset Down command to any footswitch. With the Snapshot commands, you'll be able to assign any snapshot to a footswitch in Stomp Mode, or the Snapshot Up or Snapshot Down. Additionally, you can have different snapshots assigned to the Press and Release functions of a footswitch. So you could program FS3, for instance, to go to Snapshot 4 while you're holding it down and then go to Snapshot 1 when you release it. So, it can kind of be a monentary snapshot if you want. Then finally, you'll be able to assign Looper functions to footswitches in Stomp Mode. Again, there will be separate Press and Release functions... So you can start recording with pressing a footswitch and then stop recording when you release it. 2.9 Model Updates: -Revv Purple (Ch3) -1x12 Fullerton and Grammatico Cabs -Red Llama Drive -Steve Vai Legendary Drive -Harmonic Antagonizer Fuzz -Rochester Comp (Billy Sheehan Compressor) -Small Stone Phaser -Split Dynamics (Path A/B Routing) Feature Updates: -Output Meters -Gain Reduction Meters -Clip Indicators -IR Attachment by Name -New Switch/Snap/Looper Layout Options -New Model Subcategory Shortcuts -Update from HX Edit -A/B Compare for HX Native Can anyone explain how the metering will work? They appear in the inspector of the Output, Send, and FX Loop blocks. That's part of the reason we switched from page dots to a scrolling inspector line in 2.80—so we'd have room for the meters.
  7. Retro-Rick

    Helix 2.9

    Thanks so much Line 6!!! I'm surprised no one is praising the increased footswitch assignment, that's a huge wish I had. I usually do everything with snapshots instead of stomps, so I have to do the 2 button push to go from presets to snapshots which is annoying. Now I can have stomps and snapshots all together all on one layout, and just the mode button to go back to presets - Love it. Yeah and of course, like most everybody else, I'm excited to have meters too - Big thanks Again L6, Super well done. 2.9 is gonna rock! Hope to see it soon... :)
  8. Update - Problem solved, I opened a ticket, turns out my Variax needed to be re-flashed.
  9. Update - Problem solved, I opened a ticket, turns out my Variax needed to be re-flashed.
  10. I Posted this topic under Helix, but had no success, so since it is also a Variax topic, I thought I would try here too... Hey Guys, I've been trying to make a helix preset where the string volume changes from snapshot to snapshot, and can't seem to make it work. In my case I'm trying to go from a Open G# with string 6 at volume 0% on 3 snapshots, to a standard tuned guitar with all strings 100% volume on the 4th snapshot. The tuning changes fine per snapshot, but the string volume remains at 100%. I know I can work around this through workbench, but I shouldn't have to, it's supposed to work. My input variax setting is - "per preset". I've checked every global setting and have found nothing that should effect it. Guitar is JTV59, flash memory 2.23, Helix 2.82.  Has anybody made a preset with snapshots changing string volumes? I noticed, if I leave the preset, and return, it works temporarily, the 6th string is dead (which is what I want) in snapshot 1... But as soon as I go to any other snapshot, the volume goes back to 100% on all the snapshots. I attached my preset if someone with both a Helix and a Variax wants to try it out... lollipop Back NG.hlx
  11. I lived in Winnipeg in the 80's, Salisbury House nip cheese burgers were amazing... :P
  12. I'm mainly at home north of Toronto in Innisfil, but I also maintain a small residence in the West Island of Quebec (I go there a lot). How about you... Are you Canadian?
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