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  1. brue58ski

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    The Vetta and Vetta II had that as well. Vetta manual pg 4-24, Vetta II manual pg 4-26. Pod XT manual page 2-5.
  2. brue58ski

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    This speaks to the need for Helix to allow you to change the default settings for the Amps/Effects/etc. on the Helix. Line 6 has had it in their products before. Howsabout now? Vote it up on ideascale here https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Create-defaults-for-each-amp-effect-overriding-L6-s-presets/791964-23508#idea-tab-comments
  3. brue58ski

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I just read something that I think really applies. I believe that modelling has reached a level where it really is near impossible to say empirically that one modeller is better than another. It's now kind of where amp choice has been. Some people think Marshals are the best. Some the AC30. Some Fender. None of them are better than the other. It's now more about what you like. Some people, overall, like the way one modeller over the others. Some like some of the amps one modeller does, but also like how another modeller does other amps. It's all over the place. It is to the point where you really do have to try it out for yourself. Lots of people like the way the Amplifire6 does Marshals. Others Helix. Others say ya gotta use this or that IR for it to really pop. Just get a device from a store with a 30 day, no questions asked, return policy. If you can. Other wise, I could tell you that this one sounds better than that one. Just like I could tell you a Marshal sounds better than an AC30. As we all know, that doesn't mean that would be true for you.
  4. brue58ski

    HX Stomp clean boost

    Are you new to using effects? I don't mean this in a smarmy way, I am sincere. If you aren't new to using effects, just about any effect you've ever used is in there. So whatever the pedal you used to give it a 10dB boost should be in there. Was it a compressor? Or just something that only boosts the signal? There is an "effect" called Gain (I think, I'm not at home) that's in the same section/area as the volume pedal. does nothing but boost the signal and I think it's level parameter is in dB. If you are new to using effects, then the LA compressor or the aforementioned Gain should be a good starting point. Put either of those at the very beginning. There are also two options for the input, Instrument and Line. You will want to make sure it's on Instrument.
  5. brue58ski

    Everyone Loves Helix - Hotone Ampero

    I actually like that too. Sooooooo....if Ampero can take then they can give i.e. Line 6 take that idea.
  6. brue58ski

    Looking for a clean chorus patch

    Try the legacy chorus called Dimension. Turn switch 1 on and the others off. Then play with your mix. Better in stereo. Each switch (1-4) on it's own is a more intense chorus and you can combine switches.
  7. brue58ski

    Everyone Loves Helix - Hotone Ampero

    That kind of stuff has been going on since there were computers. The first Windows operating system sure looked and worked a lot like the Mac (or whatever it was called back then) Even down to an hour glass graphic instead of a watch/clock graphic next to the pointer to indicate it was still "working" on getting something going. Doesn't make it right. But the Chinese companies ain't the first to do it. I do see what you are saying though.
  8. brue58ski

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    One thing it seems like Line 6 tends to do is to ship out products when they work but still have some tweaks coming. Personally I like this method. I either wait awhile or get my hands on it now. Being the impatient entitled gotta have it yesterday person that I am, I'll take it early. So I suspected there was more under the hood of the HX Stomp. And the fact that Digital Igloo said it, tells me it's true. With Helix 3.0 perhaps? Oh, there I go, conjecturing again. Sorry.
  9. brue58ski

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    At 27:16 in this youtube video, Digital Igloo (I'm pretty sure that's who it is) says, "It doesn't mean that HX Stomp gets more than 6 blocks...yet." This is something I've suspected but didn't want to get into the "here's what Line 6 will do next" crystal ball gazing. Thought some one might be interested in this.
  10. brue58ski

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    I don't work for nor have anything to do with them but their methods are about getting an actual cab's IR. He hasn't mentioned any artist/song matching IR's which are definitely out there but the methods to get those aren't the same as those used to get a cab's IR. The cab IR method is the one they say they've perfected, not matching a specific sound or artist. So I'm gonna guess the answer is no. BUT, I could be wrong.
  11. brue58ski

    Next version of Helix

    This is supposed to be a banner year for the Helix. I would say we are at or near the peak of the Helix's curve but I could very easily be wrong. And one thing Line 6 will NEVER do is tell you when the next version of their product is coming out until it comes out. That's not how they do things. So any attempts at predicting this (like mine) are very much just a guess.
  12. brue58ski

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    But how do you knooooww they're the best? You haven't tried these yet. (wink wink)
  13. brue58ski

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    Well that solves my backline issue.
  14. brue58ski


    I think I spy a Digitech 2120 in them 'thar racks!!
  15. brue58ski

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    If I have to join Facebook to get this, I guess I'll just have to miss it then. There are bigger reasons not to use Facebook. At least for me. I can wait.