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  1. bobwysol, if your still looking, I have a mint condition Line 6 L2t that I would sell. I am a play at home musician and don't need the power of the L2t. If you are interested, my email is: victorloher@gmail.com
  2. victorloher

    New YouTube channel

    I picked A and was shocked and happy to find out which it was. Thanks.
  3. victorloher

    MRX EVH 5150 Pedal

    Tried several different setups. Couldn't get a good sound out of it...not even close. Ended up sending it back.
  4. victorloher

    MRX EVH 5150 Pedal

    Hi Guitarzan. Really like that name. Thank you for your thoughts. I ordered it today. The rep from Sweetwater told me to connect the EVH between the guitar and the Helix. He said just connecting it directly to the Helix won't really sound good. I am going to try both your method and Sweetwaters and sew which way sounds the best. I am also going to check out Jason Sadites videos. Thanks again.
  5. victorloher

    Helix Complete Amp List

    Is there a similar listing for effects?
  6. victorloher

    MRX EVH 5150 Pedal

    I am not overly knowledgeable about pedals, amps and other paraphernalia. I currently play with a Helix and Line 6 FRFR setup. I really like Van Halen stuff and haven't been able to get the 'brown sound' out of the Helix. I have tried numerous presets on the Helix, but just haven't gotten there. I am thinking about getting the MXR EVH 5150 pedal and am hoping someone here can answer some questions about it. Has anyone tried this pedal with a setup like mine...Helix into FRFR? Do you run the pedal before the Helix or after? Can I run the pedal directly into the Line 6 FRFR? I appreciate any info that you can offer. Thanks all. Vic
  7. victorloher

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    I currently have presets with no snapshots, 4 snapshots and 8 snapshots. I am constantly switching the 'Preset Mode Switches' as I use the different presets. It would be nice to be able to have an option in the presets to enable the 'Preset Mode Switches' to the desired setting. Please consider. Thanks. Vic Loher
  8. victorloher

    If it's of interest...

    Very helpful. Thank you.
  9. victorloher

    New Amplifi?

    Thanks pipelineaudio and cloph for your thoughts. I think I will wait. Thanks again. Vic
  10. victorloher

    New Amplifi?

    I am giving serious thought to buying an Amplifi 150. I notice that they are currently on sale and that the current models are several years old. I would hate to buy now and them have a new model come out soon after. Does anyone know if Line 6 is getting ready to release new models in the near future? Thanks.
  11. victorloher

    Helix Tuner Feature

    Interesting! I didn't know about these 'sweetened' tunings, but knew that some chords sounded off, like maybe I was pressing too hard. I ordered a Peterson clip on strobe after reading this. I am most interested to hear how the guitar will sound now.
  12. victorloher

    How I switched frome AXE FX II to Helix

    Funkyou86, thanks for explanation.
  13. victorloher

    How I switched frome AXE FX II to Helix

    I am not a Helix programmer by any stretch of the imagination. I normally use a noise gate to get rid of the hiss. How does using eq's differ in this regard. Thank you.
  14. victorloher

    We REALLY need longer IR filename lengths!

    Agree. Same with preset lengths.
  15. victorloher

    Latest 2.30 Editor manual: HX Edit Pilot's Guide

    I hadn't noticed it either. Thanks.