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  1. After nearly giving up on the firehawk I gave it one last try and finally got the firmware to update. The unit is now working as advertised. So far I'm pleased with the tones and functionality of the app. My initial experience was frustrating but I'm glad I stuck with it.
  2. "I bought this device for convenience and it's failing miserably." Unfortunately, this quote perfectly sums up my FH FX experience. I bought one last weekend and couldn't get it to function as a stand alone device or when paired with my iPad. The suggestions I received (which I do appreciate) involved factory resets, software downloads, etc. I wanted something low maintenance/low hassle but at least the FH I got is anything but. Mine never did function and it is back in the box waiting for the return trip to Guitar Center.
  3. I haven't tried a reset--I guess it can't hurt. I have tried to download the Line 6 updater software but on my Mac PC I get an error message. This seems like way too much work out of the box.
  4. Thanks Mcbeddall. It sounds like I got a lemon. I had very high hopes for the firehawk but I'm afraid this is going back to guitar center. I'm now wondering if I should look at a boss gt-100. I did try downloading the updater but got an error message on my Mac computer. I would have thought this product would play well with Apple products but it seems like a total mismatch. Very annoying to have to make the trip back to guitar center.
  5. I'm hoping that the issues I'm having with my new Firehawk are just a reflection of my tech ignorance. I bought the Firehawk because I wanted something very simple and intuitive. After two days I have not been able to get it to function at all. When I turn it on all 4 of the A through D buttons are blinking red. I cannot select any preset and the up and down bank buttons seem useless. I was assuming that you could use presets without using the remote app. However, that doesn't seem to be the case with mine. I bought the unit partly because of the remote app so I downloaded the app and paired it to the unit. The app says please update device--it's annoying that a new purchase must be updated immediately but oh well. I connected my unit to my computer and opened the app again. This time I go the spinning wheel. After several minutes I get a message that the device timed out. As I sit here with the unit connected to my computer, all 4 red lights continue to blink, the app appears to be frozen and the unit is useless. It is highly possible that I am just a technical idiot but this seems ridiculous for what is touted as an easy to use/intuitive device. Any suggestions to get this thing up and running would be appreciated. At this rate, the unit is on its way back to guitar center soon.
  6. After several tries I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Finally the update worked. Everything is working for the moment but I remain a bit nervous about the iOS dependency of this unit.
  7. I got an AMPLIFI FX100 a couple days ago and would really like to start using it. However, after pairing the unit to my device I am prompted to update the firmware. Every time I have tried to do that I get an error message after about 30 to 45 seconds that says the update "timed out." I have tried updating multiple times on both my iPad and iPhone and have gotten the same result every time. Anyone else experience this. If so any suggestions to overcome this would be greatly appreciated. I love the idea behind AMPLIFI but if it is going to be this touchy I am thinking I can avoid a lot of aggravation by taking it back to Guitar Center and getting a RP500 or ME80.
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