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Found 27 results

  1. I posted this comment in Ideascale. What do you guys think? I read somewhere that Line 6 is hesitant about this idea because when you separate the preamp and power amp and stick a device between them, you change the character of the interaction between those two units - thus changing the sound of the modeled amps. This is true even when you use a buffer, I think and I think I can attest to this. I had a Fender Blues Deluxe some years back and I did notice a change in the way the amp sounded and felt when I put something in the loop. That said, what if Line6 simply created several modeled power amp models with Fender, Marshall,Vox and Mesa etc. topologies or maybe one power amp module that's reconfigurable to those topologies? After all, do any of us really know how a Mesa (or whatever) Power section really sounds like on its own? I doubt it.
  2. psubak

    Power amp for Helix

    I currently have no experience with setting up fx processors for live/rehearsal use through a guitar cabinet, but I am thinking about obtaining a Helix (maybe Axe Fx if I'm patient enough) to add a digital rack setup on top of my current tube amp/cab/pedals setup. Just to have the best of both worlds. I want to stick to a solid state power amp, but do I go Rocktron Velocity 300 or Matrix GT800FX/GT1000FX? I obviously want to maximize my sound in terms of quality, but also in terms of volume without blowing my speakers or being too quiet. I'm not sure how wattage in a sold state amp affects this, and I'd like to go Matrix, but only if they don't destroy these cabs with one small or bad turn of a knob because of their high output capabilities -- 400w/channel or 800w bridged for example -- into a 280w Mesa 4x12 (live/rehearsal) or 120w Orange 2x12 (home). But I can't afford to have the 300w Rocktron be too quiet for a live or rehearsal situation even if it does suffice for at-home use. Bottom line: Which power amp should I get and how would I avoid damage? I see people using the Matrix's all the time with cab setups but how do they not blow their cabs? Just keep the Matrix turned down low all the time? Is it an impedance thing? Side note: The Orange also only has a 16 ohm option so without rewiring how would that work, if it can at all since I believe these amps do 8 ohms? I know there's other options for speaker setups but I'm asking specifically about guitar cabinets... for now. I play heavy music. Much appreciated.
  3. Gerardpfingst

    Best cheap power amp to use with the hd500x

    Hey guys, after trying to make my pod hd500x work with my current amp (marshall jcm2000) I decided it's just not worth the effort trying to balance the volume of the amp (I was using the marshall drive channel) and the cleans on the pod running through the effects loops, also, my amp is 100 watts and I can't crank it up all the time, honestly, I decided I'd rather just use the pod for everything and stop using the marshall, I still want to use my cab though (marshall 1960 4x12) I know it would probably be better to use something like an FRFR amp but I can't get those in my country and if I order one, the shipping weight would probably cost me more than the amp itself, I was wondering if someone had any luck with cheap power amps like some behringer and stuff like that... any ideas?
  4. mayboy

    Power Amp help please!

    Hi, So my band has recently started booking shows so me and the other guitarist have switched from going directly into a PA. We are looking to go into a power amp and then into a cabinet. I am a bit confused about how these power amps work especially the bridged/mono setting. https://images.thomann.de/pics/atg/atgdata/document/manual/c_319961_en_online.pdf This is the power amp we have decided to go for as we are only using 2x12 cabinets and the price is great for the reviews. I have done extensive research but i am still a bit confused. The cabinet the other guitarist is going to be using is a 16ohm 120w stereo cabinet (can be used as an 8ohm mono) . I am assuming we switch the input to stereo plug the POD into input channel B and then the 2 outputs of channel B into the cabinet. Unfortunately i may be using a different cabinet. The cabinet i may be using will be an 8ohm mono 160w. This is where the mono/bridge confusion comes in. If i have it set to mono/bridge on this device as i cannot see a button that switches it to bridged will this automatically bridge the power? I don't want it to bridge basically as im guessing i just want the original 100w 8ohm of power going to the cabinet. To put this into context in case i am rambling. I am wondering how to hook up this power amp to this cabinet https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_g212_vintage.htm And then how i go about hooking up this power amp into this cabinet. https://www.thomann.de/gb/laney_irt212_ironheart.htm Sorry about the noob question but we all have to learn about these things from somewhere! (yes i have asked google multiple times)
  5. Hi everyone, I use a PODHD500X plugged into a Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD power amp (line out of POD to line in of power amp). The power amp is connected to a 1x12 box (EVH, Celestion Heritage speaker, 16 Ohm, 30 Watt). This setup sounds good, but the sound is very bassy, and sometimes doesn't quite cut through... The POD output mode is set to "studio/direct", the other settings (combo pwr amp, combo front...) did sound rather weak (not much volume would come out). Am I doing anything wrong ?! Using my setup i did expect a better sound than when using my POD and an active monitor box. Any hint ? Thanks V
  6. I've got a couple of 4x12 cabs with Celestion v30s that I love - one is a Marshall 1960AV the other a Line6 spider valve A cab with v30s. I'm running them with a Marshall JVM 410 and JCM2000 TSL 100 - using some 1960s long plate Sylvania 12AX7 tubes in V1. Both sound remarkable with the Marshall preamp sections, but I have been running my Firehawk FX into the power amp section for both when I want to use other amplifier tones. I want to buy a Helix, but I don't want to run them into the power amp section of the Marshall Amps, but rather to have a power amp that will drive one of the 4x12 cabs at 16ohms or both sides of a stereo cab at 8ohms each side. What would be the ideal amp for this setup - I'm thinking that 2x50 would be more than sufficient for my purposes.
  7. Looking to get a neutral power amp (tube) for my helix and was thinking Fryette power station. any thoughts or recommendations Thanks Andrew
  8. Floor0666

