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  1. I think there are 2 approaches . Either run your amps at the edge of breakup and then drive them further with overdrives enhancing the amp's own overdriven characteristics with those of the pedal. Or - you run your amp very clean and you get the pure sound of the pedal overdrive on its own. Both are valid and I'm not saying one is better than the other. There's definitely a difference between the 2.
  2. For some reason I'd always skipped past the helix WhoWatt but after you mentioned it I gave it a go and absolutely love it. Too many good options with the Helix. I think I need to force myself to sit down every weekend with a different amp block and treat it like I just went out and spent £££ on it (as in, give it plenty of time and attention). Just as a clean amp it's got a really great feel to it and does take pedals really well. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. In terms of cabs I'm running the HX Stomp into a power amp and then into 2 1x12 orange amps. So no cab patches. Thanks for your input.
  4. Hi - I have a couple of overdrive pedals I'll be running into my hx stomp. Any recommendations for an amp block that would act as a good clean platform for overdrives? Cheers
  5. loydall

    Stereo power amp

    Well - the power stage 700 is probably more than powerful enough for my needs. I'd be looking to hook it up to 2 1x12's. I like running amps/preamps in my helix into the fx return of amps I've had to the point that I rarely use the real amp's preamp stage. I'm looking for stuff that's easy to carry (I have a bad hip) so anything that could sit on my pedalboard would be great but I'm not against a small unit/head that could sit on one of the 1x12s.
  6. loydall

    Stereo power amp

    Hi, do any of you have recommendations for a stereo power amp I can run my hx stomp through? The only one I've found that looks suitable is the Powerstage 700. I was thinking of running 2 separate pedalboard power amps for stereo but I think 1 single uint would be easier. Any suggestions? Cheers.
  7. Thanks but that's not the issue. The issue is simply having 2 amps attached to the helix. If we forget about the FX loop for a moment and just take a simple setup with the main output L/R of the helix running into 2 amps (one being FRFR). As soon as one of my amps is turned on (the terror stamp) it introduces a pulsing/flutter into the signal. Some sort of ground/interference issue I would guess.
  8. Update on this one, there's definitely some sort of electric interference going on. I thought I might get hum attaching 2 amps but the fluttering sound was really unexpected. I just tried it again but without the FX loop so - guitar > HX Stomp > Left main out to terror stamp, Right main out to FRFR and I get the same thing. But - I noticed that even when I switch the FRFR off I still get that issue so there's something going on with the electric circuit. Is there anything I can do about this?
  9. Hi - I run my HX stomp in 4CM into an orange terror stamp. My aim is to get a second amp (maybe another terror stamp) and run that in 4CM as well, splitting the output of the FX Send and then running 2 chains through stereo effects out to the 2 amps giving me potential for stereo setup and wet/dry set up. I haven't yet purchased the second amp but I thought, just out of interest, I'd try hooking the Right output of the Stomp directly to a FRFR speaker I have, just to get an idea of stereo sound etc. But - when I attached the speaker to the right output of the HX Stomp it just created a fluttering sort of sound in both the terror stamp/cab and also the FRFR. At first I thought it might be the FRFR as there was no guitar sound at all coming out of it, just the fluttering sound so I tried another FRFR and got the same issue. After a bit of messing around I found that if I switched the terror stamp off the FRFR stopped fluttering and the sound of the guitar came through nice and clear. This wasn't just a slight hum but a proper pulsing created by adding the FRFR to the right output of the HX Stomp. Now I'm concerned this issue will be the same if I buy a second amp. Is it a realistic expectation to be able to run 2 amps out of HX Stomp both in 4CM? I would have thought it was given there is a right/left fx loop and output from the Stomp. Any thoughts what the fluttering was? Like I say, there was no guitar sound from the FRFR (right output) when the terror stamp was turned on, just the fluttering sound. But, when I turned off the terror stamp, the fluttering stopped and the FRFR produced the guitar sound, nice and clear.
  10. I know it's been discussed to death many times over but I've tried FRFR many times/systems and it just doesn't sit with me. Maybe at home it's ok but at practice/live you can't beat your own cabinet. It's a totally different playing experience interacting with a real cabinet. Anyway - the helix amps/preamps sound great through the Terror Stamp.
