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  1. Guilty. Gear obsession has eaten a lot of my playing time. Like right now for instance.
  2. Any advice on buying a Helix unit used? Avoid it? Do it if the price is right? Any issues I will run into trying to register a used unit?
  3. Thanks for the advice man! I'll definitely keep researching the PowerCab+ and the HS8's. Appreciate your time and explanations!
  4. Definitely not trying to go the cheap route, which is why this post came up. I have been looking at the Yamaha HS monitors. Is 8 inch the minimum you would go for size for sound quality. Looking at the power cabs. What’s the difference between plus and regular? I’ll look into Helix Native. What are some of the hardware options you speak of? I’m pretty unversed with the computer guitar software world. Also, going this route, I would still need some nice monitors correct? Does Native still give you all of the effects and amp sim, but it’s just run through a computer?
  5. Yeah I like this set up. I definitely plan on keeping my amp at least for a while. The stomp seems like a good start but I just have a feeling I’ll be upgrading in a year or so as I start exploring modeling more
  6. Yeah I think, I'm leaning towards this plus headphones to start. One question, Can you manage the volume of your higher gain tones better through the helix? Like you said 5 watts is still pretty loud. Also, do you ever use regular pedals with your helix through the amp?
  7. Probably a really stupid question but I'm going to ask anyways because I have no shame, The only stereo type system I have at home is a TV sound bar and subwoofer. Not going to be ideal for this correct?
  8. So if I'm understanding you correctly, Studio monitors (around 5") and/or a nice set of headphones are what suit my situation best?
  9. Yeah this is how I got into this whole rabbit hole. I was going to upgrade to a higher quality tube amp, but 1. Tube amps love to be cranked, and I live in an environment where that is not always possible. 2. They are a little more limiting than the amp modeling route. For example I want the fender clean feel, but also the marshall and mesa crunch and gain feels. So I don't want to spend any money before I explore all options.
  10. I have a Blackstar HT5R, which has an effects loop, so I did think about going this route. But I know a bunch of users will say that this will defeat the purpose of amp modeling. Glad to see that you have patches that seem to work
  11. Is this similar to using the helix through the 4 cable method with a tube amp through the effects loop? Does the guitar speaker cabinet color the tone too much? Correct me if I'm wrong. Like I said in the grand scheme of things I don't know anything.
  12. First, thank you for taking the time to reply, I'm not as much worried about having the amp in the room experience. I really wanted an explanation of the difference that I kept seeing people talk about and you gave that, so thank you. I think Monitors might be fine then. My understanding is that it will sound different than an amp in the room but still will sound good for average playing/practicing? I will definitely look at the Line 6 powercab. Is using headphones with the helix going to be a similar sound to using headphones with an amp with an emulated output?
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