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  1. I only had 4-5 Firehawk presets I loved. I took phone screen shots and/or wrote down parameters into an excel sheet. It was well worth the effort when recreating them in Helix....or trying to.... no Jubilee :(
  2. I have a Firehawk - which has a Silver Jubilee - and I can get a great Bonamassa like mid-range honk sound a la Beacon/SloeGin. I bought a Helix about a year ago thinking I would have that sound plus more. Its been elusive....close but elusive. Lots of good purchased patches from Glenn or Marco come close but its just not the same. I wish Helix would include the Jubilee! BTW, the Helix features and sound quality exceed the Firehawk....but I can't get that tone!
  3. I use this patch as the base for all my future mods. I have not noticed any "processor" issues.....
  4. Try this - I had a similar experience, in that my first hours were frustrating....had to update FH to get started. http://line6.com/support/topic/17381-my-first-hour-with-firehawx-fx-remote-app/
  5. Wow. Thanks. I didn't even know this was possible!
  6. I have found "updating" a tone - adjusting parameter and saving as new tone with new name to "My Tones" can sometimes appear as if it overwrites a tone. I go to "My Tones" list and don't see the new tone or I see 2 tones of the same name. I have found that exiting app and restarting app most of the time clears this up. Its my assumption that the MyTones database gets temporarily confused..... This is another reason why I transfer all settings to an excel file for safe keeping.
  7. Android software from "Play Store". Works pretty well.
  8. cush4x

    Two Firewhawks?

    I do not own 2 FH, but I have numerous bluetooth devices in my house. In the FH menu, at the bottom is a Settings tab. Within that, is a "Devices" area where you can select which Device to speak to the app. My best guess is you could then select the FH of choice. Alternatively, you can hold the unwanted FH bluetooth button down to turn off bluetooth (or flip the power switch off). I find the bluetooth connectivity a little picky so I often have to reintialize my app (android phone) with my FH.
  9. Based on the above, I purchased AKG K612Pro and am happy. It sounds pretty close to a PA speaker.....
  10. I often have same issue. I use my Android phone to connect to Firehawk. I have found that I have to turn off all other bluetooth devices I normally use with my phone - my phone earpiece. Then turn bluetooth off/on and try to pair using button on FH. I do this everytime I want to use Firehawk. Otherwise FH will intermittently lose pairing....or more probably my phone and earpiece are taking priority. Its kind of a pain, but it works.
  11. I just added this post. Hope it helps. http://line6.com/support/topic/18005-template-to-document-settings/
  12. Thought I would share what I use to document my settings.... In the hunt for the "perfect" tone (or tones), I tweak, save, improve ( and then repeat) numerous tones to my personal library. Its hard to track every tweak, so I built a spread sheet so I can visually see the differences. Thought it might help others..... Firehawk Settings Template.xlsx
  13. I agree about the master at ~50% on the marshalls... They seem to be sweeter/juicier at these levels
  14. Try this: http://line6.com/support/topic/17381-my-first-hour-with-firehawx-fx-remote-app/?p=128299
  15. cush4x

    Tube like tones

    I have a nice warm bluesy sound...its not quite ready for publishing, but I like it so far. I've only had Firehawk for 3 weeks so its a work in progress Guitar -> Firehawk -> PA speaker Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (Neck pickup/vol:5-10/tone:7) -> 1992 Brit Gain J-900 Clean [settings top to bottom: 83/40/50/0/30/65] w/ 4x12 Green 25's [settings top to bottom: 30/57S]-> {effects:TS/Tremelo/Delay/Reverb} -> Deura SBA-115 (or headphones)
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