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  1. On quick trick before you give up is to just quickly go through all of the cabs. It's surprising what might pop up. You can just move down the list with your down arrow and quickly listen to everything. Of course, there are more parameters to mess with (mic and mic placement) but something may get your attention that you can tweak some more. Also there is the IR rabbit hole. I think there are a bunch of "Fender" IR's out there.
  2. The master tune is a hard thing to quantify. I guess I would classify Red Barchetta by Rush as a master tune. But there are many others. (haha)
  3. Your Strat, Hiwatt and the Ubiquitous Vibe (a Univibe). Add some reverb, I'm not at home so i can't remember the settings. That's the starting point for Breathe. Use this setup up for a starting point on Dark Side Of The Moon. I'm pretty sure he used a Fuzz Face on that album. Use that for the Time solo.
  4. brue58ski

    Auto Swell

    I did exactly the same thing with the Line 6 XT and it worked great. I wasn't able to get any of the new ones (one?) in the POD HD500 to work. I haven't even tried in the Helix. I will steal your settings and try them out. Thank You.
  5. I'm really sure they have not been discontinued. They are just hard to get. Partly because of all of the shipping issues these days. It has been described as a passion of the heart or something like that by a Line 6 rep. I can't remember who. So it sounds like they are not flying off of the shelves but Line 6 is still cranking them out.
  6. I just wanted peoples opinions of how good they thought they were.
  7. It actually does say "700+ IR’s in WAV format" if you click the More info button Has anyone used these? I kinda dipped my toe (maybe foot would be a better describer) into the IR rabbit hole a while ago and found some things I liked but not enough to continue, but the sales pitch has me intrigued.
  8. So I decided to do a quick search and could find no threads about a battery frying a Varaix. Several about non Line 6 batteries not working like the thread I attached but nothing about any batteries actually frying a Varaix. So that would be great if you are right and it looks like you probably are. Line 6 may just have to say that in case one of those non Line 6 batteries winds up frying a Varaix. Also, I found something I had completely forgot about. If you are using a battery with your JTV, you are supposed to use a TRS to plug the guitar into an amp with. The explanation is TRS engages the battery, TS can dribble away charge if what would be the ring, is not there to isolate +Vdc from the ground/return pin. Most all, if not all of our amps use TRS on the input to accommodate either one. TRS has become something of a de-facto standard for guitars with active powered circuitry since (at least) the mid 1970's (when I was doing guitar mod's with active, mostly battery powered) circuitry. That's from this thread
  9. I have no actual specifics but essentially the official JTV Variax battery has a chip in it that regulates the battery in some way. I do not know if this is a Line 6 only propriety chip, or something you can get with some of the batteries that will fit in a JTV Variax. That's everything I know about this. My main hope is that when the JTV is dropped by Line 6, that they provide a way to continue to get the battery for the life of the guitar. Or at least my own lifespan. I've only got about 20-30 years left on this planet so it doesn't have to be forever. (haha) One of the great things about the previous Variax technology is it used AA's or even a 9volt if you were only playing for couple of hours. There are two other batteryless options for the JTV Variax in case you didn't know about them. One is this but Line 6 does not make them anymore so you'd have to find a used one. Essentially you plug into it from your amp with a regular guitar cable, and, using a TRS cable, plug into the JTV Variax from the other jack https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VariaxPwrKit--line-6-variax-cabled-power-kit The other option is in here. If you scroll down the thread you will find this picture I attached. He describes what he did and the thread will probabaly answere any other questions you have You can find one of these regulators on Amazom here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XTBR15W/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_10?smid=AFW951J7877QL&psc=1\ The first post in this thread refers to the older Variax's but further down the thread, someone tried it with a JTV and it worked. Hope all of this helps.
  10. I was thinking of Buckehead when I heard this
  11. Well, you should be able to get a good starting point with one of the amps but I would say for metal, you will need a distortion unit. But, again, don't do that until you get a good sound with just an amp first. Just to confirm, you're not just using an amp only block but an amp cab block. If you're not, that's one reason. Also, try messing with the input impedance. That can have an effect. Another thought just occurred to me. Are you plugging your Helix into a mixer? If you are, make sure the inputs of the mixer do not have their phantom power engaged. The Helix does not like plugging into an input with phantom power on and your description is what I think describes the sound when it's on. Turn your phantom power off on the mixer if it's on. That's all I have for now. I'll post more if I can think of anything.
  12. I do not like the JTV acoustics. I think the acoustics in the original firmware version of Variax sound better. Those are the ones without pickups but I think the JTVs were originally shipped with those models a long time ago before they came up with the HD models. I believe you do have the capability to roll back the firmware to the point where the acoustics (along with the rest of the models) are from the original Variax firmware models. No way to get them if you are still on the JTV firmware. Might be worth it if you find you also like the old Variax models.
  13. Of course the obvious answer is just plug the outputs of the LT into your Behringer and bypass everything in your path to record the dry track. The first thing to consider is if you want to record a wet/dry signal at the same time, you would not be able to record stereo using only the Behringer. You'd have to have one input dry and one input wet which the LT can do. But it would require patch planning. One option is you can put a SEND anywhere in your path and have that go to the Behringer so you could put it right after your input and SEND it to one of the Behringer inputs making that your dry signal. The SEND and returns are able to be set to instrument or line level. You could then have the main output go to the other Behringer input. Of course that means having to unplug the mic. Regarding what you want to do, it's actually a little easier to do in the LT. You will have to manually change the interface in Sonar. The LT has 8 outputs over the USB and ouputs 7&8 can be made dry so you can use any of the others for your wet signal, meaning you can record the wet and dry signal at the same time. But, again, it would mean using the LT as an interface in Sonar. And unfortunately I find the Line 6 drivers do tend to make themselves the main interface I think. Bottom line is it has a lot of options and so I'm pretty sure you can accomplish what you want but you will probably have to jump through a hoop or two to get it. If you could select two different interfaces in Sonar you could absolutely do this but I am pretty sure that is not possible. Pages 69-72 of the LT manual have the USB output info if you want to download it. I kind of skimmed through things so I hope this helps answer your question.
  14. What you are asking for is impossible with a unit as deep as the Helix. If you can't get at least something OK out of the Helix, you're swimming in the wrong pond. You could try the impedance parameter. That may help. May I also suggest The Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks v1.1 by Craig Anderton https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AndertonHX-e--sweetwater-publishing-the-big-book-of-helix-tips-and-tricks Also there are a lot of patches that you can pay for that may do what you are asking. Just doing some quick math, you want them to create 21 patches that will satisfy every guitar player out there if they use any of the mentioned guitars. And let's not forget, the guitars mentioned can and do come with several different pickup types as well.. So let's just double the amount of patches you want from Line 6 to 42. And are you proposing they leave the Rickenbacher, Gibson hollow body, Gretsch, etc. guitar players on the curb? Not going to happen.
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