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  1. Sorry for my ignorance... Snapshots? You can assign a footswitch to "change snapshot"?
  2. I have 4 similar effects that I want to assign to a single Footswitch so I can cycle through them (only one on at a time)... Is this possible?
  3. So what did u discover? Results?
  4. That wasnt my issue. I ended up selling the fire hawk and buying a kemper.
  5. i ended up selling my firehawk and bought a POD HD500X and i am far happier... sounds great and no longer have bluetooth issues since i can use the Mac Editor..
  6. What issues exactly does it have?
  7. ok... so to get the best sound you need a good output device... what would you suggest for a small living room for practicing and recording? Studio speakers? Small PA? Nice Computer speakers?
  8. if the problem is bluetooth.. thats kinda a cop out isn't it? A blames B, B blames A... in the end, line 6 chose to use bluetooth... :) just sayin :) It has a USB port... use it... problem solved :) And yes i CAN say this cause i am a programmer... it's a lot of work... but unless the hardware won't handle it, it's doable :)
  9. ok... so what about the sound? is the helix really superior in sound? i mean if you rated them both on a scale of 1-10 where would they match up?
  10. i guess where line 6 messed up is that they made bluetooth the "main" connection protocol.. if there was a cord that connected it and i had the "option" of bluetooth, then sure.. but if your having bluetooth issues for whatever reason... your up lollipop creek... no paddle..
  11. i feel sheepish... mcbeddall, sorry man... i totally read your post wrong.. i feel like a d$%^ .. i did some digging using your info as a jump off post and i found this... http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/firehawk/different-firehawk-volume-controls-r736 buuuuttt... it does not tell you how to get to the "channel volume" from the app... can you? i see the volume of various app blocks but they effect tone and i cannot find the "channel volume" in the app anywhere.. I hope i did not ruin your willingness to help :)
  12. Wait.. i think might have misread your answer.. so how do i change that pink setting in the app (so i can save the tone to the cloud)? And your saying that setting will not effect the sound of the tone, just the volume?
  13. No... I waste on average 30 minutes to an hour a week trying to get the app to recognize/sync/acknowledge the existence of my fire hawk.. even though my iPhone says it's connected and plays music to it... but the app does not see it... had the same issue with amplifi products... So until that works more reliably... I say it is not working as advertised. I'd rather have a wired usb connection that worked 99% of the time then a wireless that worked 60% of the time.. Fix that and i'll be a happy camper..
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