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  1. Did line 6 just forget about us? Why is there no windows 11 support yet.
  2. And yea.. Def leopards live rig is driven by AxeFx if I remember correctly..
  3. thanks guys!!! Using the info in this post I figured out how to make it sound how I wanted.. SOOOO stoked!.. Fun Fun.. It was so easy to do it that I almost feel stupid.. but thanks guys for spending the time to help out a fellow player :)
  4. I really like this tone: Their tone has this highly digital and almost unnatural guitar tone. Is it highly compressed? Look at 39:48... Been trying to get this sound but can't seem to figure it out.. this is also the tone: If you guys could point me in the right direction that would be AWESOME! thx
  5. Sorry for my ignorance... Snapshots? You can assign a footswitch to "change snapshot"?
  6. I have 4 similar effects that I want to assign to a single Footswitch so I can cycle through them (only one on at a time)... Is this possible?
  7. So what did u discover? Results?
  8. That wasnt my issue. I ended up selling the fire hawk and buying a kemper.
  9. i ended up selling my firehawk and bought a POD HD500X and i am far happier... sounds great and no longer have bluetooth issues since i can use the Mac Editor..
  10. What issues exactly does it have?
  11. ok... so to get the best sound you need a good output device... what would you suggest for a small living room for practicing and recording? Studio speakers? Small PA? Nice Computer speakers?
  12. if the problem is bluetooth.. thats kinda a cop out isn't it? A blames B, B blames A... in the end, line 6 chose to use bluetooth... :) just sayin :) It has a USB port... use it... problem solved :) And yes i CAN say this cause i am a programmer... it's a lot of work... but unless the hardware won't handle it, it's doable :)
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