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  1. He was one of my major influences growing up. Chicago was the band I saw the most back in the day. My first guitar was an SG, partly because he had one in a picture on the inside cover of the CTA album. Turns out he rarely played it. Oh Well.
  2. I found this. The quote that probably has the most credibility comes from a member of Terry Kaths band, Chicago Transit Authority. Saxophone player Walt Parazaider said that after a CTA gig, Jimi told him "Walt, the horns are like one set of lungs, and your guitar player is better than me."
  3. I don't know if you've heard this but Jimi thought Terry was one of the best guitarists. I think he even might have said Terry was better than him.
  4. You'll want to hear this. Now read this http://www.terrykath.com/tks-gear Some advice regarding the wah (a crybaby supposedly but i would try the Vox as well) set the mix to around 75%. It makes it a little more orgainic. Aside from the article, I've seem him live with a Orange amp. The isolated track sounds like he as some kind of fuzz on it. More than likely a Fuzz Face. Could be a Big Muff too. Try both. Amp wise I'd start with the Fender Bassman or 5C3 Tweed Deluxe (Tweed Deluxe, Fullerton respectively)
  5. The mix is really off. I can barely hear your voice mic and the cymbals overpower everything. I stopped listing after a couple of minutes so I don't know if it improved later on.
  6. I think I saw the same thing. AC/DC is another sound that I haven't ever been able to get quite right on any modeler. Part of the reason I watched that video. The funny part is, I used to not like the AC/DC sound at all. Too raw? I don't know, Whatever I was thinking, it's one of my favorite sounds now. But I just can't quite seem to get it. However for the most part, the Helix is the modeler that I've had the best experience with just using what the artist uses and coming really close. Pink Floyd Breathe? Hiwatt, Univibe, Strat... Holy smokes!! Montrose? Well he used a tweed Fender Bandmaster, a 3×10, apparently a combo. So I try a Les Paul, Bassman and a Big Muff. Boy that's close. Joe Walsh Funk 49? Tele and the Fender Champ. Wow. Apparently he used a blackface Champ which is said to sound a little different. Still really close. So it does work better than any modeler I've used before. Just not always. Another one I can't quite seem to get is the China Grove sound. Oh well. Nothing's perfect.
  7. I think part of it is how the signal is compressed. To me, the IR is just a fancy EQ so I don't think that will get you all the way there. There are many rumors about his setup. One is that part of the sound is a half cocked wah pedal. That would definitely be an exaggerated EQ. Here's a doc with several Boston "how to" comments and the MXR is Tom's actual EQ settings although, this goes right after the guitar so it's only EQ'ing the guitar signal. It is not the EQ for after the amp. Boston Sound Advice No Pics for uploading.doc
  8. The preset number has no significance. I believe the Preset numbers follow the patches labelling so. Setlist 1-1A=1, 2A=2, 3A=3, 4A=4, 1B=5,....etc. Then go to setlist 2 and the next number will be 1A. In this case Setlist 1-32D=128 so Setllist 2-1A will be 129. Keep counting that way until you get to 347. I think that will be the preset and you should replace it with one that you know works. It may be corrupted. I'm not positive about this so don't totally take my word for it. RALFARO. It sounds like to me you want the new factory presets. The footswitch combinations you describe will not do that. The footswitch combinations that will give you whatever factory presets came with the update are these. Which one you use will depend on what you want to keep. As you can see in each choice, the setlists are being reset. That's what you want...I think. 7 & 8 Reset setlists to factory, Keep IRs 8 & 9 Reset setlists to factory, Clear IRs 9 & 10 Reset setlists to factory, Global reset, Clear IRs
  9. It sounds like the plan is to buy several for the place so that's why price is big part of the decision. I'll try and answer your questions. I personally have the Helix floorboard. These are merely my personal observations. Is it your only unit or do you use other amps/pedals with it ? Many people use it with other pedals and the people that do that seem to do it with an amp. Coming in a close second is using it alone direct. It's sooo convenient. Put a Stomp in your guitar case...good to go. The other thing would be as a backup for the Helix. I plan on getting one and the main reason would be as a backup for the Helix with the convenience factor coming in a close second. is it included on a pedalboard ? Again, I think this is the main use. It seems like the people that use it that way go into an amp. If fact I think many people only use the FX in it when they use it this way leaving the Stomp's amps as an option if they need to grab something quick and easy for a quick gig. What kind of patch to you create with it ? Factory patches or custom ? The general consensus is the factory patches are not great. Most everyone makes their own. I think more people will buy other peoples patches than will use the factory patches. What does it "solve" for you ? (compact/reliable/quality tone) ? The major thing is definitely size. The modelling quality is at the top of the heap, the exact same as the Helix's, and it fits in your hand. I have seen/heard about no reliability issues. I would say the main issue for you would be the DSP. You probably already know this but it only has approx. 1/2 the DSP the full Helix has. Helix has two paths, Stomp, only one. I can see people getting frustrated that they won't be able to add as many FX as they want to. Especially if they want to use any of the new pitch FX. They take up A LOT of DSP. Another factor is the input/outputs. The Helix floor and even the LT has many more options for connectivity. I think people may get frustrated at the lack of it in the stomp. But just download the manual and see if it fits what your vision is for it. Just my thoughts YMMV. Good Luck!
  10. If I set the Helix so one of the row of preset buttons is presets and the other row is anything else; snap, stomp, etc. When I do this and bank down from the second bank (2A-2D) the bank it goes down to is the last bank (32A-32D) skipping the first bank (1A-1D). It doesn't skip any other banks otherwise. When I bank up from the last bank (32A-32D) It does go to the first bank (1A-1D). It doesn't skip anything when all of the buttons are presets. Before I put this in the bug reports, has anyone else experiences this?
  11. No. No IR's. I haven't found any that have tamed the Variax acoustics to my taste.
  12. One thing I'm doing is I create a parallel path with the acoustic sim. I do this with a Variax so YMMV. It allows me to blend things and use the sim to enhance as opposed to simulate, if you know what I mean.
  13. I have done this and it fixed the problem. I think the Variax really amplifies the piezo output so it's super sensitive to the piezo's quality. I had contacted Graphtech about their bridge awhile ago and here's the info I got 1) Yes, the bridge on your JTV 89F is one of our PN-0080-B0 ghost bridges 2) Yes, the saddles on this bridge are of the PN-0080-B6 variety 3) You can purchase the entire saddle (the price would be pro-rated) or simply the inserts themselves. 4) We don't have printed instructions for this process but I can spell them out very easily. If an order interests you, please provide a complete shipping address and I will generate a sales quote for your evaluation. So you can buy just one. It's been awhile but I'm pretty sure I bought only the insert (I think that's the piezo) for the saddle from Graphtech. It's been at least a couple of years so don't rely on my memory. Anyway it would be worth it to contact them. It was easy although nerve wracking.
  14. No such thing. Some people may think so. Not me.
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