  11. I've just added the Orange Terror Stamp to my board. Seriously impressed with this thing. Both as a standalone amp and as a power-amp solution for my HX Stomp. I'm not a fan of going straight to PA/FRFR so the amp to cab set up is something I've settled with for a few years now - using the preamps/amps of the HX Stomp as well as the preamp of the actual amp. I've heard some people say the terror stamp isn't loud enough to gig with but I just don't see how (unless my band happens to be much quieter than other bands?). This thing is seriously loud. The only time I think people might struggle is getting very clean cleans using the Stamp as a "normal" amp, going through its preamp. But - using one of the helix preamps and going straight to FX return on the Stamp gives loud, clear cleans. However - just in case I did want to go hyper-loud I have a plan. I'm going to buy a second Terror Stamp, sell my 2x12 and buy 2 1x12 cabs then run a stereo setup all powered by 2 Terror Stamps on my board. That will be incredibly loud plus I'll be able to use all the stereo helix effects etc. Anyone else using the Stamp? I used to have the orange pedal baby which I love but (for some reason) felt I was missing a real valve growl from my set up (even though I know the helix amps are exceptional). The Stamp gives me both - a valve preamp and a clean power-stage for my helix. The best thing is they go for £120 so my dual setup will cost me £240 which is still cheap. (I do appreciate there are probably pedal amps out there that already do stereo out but with 2 Terror Stamps I can eq them both independently with different gain settings for some really interesting sounds).
  12. Well no but only because I'm running an acoustic (electro acoustic) into my PA (via my helix). I found the acoustic sim on top of an acoustic was too much. I assumed the Acoustic Sim was more for attempting to make electric guitars sound like acoustic, not improving the sound of an acoustic using piezo pickups. But - I just tried it and while it didn't work when running entirely through the acoustic sim, I liked the top end/crisp it gave my guitar in conjunction with an IR. So I ran the acoustic sim on the split/b path but dialled in down to about 20% so all it did was enhance the acoustic/IR signal on the other path. Worked really well actually.
  13. I just recorded this. Excuse the random playing but hopefully should give an idea of sound. Hopefully this link will work. Any tips on improving this? This is with a 3 Sigma audio Martin acoustic IR plus a bit of compression and an EQ.
  14. The guitar straight into the PA on its own sounds ok but it still has that piezo sound to it (that I would describe as plastic). The "quack" sound is from when I apply the IR. (Any of the IRs I'm using, that is). The IR adds clarity (which I like) and gets rid of the piezo sound (which is a good thing) but introduces a "quack" sort of sound/frequency that I'm not so keen on. I think your point about blending the IR in quite low is a good one. I'll give that go. Cheers
  15. Hi, I have an Epiphone EJ-200SCE which uses Fishman Sonitone Pickups. I set up a basic patch on my helix for this acoustic guitar. It was an LA Studio Compressor, an EQ to get rid of a bit of the boomy sound and then a bit of plate reverb. It sounded pretty decent (to my ears). Then I started playing around with adding IRs first in my chain. I tried the 3 Sigma audio Taylor IRs that I think are geared towards dealing with that piezo sound and they seemed to do a really good job of masking that sound (I've never liked "that" sound of electro acoustics... that sort of plastic sound you get from piezo mics). But - there was a frequency happening when I applied these IRs that I just wasn't liking. It had a sort of a "quack" sound to it that I found really difficult to dial out. My ears aren't good enough to know exactly where the problem was. I sort of thought it was around 1khz but it didn't really improve the sound when I knocked that out. (I tried moving a narrow parametric eq around but I just couldn't nail it) So I decided to ditch the IR and go back to the simple patch I'd dialled in first. The problem now was that in doing that I was back to the piezo sound and it sounded dull compared to the IR! It's like the IR had shown me I could get better sounds out of my guitar/helix but I didn't quite know how to improve the IR. Almost like the IR gave me that crisp acoustic clarity and removed the piezo sound but it also got rid of the warmth I liked about not using IRs and added an odd quacky sort of frequency. I guess my question is - given the guitar/pickups I have can any of you recommend any decent (acoustic guitar) IRs to improve my piezo sounding guitar and also any tips on how to dial in a good sound. I want a nice clear, acoustic sound without any boom that sounds good picked and strummed. Cheers.
  16. Tube screamer, ODR 1, Fender Pugilist. Yes - absolutely I've compared direct in vs in fx loop with no other blocks in the chain. Impedance is set to auto, will try at 1MOhm. There is a discernible difference, I'm not making this up and I doubt a loss in quality converting digital to analog and back to digital is just "malarky". This is the original thread I read where someone else described the issue: https://line6.com/support/topic/26937-why-do-my-drive-pedals-in-the-helix-fx-loop-sound-bad/
  17. Yes - all set to inst. I'm not using any amp/cab blocks. Just using HX Stomp as an overdrive/modulation unit really. The difference between running the overdrives in the fx loop vs straight into (before) the Stomp is quite significant. I was reading another thread on the subject which was a few years old and I think it was generally accepted (back then) that this was just the case with running analog pedals in a digital effects loop but I was hoping there was a more reasonable fix for it nowadays.
  18. I found an old thread on this describing my experience but thought I'd resurrect the subject to see if there are any new approaches on this one. I run my HX Stomp into the front of my valve amp. It sounds great. I also run my (real) overdrives into the HX Stomp. This also sounds fantastic. However - if I create an fx loop in my hx stomp and place my real overdrives in that, they sound awful. Unusable. I want to be able to do this so I can run some hx stomp effects before and after my real drives. I assume that using an FX loop means the signal is converted to digital, passed through my drives and then again, that signal converted to digital. The difference is massive, not just a slight difference but the difference between clear, articulate, responsive overdrives and mush. Is there anything I can do to improve the quality of using overdrives in the loop of the HX Stomp? Cheers.
