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  1. Thanks - our thought there was that if we needed more inputs we could run a small mixing desk into one of those inputs - we'd probably only need to do that if we wanted to mic up the drums. Just a small 4 channel mixer would then cover the drums. It was the sheer convenience of these things that impressed us - plus the fact that I could use one them at home to run my helix through when dialling in patches - they're actually quite compact.
  2. Thanks for your responses. The reason we were looking at the RCF evox 8 (with the Jmix console/MIXER) is just how convenient they are to store and put up. We did a gig this weekend with an old PA system and it took ages to put up and it didn't sound great. The JMIX has, effectively, 6 inputs which would cover 2 vocals, 2 guitars, 1 bass and a kick drum - at the moment that's all we'd need and it has the benefit of all the digital/virtual desk controls. Was thinking of getting one of therm and then an additional evox 8 without the mix console to give us a pair. They sounded great in the shop - do you not think they'd be loud enough? a pair of those plus a couple of floor monitors was the plan.
  3. Hi, My band (rock/indie covers band) are looking to buy a portable PA system for small to medium sized gigs (and by small to medium I mean small pubs to gatherings of up to 100 people). The main requirement is that we can run vocals through it along with 2 modelled guitars going through helix straight into the PA. Possibly we'd run the bass guitar and maybe mic up the kick drum as well. Any recommendations? Budget isn't massive given that this is just a dad's band playing a few local gigs. We saw the RCF evox 8 being demoed the other day and thought it sounded great but wondering whether it's enough to sit alongside our drummer - he's not a painfully loud drummer but drums are, naturally, loud anyway. I really like the idea of those column-array PA systems in how easy they are to set up but just wondering if they'll cut it and how good a helix powered guitar would sound through them. Cheers.
  4. Yes - this is the way to do it and is also my set up pretty much. Are you talking about the revival drive compact? Either way you'll want to run the revival drive with post drive eq set to P/AMP so it's properly working as a pre amp. I have the Revival drive in the fx loop - HX FX Has noise gate > compressor and maybe some of the hx fx overdrives and then the FX Loop. I have a few more pedals in the loop than pictured below but I always have the Revival drive at the end of the loop going back into the HX FX. Then delay/reverb etc after the loop and out into the power amp (pedal baby in my case). Be prepared to be blown away by the RevivalDrive - it's stunning - the way it handles all those string dynamics, scrapes, hits etc... it's just awesome.
  5. loydall

    Take feet off HX FX

    Thanks - yes, this makes sense.
  6. Hi - I want to attach my HX FX to my pedal board - using velcro. I've not found a definitive answer as to whether the screws of the feet on HX FX need to go back in if the feet are removed? I can't see those little screws attaching to anything crucial/structural in the HXFX - surely internals would be connected/mounted internally? Any ideas?
  7. Just resurrecting this one... Thanks for all your responses. We came to the conclusion that the PA we were playing through was completely rubbish and no amount of EQ-ing was going to fix the boxy-ness of the sound. It's a really old beat-up PA that's used a in a rehearsal room so has probably been hammered by bands rehearsing for years. The mixer console itself is very basic and doesn't feature panning on a per-channel basis so is very basic. I think we'll wait until we get to use a decent PA before we try going direct as, at the moment, I don't think there's much point in trying. Cheers anyway.
  8. Sorry - forgot to mention/didn't make it clear - we're both going through our own modelling into separate mixer channels. Our guitars don't share any of each other's signal path.
  9. Hi - we're trying to set up having both guitars in our band go straight to the PA system (well, via helix amp/cab modelling of course) but our first attempt wasn't great - the guitars sounded ok on their own but in a full song with vocals also going through the pa and bass and drums doing their thing as well, the mix just sounded muddy and sort of boxy. I'd always thought that giving the guitars a little push in the mid-range was good thing to help them cut through the mix but I think the PA we use (which has high, mid and low controls per channel) has quite a high frequency mid-range which didn't sound pleasant at all so I actually dialled it back slightly and that did improve the boxy-ness of the sound a touch. But - it still didn't sound great - it was like the guitars weren't defined from each other enough - they blended into one muddy mess of a sound. Any tips for running 2 or more guitars through modelled amps/cabs and on into the PA without it getting muddy? Cheers.
  10. Fantastic - thanks. I'll give these a go. Sorry for slow response - not on this board that often at the moment. Really appreciate that - cheers.
  11. That would be fantastic if you could. I'd really not thought of using IRs at that stage of the chain but it sounds like it's worth trying. Cheers.
  12. Hi - obviously HX FX doesn't include amps/preamps but - if I run HX FX directly into a power amp (or the effects return (power amp) of an amp head/combo) are there any pedals(blocks) you could recommend to boost/eq/drive whatever my signal so HX FX was acting as a sort of clean Preamp before a power amp? Cheers.
  13. I actually went the other way round - initially really liked FRFR with its polished sound and all the options I had with IR and Cab blocks... but after a while I missed the "real" amp sound (plenty of discussion on this topic and it's all personal preference). Also - you say "Things felt so limited with the Power Amp -> Cab setup." - in the end it was this simplicity that I really liked. I still have the effects/amp/preamp blocks to play around with in helix but much of the time I keep things simple and I think things sound better for it. I wouldn't go selling that PowerStage 170 too quickly - that thing is killer and you may miss it after the honeymoon period with FRFR is over... Then again you may go FRFR and never look back - it's all personal preference and really.
  14. I run my HX Stomp into a power amp (Orange Pedal Baby) and then into a 2x12 cab so very similar setup. I've never liked the sound of any patch with a cab block in it through this set up. But - I pretty much always build my patches up from scratch so every block I add serves a purpose for the poweramp-cab set up... as in - all my patches are tailored for that set up rather than hoping a pre-made/demo patch will sound good. For a while I've been using an amp block in my chain (not amp + cab, just amp) and adding other blocks/effects around that. Originally I compared using a pramp block vs an amp block and always thought the amp block sounded "better" than just a preamp block - they gave a fuller sound.... But - I started playing around with the preamp blocks and, with a bit of work, I'm finding I get better (to my ears) results in the end. The preamp-only route feels like a cleaner base to work on - i get a more manageable tone from it.. there was something about the amp blocks that I found harder to tame - it was very subtle but if I wasn't careful the amp blocks could get a little wild. I'll have another go with Cab blocks tonight but I've never heard one that sounded great going through a poweramp and then onto another cab. Give preamp blocks a go and slowly and carefully build your tone up around one.
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