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  1. Problem Solved - it was indeed, my misunderstanding. I don't get into Global settings very often, and wasn't aware of these settings. I set EXP 2 & 3 to Snapshots, and it's behaving the way I want. Added bonus, I'm setting EXP 1 on Global - based on codamedia's suggestion. I usually have it dimed anyway. Thanks to both of you for quick replies, and your help.
  2. It seems a snapshot isn't what I would expect a snapshot to be. I think of a Snapshot as saving the current parameters of the Helix - or any other device - a Snapshot of things as the currently are to be uniquely saved for this particular state. I have EXP 2 and 3 pedals that control the mixes of Delays and Reverbs. On one snapshot, I want them really wet, and others, I want them drier - but I'd still like the flexibility of changing the mix with a pedal on the fly. So on the wet snapshot, I'll dial the pedals up and and save before leaving it. When I go back to the drier snapshots, they're all wet now. And yes, the mix parameters on each are properly [bracketed]. After digging and consulting a friend, I discovered that Snapshots are assigned on the Controller page - just like a footswitch or pedal - so not my understanding of what a snapshot is from other contexts. I'd like to see Snapshots save parameters that are changed by controllers - an actual "snapshot" of the current Helix state - and any changes brought about by pedal controllers. Any suggestions with the current architecture, or maybe my understanding of it?
  3. OK. Opt-Click the number - [brackets appear] - use the arrows to change the value. I was Opt-Clicking the arrows before. FWIW, I did an "opt snapshot" search and still didn't find anything about this in the Pilot's Guide. Thanks again to all who have taken time to help. This key change works perfect and is seamless compared to a preset change.
  4. Push and Turn - so easy! Still getting Snapshots figured out. I was an early Helix purchaser, and I play less and less these days... So I got tuning snapshots working on the Helix. I haven't figured out how to get brackets on the editor. I'm on Mac OS and none of the keys I tried would produce brackets. Interesting that doing a search for "brackets" in the Helix manual, yielded the "push and turn" advice above. Searching the Pilot Guide, "brackets" doesn't get a hit. I did some more searching and as far as I can tell, this isn't explained in that manual - or not clear enough for me maybe. So, what's the magic "alt" key in the Mac OS editor? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the help. Tried all the above a couple different times. I'm still not getting it. I have the VAx tuning parameter in Custom for both snapshots - in other words, I do a standard tuning as a Custom/all 0's. If I change the tuning and save, go to the next snapshot, change the tuning and save - I'm left with the last tuning for both snapshots. For clarity, the VAx is set to Model. If I switch between presets and back, the VAx is being properly forced to the model and tone setting - but the tuning is the last saved for both snapshots. I've tried this both on the Helix, and Helix Edit 2.21 - I only get the last tuning saved.
  6. I've been trying to save a key change from Drop D to Drop Eb on a snapshot. Can this be done? I have the Helix Variax settings set to Per Preset. All I get is the current tuning, not the change.
  7. A little late in the thread, but this may help anyone who has bricked a Helix. I had one of the first ones into Canada in Dec. 2015. Some Mac/El Cap users had trouble with bricking before Helix 1.12. Mine bricked 2 or 3 times, and the first time, I returned it to the shop as well. What I discovered is that you boot your Mac into safe mode by holding the Shift Key, and then use the updater. It restored my Helix at least a couple of times. Something to try before you send it away if you've got upcoming gigs.
  8. I'm answering my own question... Thanks for your posts. I didn't quite understand this when I read it earlier in the day. I gathered that Parameters are treated differently than Blocks but didn't understand the method for Parameters. To get the Variax to change with different Snapshots, you need to assign the controller on the Helix. So, select the Input Block, go to Page 2, and press and hold the second knob - Preset Variax Model. Brackets will appear around the parameter. Here's the copy from Page 35 of the new manual: http://line6.com/support/manuals/helix
  9. I took a factory Jazz Rivet 120 preset and started experimenting with it while following the manual. On Snapshot 1, I picked Custom 4, and on Snapshot 2, I picked Custom 5. I get the last guitar selected or saved instead of having it switch guitars when switching between snapshots. On page 2 of the Input Block, Variax Settings are set at Per Preset. Global Settings>Preferences>Snapshot Edit is set to Recall. It's the same whether I do this on the Helix or on the Editor. However, Blocks switch on and off on different Snapshots. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? The manual isn't any more specific about how to do this.
  10. Thanks jasdadgad, Made me look... I checked and all my drives on this system are Seagates. I've still had some connection problems with the Helix Edit software, but nothing like before. At worst, I have success on something like the third try, when there's a problem.
  11. The newest update for El Cap, and Helix software and firmware version 1.12 have finally fixed this problem.
  12. Finally! I did the El Cap update today, got a bundle saved off the old way - in Safe Mode - rebooted and updated the Helix software and firmware to 1.12. Golden! I like the new editor. It's been a long wait - I still suspect El Cap as the culprit. No matter, it seems great and Line 6 is now able to work the kinks out of the much improved software. I haven't seen my TimeMachine drive in weeks because of connectivity issues and the fact that even after a week or so, the disk seems to be indexing or something, and isn't showing up. USB 3 was available on Windows computers when Apple built this Mac... Hope this version of El Cap fixes ALL USB issues. Thanks to all for making Helix/El Cap right.
  13. My hub didn't work. Still had to boot to Safe Mode do export a bundle - but this time, even that didn't work. It's always worked at some point, in Safe Mode since December...
  14. Thanks for the replies. I'll try my USB 2.0 hub tonight. And Igloo, thanks to Line 6 for ironing this out. I look forward to the update.
  15. I'm reduced to only playing a church gig in a small, wonderfully live early 1900's church that has an amphitheatre C-Shape. My faithful Demeter pre-amp is showing it's age, so I did the same thing, without the FOH feed. I usually play guitar, but the couple times I've covered bass, I've used the Helix with preamp models, into my Crest power amp and a Goliath II. The SV Beast Normal pre sounded wonderful, but it was a little too big for the room, so I used the G Cougar 800 pre. I still like the consistency of "my gear with my sound" on stage. It takes a certain soundman to get DI right and I've worked with too many that couldn't deliver to my satisfaction. I've often felt like I'm "mentally compensating" to play - instead of just playing. The pastor of this church is a really good working soundman with a pro system that he loads in every week - one reason this church felt like "home", even before we played there. He has bass players in a couple of his regular bands that run DI. He'd like to bring his bigger JBL monitor in and have me try it sometime. It will probably be a while, but I'll let you know when I do.
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