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  1. For sure! I have been fortunate enough to get talking with so many people since I created my YouTube channel and give my patches for free, and like, 50% was thanking me because they couldn’t afford patches that are for sale. It really sucks.
  2. There’s the only way you have the amp in the room thing. I use a SD Powerstage, it’s exactly like a real amp in the room. Every other ways to use the helix will get you the sound of a miced cab.
  3. Hey bros! Please, read this before you go watch the video, it’s really important. The main reason I made this channel was because I love music, gear, tweaking and make a living with this. The second reason was to be able to provide the best Tone to everyone, rich or poor, there are a lot of great people that just can’t afford good patches. So, the only way I have to accomplish the second reason it’s becoming possible the first one. I am counting with all of you, together, we can make the difference. Share with the world! Love you all guys! https://youtu.be/f5nDoVvM85c
  4. Hey guys, check this out. There’s a link in the description with the patch. Hope you like it! Cheers
  5. Oh, thanks bro! I really need to hear the sound of the cab... that’s why I bought it.:) This next week will be more Helix content!! This one will be really cool!
  6. Hey guys!! I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about these subject, so I hope I can help with this video. Cheers!
  7. Hey guys!! I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about these subject, so I hope I can help with this video. Cheers!
  8. 1 year here! Been using line 6 since ever... This was a complete game changer.. I am using her ALL the time! None of my amps sound completely good without her in 4CM.. If have to choose between my amps and my Helix... goodbye amps... I can do sooooo many things with... it’s insane! I bet the Helix 2 will serve coffee and clean the kitchen.
  9. Btw, forgot to post this video.
  10. I know there’s a lot of questions about this topic. Tomorrow i will release this video! Hope I can help everyone!
  11. Thank you so much! I’ll do my best to deserve it!!
  12. Hey guys! Hope everything it’s fine! Just release another video!:) You should really check this video because you will have a surprise!
  13. I tried my helix with a Diezel amp, Friedman, Engl and Marshall... Buy the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170.. Thank me later ;)
  14. Hi guys! Hope everyone it’s fine! My name is André, i’m a producer and guitar player that loves gear specially my Helix!! So, I just create my YouTube channel where I am making demos/comparison between a lot of gear and specially between real amps and Helix! My main goal it’s to provide you the best tones I can get with all the gear I can get my hands on and share with all of you! :) I will make a lot of demos with Helix too and I will give all the presets for free. Go check it and if you like, subscribe! I am currently uploading at least two videos a week, that’s a lot of work, so I really aprecia-te if you can help me growing this channel by subscribing and sharing the content if like. hope to see all there!! cheers
  15. Hi guys! Just wanna let you all know that I am making a lot a videos about the Helix and how to get the best tone out of it! Every week I release at least two new videos! Make sure you check it and subscribe to be notified. Here’s the link of the last upload! https://youtu.be/Poenu02m9uE Hope you enjoy it!
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