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  1. You definitely need the ASIO driver. Not everything accepts it though.
  2. You can assign buttons to certain keystroke(s) and that's how it's done. So you could assign CTRL-A to a button. I'm assuming it's transmitted via the USB but I at least know you don't need to purchase anything else.
  3. Type "Help Helix" into a search engine. That is currently staying updated.
  4. Do the guitar pickups still work? Do you have something you can plug the VDI connector to to see if that works?
  5. Holy smokes dude. May I just say I wish I knew what you know.
  6. Well it seems to be working well now. Not to get anyone's hopes up (in fact I'll only post this here) I recall this often happening when (dare I say it) a new update was getting ready to drop.
  7. brue58ski

    Helix 2.9

    How about that tuner??? ;D
  8. I think people (including me) sometimes get a little too hung up on the models being exactly like the real thing. I personally do not own many of the modeled effects so I can't speak to their accuracy. Some people think they are accurate, some don't, otheres are somewhere in the middle, as this thread demonstrates. I think a better way to try and think about it is use the modeled effect's original effect's sound as a starting point but maybe actually think about all of the models as new and different. Kind of like a lot of the custom pedals out there and how many are based on "classic" effect's circuits. That's how I try to think of it as I'm building patches. And if you think a particular model doesn't sound like the original and doesn't get you where you want to be, just try something else. i do this with everything in the Helix. Now, if you don't think any of them are musical or get you where you want to be, then the Helix ain't for you I guess. But you've got a reasonable size music store worth of amps and effects that would take months if not longer to squeeze every possible sound out them, so give yourself some time before you completely give up on the Helix.
  9. Check these two threads out Also there is a mic preamp. Use that and put an EQ in there as well.
  10. There are some other anomalies with the Variax and the Helix that I've never really seen mentioned. I find when I go from one patch to another where the one patch has the tone knob at, let's say 5 and the other is 10, it stays on the last tone knob setting. This seemed to be happening with the volume knob as well. It's been awhile since I revisited this issue (just gave up) so I may not be describing this well. I'm hoping the next patch will correct some of that. If it doesn't, I'm planning on deep diving with the Variax just to see what works and how it works. I'm not familiar with your issue. Do you have a patch where you have both the modeled and magnetic pickups, with snapshots that you want to have the magnetics off and you do that by turning down the magnetic volume? I'm not sure how well I'm phrasing this.
  11. In case you didn't know or were wondering, the original is based mostly on the MXR Distortion +. He talks about it here https://www.benadrian.com/pedals/kwb.html
  12. Oh. Rat's I could swear there was a level parameter for the USB output somewhere. I don't really use them a lot so I don't remember the specifically where.
  13. brue58ski

    Helix 2.9

    Just people waiting for the update. At least it's been very civil. A refreshing change.
  14. It's not like an IR browser. Each cab has parameters you can change. Select the cab, and then tweak the cabs parameters. It does have an early reflections parameter as well along with what's been mentioned.
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