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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I know this topic has probably been covered, but I couldn't find all the answers I was looking for. First, I am strictly an at home hobbyist with no gigging aspirations in the near or distant future yet. I have not been playing guitar very long, but I was looking to upgrade my amp and stumbled upon the helix route. It intrigues me because I feel I can get more tones at lower volumes than a tube amp. Also, I like to play a lot of different styles (John Mayer all the way to high gain stuff Killswitch, Tool ect), so the amp/cab simulation might be a better route than having multiple amps and pedals. So I have a couple questions. 1. Stomp, LT, or Floor? Is the Stomp too limiting with 6 blocks? Will I be looking to upgrade to a bigger model in a year as my effects and playing knowledge increases, or is it perfect for my situation? For a regular Joe schmo, is the floor worth the extra money over the LT? (I am in no rush to buy right away, I want to do my research, and will save the money to buy what's best for my situation.) Also, any disadvantages to buying used when it comes to software/registering the unit? 2. For my situation, do I get studio monitors or a FRFR PA like the headrush units. I want to be able to play/ practice without having to wear headphones all of the time. What would sound best for all genres at moderate volumes? Any brands or suggestions (Moderately priced) 3. What's the deal with a headphone amp? Saw someone say the LT does not have a headphone amp and that they would need a separate one. Do I need one to use headphones in my scenario? 4. Last one, a lot of people say you will not get the "amp in the room sound" and will sound like a amp micced up through a PA. What exactly does that mean. For me, the new inexperienced player, will I even be able decipher the difference because my ear isn't trained? I've never micced the amp I have now. I know to some, these questions may seem elementary, but I'm ignorant in the multi effects realm and still green in the amp/pedal/gear world. I was just looking to avoid playing the tone chasing GAS game if the Helix can cover a lot of the ground. I also know a lot of people will tell me that I have to try them. I respect that, but I want your guys advice because I am so Uneducated in the area of multieffects, I'm not even sure I could make that decision solely off 30 minutes to an hour of noodling around with a unit in a store. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  2. I am a new user to Helix and after my first patch set up everything sounds great execpt the wah! I have set up on a footswitch for on/off but the expression pedal (which I have set up for volume) only controls volume and not the wah itself. I have messed with the many settings to no avail. I need to wah to be turn on with a footswitch and once on that mode the expression pedal controls ONLY the Wah, once I click out then expression pedal goes back to a volume control. Help anyone? Thank you!!!
  3. I do not know where this should be posted, so I will begin here. My Issue: I am a new Helix Rack user and the unit I have has an old version. Naturally this led me to your webpage to download and begin updating. As a new Line 6 user I had no idea that you post updates in locked forum posts. The post where I found the download button to the Helix 2.21 update were down in the rightmost corner. This button had also the same color as the background. Link here: What I am asking for: Move these download buttons further up in the post. Additionally, do some quick CSSing and change the color of those button to a different color. Thanks!
  4. Hi, my Variax Standard finally arrived, and lovely it is. The manual, though, is astonishingly unhelpful. I worked out how to connect the device by USB (couldn't find a single instruction on the subject in the manual), what software I needed to download (Line6 Monkey. Wouldn't have been too hard to mention that, would it?) But Workbench won't install, because it appears it's not compatible with Mac OSX systems beyond Mountain Lion, and I'm running El Capitan. I did download Workbench HD. Is that the software I should be using? It refuses to recognise the guitar when it's plugged in via the USB interface, though Line6 Monkey seemed to find it all right. Can anyone help?
  5. OK, so I just received my new Helix. Love it so far, but I have a big problem. Two actually. I downloaded and installed the Helix driver and the Helix program before I received the unit. I also downloaded and installed the Updater. My intention was to immediately update to the latest firmware (V1.06.5) BEFORE I started experimenting and building patches, etc. So, The Helix program recognizes the unit, but as far as I can tell the Updater does nothing. I double-click it, but nothing happens. I went to the download page and downloaded what I thought was the firmware update. I noticed it was a flash memory with an extension of .hxf, and when I tried to open it I got an "application not found" message. I also noticed that the older firmware (1.04) had an extension of .exe, like what I'm used to seeing. Has anybody else had a similar issue? I am on a PC running Windows 7. Is there some secret "order of operations" that I should be following? Any guidance would be unbelievably appreciated. Problem number two: When I use the headphone output, I am getting tons of effects relative to the amp. When I plug the unit via XLR L out into my FRFR, it sounds correct, but the headphones sound mostly like an effects return. Help!
  6. In the spirit of contributing, I thought I would share some of the challenges for a new Firehawk user. I bought the Firehawk primarily for the tone library, so I naturally dove right into trying the remote app upon opening the box. Here are some tips I would recommend for a new user. 1-Get a Line6 account ( 2-Unbox Firehawk; turn on; try it out to ensure it is working 3-Download Firehawk FX from App Store (I have an iPad) 4-You may very well need to upgrade your Firehawk firmware…so go to ( 5-I used Windows to upload software, so download ASIO driver; install on Windows 6-Download Line 6 Updater Installer; install on Windows 7-Upgrade firmware on board 8-Connect via Bluetooth 9-Try editing a tone. 10-Done NOTE: You don’t really “control†Firehawk FX with the Remote App. Think of it as a tone editor that sends edited tones to the currently selected bank. You can then edit the tone WHILE the Firehawk is in edit mode. Very cool, but different mindset. It is not like a TV remote that permits you to control the TV channel(s). Hope this helps someone.
  7. I've created a new user accoint on my Windows 8 machine. Now when I try to run Pod Farm 2.5 it says that it is not authorised. This was already authorised when I was logged in as the Main account/Administrator. How do I reauthorise without losing another authorisation from my L6 account. I believe there's a limited amount of times that you can reauthorise L6 software so I only want to reauthorise as a last resort. I am guessing that the authorisation file is being stored somewhere that only the main account user can access. Whenever I install software I always choose the option to "allow all users to use this software". I had the same problem with Ableton Live, but they allow Live to be installed on as many computers as you own so reauthorising there was not an issue.
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