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  1. That's definitely a possibility and have heard it on other forums. It's even on the product's home page. "The most powerful floor modeler on the planet" is what it says specifically. The official release date is Nov. so it'll be awhile before we know for sure. It does look to have potential although I'm good with my Helix personally. But if I win the lottery.........
  2. I thought we were just discussing. I know my barn doors are still closed if ya know what I mean so no weeing going on here officer.
  3. Hard to assess from here. You're not completely specific about your creation procedure. So the first thing, which you probably already did, did you save the patch after you created/changed the snapshot? I know, probably an obvious thing to you but I'm not quite sure what else it could be.
  4. I read this Her relationship with Line 6 resulted in the launching of the Variax series Here https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/jennifer-batten Is that true? I've never heard that before.
  5. brue58ski

    Helix MegaLite

    That's true too. But, I can see how some may feel different, that's all. I personally have no skin in this game. At the very least I think it's cool to provide the HX modeling at this price point. Even cheaper than the HX Stomp. I personally won't get one. Helix for the floor. HX Stomp (eventually) for a backup and vacations.
  6. Four whole minutes of silence? It's coming. I have always wished for, from the first Variax and POD XT/Vetta series, a total Variax integration. I am hoping that is what this means. And I'm talking about being able to save custom Variax guitars on a per patch level. I've never the used Variax to it's fullest potential because it's too difficult to keep track of any custom guitar's I create. If I do create a custom guitar it is only to essentially customize the guitar that's already saved in that slot. Like, I would only save a customized strat with a neck pickup in that slot. If this means I can save Variax guitars on a per patch basis that would be a dream come true. If I can at least read what I named my "custom" guitar (which I believe you can on the Helix itself but not in HX Edit) it would help a lot and I would do more custom stuff. For now I only have Strats in the strat bank, Les Pauls in the Lester bank, etc. Can't wait to see exactly what this means.
  7. brue58ski

    Helix MegaLite

    Although...they have offered Variax connectivity in most, if not all, of the other "around $500" POD floor modelers, so I can see how the expectation would be there. But, it is what it is and it ain't there.
  8. Well based on the price, ($1599) it looks like an attempt to enter the "Helix" arena. Here's the product page. https://neuraldsp.com/quad-cortex
  9. That's his first post. It is blatantly obvious he just wants to rattle people's cages. It's such an honorable trait. This is a Helix (a modeler) forum. Why would he even be here? He created his profile and then waited for the perfect opportunity to spring his amp trap!!! (actually, that's probably not the correct characterization but screw him). I don't know guys. He may be too clever for us. It was such a well crafted, well thought out post and I know I've NEVER heard any of his points anywhere else (that would be sarcasm Albok). Well Albok ya shore got us good. I give up. Amps are better. (that would be more sarcasm Albok). Actually I can't help but think he's someone else on this/these forum's and thought it would be fun to stir the pot. If he is legit, then my reaction would be that what I have is as easy if not easier to carry around and my sonic pallette is so much broader than that amp. And you don't so much need patience (I'm sorry, patients) to learn all of this modelling stuff....Just intelligence. I am sorry you apparently haven't aquirred that yet. No worries, there's still hope.
  10. So I tried this and the model names remained the same in HX Edit. Here's an example of what I did. The ONLY thing I changed was the name [ { "symbolicID" : "HD2_AmpGermanMahadeva", "name" : "Bogner Shiva", "category" : 1, "cablink" : "HD2_Cab1x12Lead80", "load": 28.27, "params" : [ { Do I need to change something else?
  11. brue58ski

    Helix MegaLite

    That is what that sounds like. Interesting.
  12. brue58ski

    Helix MegaLite

    Just POD and go The focus of the POD Go is the sounds, rather than deep editing. And it’s filled to the brim with what Line 6 describes as “professional-quality amp, cab, and effect models”. They come directly from the company’s popular HX family of effects processors, including classic amp models like the Blackface, Plexi Lead and Treadplate. I'm assuming the HX family is the Helix's family.
  13. WARNING: For those wanting to do this just know that you will have to redo it every time a new version of HX Edit comes out. Since it takes such a long time to do it, you may not think it's worth it. There's a new version of HX Edit in the gate right now. I remember doing this for the POD HD 500. By the way I'm currently attempting this and I'm pretty sure it won't create issues with exchanging patches with people as I pondered in my previous post.
  14. If you do this, can you still give someone else a patch with those names in it or will it create issues?
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