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Community Answers

  1. The looper is a very basic looper and they have never indicated that they were going to pursue it further. I think part of the logic is that there are so many good loopers out there, you would essentially be turning the Helix from a modeler to a looper with all the DSP it would take to perform the way other dedicated loopers perform. A very uneducated guess.
  2. It is confirmed that you DO NOT want to use both at the same time. It can damage your Variax. It doesn't always but the potential is there.
  3. You can also set up a footswitch or snapshot time control the feedback and turn it up with a button press.
  4. The VDIs may be going away but at least DI has said they have a solution for all of us that have a Variax. I'm not sure what that is or how little or how much it will allow a device to control the Variax. My bigger fear is that they will never fix the bugs tha Helix has with the Variax currently.
  5. I asked about what the guy did because I've never heard of that before. And I've plugged many a mic into phantom power with no issues.
  6. I have never heard of either scenario. Are you sure the guy was truthful when describing how the chip got burned out.
  7. I'm not sure what you are asking. I think you might be asking where in the patch do you put the Send and Return. If that's the case, you need to put Send/Return2 right after Send/Return 1. Is that what you are asking?
  8. I can't help but think I don't need an AI to tell me the things this one did in this situation. Classic rock...let's see...a tube screamer and a Marshall. Maybe throw a chorus in there with some echo and reverb. I'd have to check out the settings but I guess I'm trying to say I don't see when I, personally, would use it.
  9. I see what you're saying but he's not asking for any money and it just sounds like he wants everyone to participate as he learns his Helix. He does ask you to subscribe but at least it's not until the end of the clip. I guess if it sucks, don't watch part 2. I've had my Helix for awhile so I won't be watching any of it. There doesn't seem to be a lot of Noobs here either so I'm not sure how many hits he'll get.
  10. ^^^^^^^^This. Yep everytime you move a mic on a cab, even just one parameter, it's a different IR.
  11. Read this first. As for the “Boot Failure - Entered Update Mode” message, you are aware that it is documented in the Release Notes. This is due to the major changes to the Helix Core and can take a while (brain transplant), but wait for the message in HX Edit stating the device needs to be reset - Click Resume and wait for the second part of the update to finish. When the install is complete, your hardware should auto restart and go through the “Rebuilding Presets” routine - once again this could take a while. Now you can perform a Factory Reset on your unit and you can check out all the new factory presets (again, refer to the notes). That's from this. You need to fully read this before you proceed. You can skip the part about what is new. Here's your factory reset options. The 9 & 10 option is what you should do. It resets but nukes everything. I hope you did a backup. Helix Floor/LT Button Combination Description 2 LED light Fun 3 & 4 Test Mode 5 & 6 Global reset 7 & 8 Reset setlists to factory, Keep IRs 8 & 9 Reset setlists to factory, Clear IRs 9 & 10 Reset setlists to factory, Global reset, Clear IRs 10 & 11 Upgrades existing presets to latest format 11 & 12 Clear current preset 5 & 12 Clear setlists, clear IRs, Return system settings to default 6 & 12 Safe boot mode
  12. From what I have gathered in the manual, you can send mono and receive stereo but not the way you're describing. as far as I can tell, the return is not a stereo jack, i.e. TRS. It looks like both returns are mono. I can find no documentation to confirm or deny this. I do not have an HX stomp so I can't try this. I would try using a stereo send/return block. But use a mono 1/4" to go to your SL-20 from the send, and then you will have to have two separate mono 1/4" cables coming from the SL-20 in order to got into both of the Returns. Hope this helps.
  13. The ultimate Helix experience would be to be in a large canyon at dusk with enough of a PA to fill the canyon for my sound (should I use reverb or delay or both? (haha)) and a strong subwoofer just for moving the air so I can feel it in my chest...Sigh, it will never happen.
  14. Your welcome. I started to get into this hence all of the info. My own curiosity got the best of me. I am going to try to get Randy's sound again when I have time although I've come to the conclusion that the Altec speakers are fairly critical. I do not have an IR for that speaker.
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