  19. Thanks for your responses all. I quite like the idea of the Victory preamp with a powerStage 170. Could still fit on my board and that PowerStage 170 looks pretty decent.
  20. Hi. I've gone through various combinations over the years, FRFR, solid state amp into a cab, valve amp etc.. And I've come to the conclusion that (for me) I love having a real amp to play through and I didn't really get on with FRFR (no need to debate which is "best", this is just my personal preference). But - I also love my helix. My current set up is running in 4CM into a valve amp. I sometimes use the preamps in the helix and go straight to the powerstage of the amp or I sometimes use the actual valve preamp of my amp... Depending on the tone I'm after. This way I get best both of worlds and still get to have my amp in the room. However - I'have also played the helix into a solid state amp head and then into a cab before and that sounded great. My thinking is, if you're going to use the helix as your preamp/amp then you're better off using a solid state head as your powerstage as it won't colour the sound of the helix in any way as there are no more tubes involved in the chain. In theory it should offer a cleaner/truer sound. Plus - getting old/arthritic etc I don't want to be lugging my 2x12 combo amp around too much more. So - I'm thinking the ideal setup would be some sort of head with a tube preamp and solid state powerstage and then I could run the helix in 4cm into that and still get my tube fix when I wanted to keep things simple but then also get the best of the helix when I run it into the solid state powerstage.... And then hook it up to a cab. That's my idea anyway. Does such a head/amp exist? Any recommendations?
  21. I've gone full circle on this (a couple of times) and have arrived at a slightly different place. I've tried the FRFR thing and while , for me, it arguably sounded more polished, I just felt slightly disconnected from the experience. Plus - when my band invested in a PA and we ran both guitars through that, it just didn't feel the same as having an amp right next to me. Now - I appreciate that's what the crowd will hear but for actually playing the instrument there's still something to be said for having an amp next you (the most enjoyable 'sound' I've ever experienced was playing through a beat-up old marshall head through a 4x12 at rehearsal studio.. ) Anyway - amp-in-the-room argument has been done to death. That said - I sold my HX Stomp, went valve amp 2x12 (blackstar artist - excellent amp) and love it to bits. Much better experience during practice sessions. But - even then I started to miss the versatility of the Stomp. So I bought one again (first bit of kit I've ever bought twice) and I run it 4 cable method into the blackstar. For me this is the perfect setup - I still get my tube/amp in the room fix but I have the versatility of the stomp. I can also run the stomp preamps/amps direct into the power section of the amp so I get that flexibility as well. The only real functionality I'm not really using is the Cabs/IRs as I'm running into a real cab (obviously). Coming back to the Stomp I've realised what an amazing piece of kit it is. I'd say even a handful of the drives alone make it worth the money. On a side note, I also run a Victory V4 Sheriff in the loop so that's an option as a preamp. I have tested (for ages) the Victory preamp vs the helix plexi style preamp. They are very close.. you can get them sounding almost identical but the Sheriff has more dynamics and feels more responsive under the fingers when playing. There's also an undeniable sparkle and clarity it has even at high gain that I can't get out of the Helix.... But - it's really close. I guess I just like the flexibility of switching between old and new ways of doing things. It is a bit more set up but not that much more and yes, I do have to lug an amp from my car but I just love playing next to it and getting all that subtle feedback and interaction you only really get with a real amp.
  22. Yeah - your approach is right... it was more me just adding noise gates at the start of the chain whenever I set anything up without even thinking about it..
  23. I'm on HX FX which doesn't have the "built in" noise gate so I'd need to use a block anyway. You're absolutely right - I think the noise gate after the compressor makes sense. Actually - I've got a Keeley Compressor Plus on the way so I'll hook that up before the HX FX and save a block.
  24. I would guess most of you will think this is obvious/wonder why I was being daft but I just discovered something about using a noise gate and compression (in my HX Effects). I've always added a noise gate at the start of my chain. Not sure why but I never really thought about it much... just set it up with default settings and left it there. Then I would generally add a compressor block. However - I always thought the compressor blocks were a little lacking - something a bit dull about them. Until yesterday when I decided to turn off the noise gate and play around with some of the compressor blocks. Totally different..... the compressors sounded so much better. Then I realised that the noise gate was "messing" with the signal to a point that the compressor wasn't able to do it's thing properly. They just weren't working well together. Do you guys always use a noise gate? If so - do you run a compressor after it? Feels so much better to play without a noise gate or at least with it set to kick in far less aggressively - to let the compressor do it's thing with more of your signal. Sounds obvious now I think about it but my guitar tone just got a load better...
  25. Yeah - I often stick the Teemah at the start of my drives, set to low gain. It's incredibly useful. Just seems that the Lightspeed has a bit more sparkle to it or something....
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