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  1. I just had to say, for me, this has been one of the most informative posts I've read. And enjoyable as well. Wow, an actual informative, non judgmental, mature discussion as opposed to a crappy little argument. Let's be honest. I've been guilty of the crappy little argument myself, but I'm really trying to knock that crap off. This thread has been SO refreshing. As opposed the the drivel that I myself have, unfortunately, been a part of from time to time.
  2. Does it occur with a completely balnk path? Just guitar. No amp, effect or anything else in the path. If it does, then you have an issue. If it doesn’t happen and both paths are equal, then start taking the effects out one at a time until it’s equal on both channels. That’s the effect you need to change either entirely or just the parameters.
  3. I have one and yes, the claim was ,as the signal changed, one of the frequencies was "slower" than the others (hi mid lo) so it would dynamically delay a band so the hi mid, and low sound waves were realligned. I do think it sounded different from a plain EQ. I remember hearing that the reallignment thing was just hype. I have not used it since I've gone to Line 6. Here's one of the best articles about how it works that I've seen. It's from Sweetwater but it really is accurate and not a lot of hype.
  4. I use that trick all the time. Put a looper in right after the input and record a lick. Then loop that and start playing with amps. Start with the Fenders and Vox's I guess for what it sounds like you want to do.
  5. That was weird. I'm glad it worked out.
  6. The main reason I think it's the mixer is that it happens on one channel only. If it was the Helix then the phenomenon would have switched channels on the mixer when you switched cables. At the very least, I'm pretty sure it's not the Helix.
  7. Are you sure about your output? Like datacommando said, make sure your output is on Multi. Make sure you either need Phantom power and it's on, or if you don't need it, make sure it is off.
  8. That sounds more like a mixer issue to me. Have you tried using something else in the mixer's inputs to see if it will duplicate the issue? And just to be clear it only happens on one input, not both? If that's true, again, that sounds like the issue is with the mixer.
  9. Ooooops. Here's one using the HD500 looper only. It isn't the one I remember. Nor was the one I originally posted. It was more similar to the first one except it was just him alone and he was using only the HD500. .
  10. Check this out. If this is the kind of thing you're talking about, it was done on the previous Line 6 modeler. The Helix has the same thing if not a little better. He did say he used a Boss DD-20 delay for some overdubs. I'm not sure how, but I think this demonstrates what you want to do.
  11. It is a vcery basic looper. Click to start record, click to stop and it starts playing automatically. I started to write some hints but I was just rewriting the manual. It's so basic it only takes up two pages in the manual. Pages 39-40. But if you've used a looper before, you probably don't need the manual very much.
  12. I don't believe the holes line up. Make sure you get one without the holes predrilled. Check this thread out. May not be easy to find for the 89.
  13. Yeah, there were articles talking about the out of phase thing but they mostly had certain tone knob settings that supposedly worked. It was those articles that got me interested in this pursuit.
  14. It's just something I was reading about in reference to the Deluxe Reverb. Yes, there are amps that are jumpered but they are mostly Marshalls, not the Fenders. I figured both inputs were mixed before the power amp but, as we all know, the Helix doesn't have separate power amps. Thank you all for your responses.
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