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  1. Thanks - yes, checked all of the above and Input Z isn't set to auto. It's odd, it can actually change switching between preset (volume ok), analog bypass (volume ok) and then back to preset where the volume drops. Like - the process of switching between preset and analog bypass somehow changes the volume of the preset.
  2. Hi - I'm getting weird inconsistencies when switching analog bypass on and off. I can have a preset (even with all blocks turned off) which seems to be outputting at an ok volume, I switch to analog bypass and then come out of bypass, back to the patch and the volume can drop considerably. There doesn't seem to be any consistency to this behaviour either. I've also noticed that I can have presets I created that seem to be a bit quiet. I go to create a new, empty preset and the volume straight out of that is higher than the already-created preset. Even when I disable all the blocks and the In-Z is the same. Any idea why this might happen? Thanks
  3. Yeah - certainly the attenuator option is the way to go long term but short term this is my fix. I actually compared mic-ing up my cab and going straight to PA vs taking the preamp signal through an IR and going to the PA. The mic signal was much brighter so I found an eq block before the IR worked wonders (I tried loads of IRs and none were as bright as the actual mic-ed amp). Neither were a bad sound, just quite different.
  4. Thanks. That's got it sorted. Independent volume control (or rather consistent volume on the signal going to PA). That's great. Another question I have is that I'm using 4CM so the preamp signal of my real amp is coming back into the HXStomp, maybe a bit of reverb and then back out to the FX Return/Powerstage of the amp. That part of it is great. When I split the signal off to go to the PA I'm effectively taking the preamp signal splitting it, running that through an IR and then out to a PA. But, that means the signal never goes though a Power Amp stage. (Well, it does, it goes through a PA power amp but not a guitar amp power stage). The difference is like comparing the helix preamps to the helix amps. The amps always sounds a bit brighter/fuller than just the preamps because they model the power stage as well. Is there anything I could do to emulate just a power-amp stage for that preamp signal coming from my amp? I guess an EQ before the IR would do something similar.
  5. Thanks - yes, I think I was heading in that direction. Only slight issue is that I am using the Left FX channel as part of my 4CM. I would (I think) need an additional Right FX block send later in the chain to do what you're saying (which does make sense). That means I need a cable splitter on the FX Send from the Stomp. I do have one but only a very short one. By "Stick a direct box" on the FX send, do you mean a DI Box? I think I have a crappy old one somewhere which I could stick on my board and then run an XLR cable from there.
  6. Hi - I'm using my HX Stomp in the FX Loop of a non master volume amp head. I use the main volume on the helix to act as a volume control for the amp itself (otherwise the amp just runs at full volume). This is fine and it allows me control for bedroom/home use and then gig levels. But - I also want to send a signal from the HX Stomp straight to PA (with an IR Patch on it as well) but I don't want the main volume on the HX Stomp to effect that level. If I'm playing a gig I might want to turn up the volume on the HX Stomp a bit just to get a bit more from my amp but I wouldn't want it to impact the level going to the PA/Mixing desk. Is this possible? Cheers
  7. loydall

    4CM Cable?

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. That's brilliant. Surprised you can't just buy something like that.
  8. loydall

    4CM Cable?

    Yeah - that's why I said it would be 3 cables.
  9. loydall

    4CM Cable?

    Just a thought but.... one of the things I really dislike about 4CM is all those cables. They look messy, get tangled and are a pain to deal with. Is there such a thing as a cable that contains (it would actually be 3 because 1 of the 4 is the guitar cable itself) a bunch of 1/4 inch ended cables separated enough at the ends to connect to input/fx loop etc... ? They would need to be colour coded each end (obviously) but effectively a cable with 3 cables inside it. Obviously you could just tape 3 cables together but that's scruffy. Just a thought...
  10. Update on my search for the best (for me) amp model to run drives into... I've really got into the Matchstick Ch1. Just as a clean(ish) platform it sounds incredible and, for my tastes, takes pedals better than other amp models I've tried. I'm running my helix into a Pedal Baby and it's probably the best sound I've had from any amp I've owned (and I've owned a few valve amps in my time). Can't believe I've skipped right past the Matchstick Ch1 all this time and not bothered playing with it. Running a Teemah! set very low gain but just boosting things a touch sounds incredible. Then I run my Lightspeed and Protein in the fx loop. For now, this is perfect for me.
  11. I think there are 2 approaches . Either run your amps at the edge of breakup and then drive them further with overdrives enhancing the amp's own overdriven characteristics with those of the pedal. Or - you run your amp very clean and you get the pure sound of the pedal overdrive on its own. Both are valid and I'm not saying one is better than the other. There's definitely a difference between the 2.
  12. For some reason I'd always skipped past the helix WhoWatt but after you mentioned it I gave it a go and absolutely love it. Too many good options with the Helix. I think I need to force myself to sit down every weekend with a different amp block and treat it like I just went out and spent £££ on it (as in, give it plenty of time and attention). Just as a clean amp it's got a really great feel to it and does take pedals really well. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. In terms of cabs I'm running the HX Stomp into a power amp and then into 2 1x12 orange amps. So no cab patches. Thanks for your input.
  14. Hi - I have a couple of overdrive pedals I'll be running into my hx stomp. Any recommendations for an amp block that would act as a good clean platform for overdrives? Cheers
  15. loydall

    Stereo power amp

    Well - the power stage 700 is probably more than powerful enough for my needs. I'd be looking to hook it up to 2 1x12's. I like running amps/preamps in my helix into the fx return of amps I've had to the point that I rarely use the real amp's preamp stage. I'm looking for stuff that's easy to carry (I have a bad hip) so anything that could sit on my pedalboard would be great but I'm not against a small unit/head that could sit on one of the 1x12s.
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