    Connection POD HD to Power amp + cab

    Hi there! I am using a Pod HD500 for live performance and a POD Desktop at home. They are running through 2 harley benton GPA-400 power amps wich connect to 2 seperate cabs. My question is, what is the best way to connect the pod to the power amps and what is the best for the settings. I connect the pod to the HB power amps via the normal left/right outputs. For the stereo effect the power amps are connected to 2 seperate Bugera cabs. Amp settings in the pod: I am using 2x threadplate pre amps w/412 blackback 30 cabs. Would it make more sence to skip the cabs in the threadplate and only use the actual cab (in this case my bugera cabs)? Also in the setup of the pod I put the output mode to: Stack power amp. Would this be the best way for this setup? For me this is the best I can get out of it right now, but I wonder how others are doing this. Thanks in advance! Floor/Korpse
  9. Tenacious_Lee

    POD HD Pro and Matrix gt800fx power amp

    Hey everyone, So I have just jumped ship from a 100w stack to the pod hd pro... AND I LOVE IT!! :D Today I have received my case and matrix power amp and have just realized that I have no idea which order to safely turn the two units on... (Gulp). I really don't want to damage any of my gear or cause unnecessary pops. Please Line 6 users, I would be forever greatful if somebody could help me with this confusion. Regards, Tencaious_Lee
  10. Hi Guys!! i was trying to understand the 4 cable method, and actually did, but the problem is that i cant find instructions for my gear. i have a POD HD500 for a while and i recently bought a engl power amp (2 x 50), that's fine because i was using the POD as Pre amp, the cab is stereo compatible so i use the 2 inputs. the problem was when i get the pre engl e530. i want to know how to make the 4 cable method in this case (if it can) to keep using the POD just for effects. gear: - pod hd500 - engl e530 pre - engl e840/50 power - laney gs412l
  11. BoneToner

    Power amp and microphone blocks

    This post mainly comes from a question/idea I had... It seems like the profiling has already been done for the mics and the power amps from the cabs and the amps sections in the helix. If all the profiling has been done already I think it would be really cool to have the power amp sections of the amps and the microphones available as a effects blocks. If they have not already been profiled then I'm sure there are cooler things to be looking into, but if all the data has already been collected it would be super awesome to get these in. I may be wrong but I would imagine that all of the amps power amp sections are already profiled and would just be [amp]-[preamp] of existing blocks. I think It would be really interesting to be able to mix and match different power and pre amps to get different sounds. Also I have found the helix to be really great with recording guitar, bass, and vocals I do not know if the microphones on the cabs were profiled by themselves or if they were profiled as a cab/mic combo. But if the mics were individually profiled It would be really cool to be able to have these available as separate blocks. This could be really awesome for vocals or when using the helix as an interface for recording a live amp.
  12. hi me and my other guitarist both run orange 4x12's at 16 ohms we also both run pod hd pro x's and are looking for a rackmount power amp that can run the two pods into the two 16 ohm cabs. we are unsure if there is even a power amp that can do this surely there is
  13. I'd like to see a Helix model with built in power amp - kind of like Kemper has. That way you only have to have a cab if you don't want to go direct - or need it for any reason. There could be a solid state version at one price point - and a tube one at another. That would be cool wouldn't it - a Helix with Tubes. (May as well make it where you can re-bias and use whatever tubes you want too - I mean if you're gonna go all the way why not :))
  14. chrisalex95

    HELIX as preamp (to a power amp)

    Hi everyone here! I think I'll buy this awesome unit! But something is missing in the manual, I 'd like to run the helix to a power amp (in the return of a tube amplifier for exemple, or in a electro harmonix 44 magnum). So i think I should use only the preamps models and not the amps (and of course not the amp+cab), but what about the output select? Should I select the 1/4 output to "line" or instrument"? The only thing write in the manual is for pluggin the Helix in front of an amp. Thanks
  15. helllo my fellow man, definitely have been dying to create my first pod post and im already a year old user, procrastination is a harlot but uh this here sitiuation had to be brought up to the boys for this here noobeh. thanks aton. so here is my desired signal chain: ---PODHDPRO--crownXLS1500 rack'd amp--PeaveySP-2 600wPA speakers--- First question: shall i run the outputs of the pod hd into the crownXLS using balanced(XLR) or unbalanced(1/4) i plan to use the pa speaker for all around use, from band practice, to live, and to just me riffing off on myself. i want clarity like most and im playing an electric guitar with a back track from desktop btw... Second question: i also have a yamaha emx 640 6channel mixer i could put in the signal chain right after the power amp and then into pa speakers but honestly i have no clue if thats is useless or necessary..? (i have been using studio monitors when writing but im just tired of it sounding like runny shards when i plug into my spider iv combo amp or our other pa system for practice) Third question: would you guys recomend using an old arse pa like the peavey sp-2ti 600w for this setup or should i go with another rig setup approach. i always thought just my pod hd pro to pa system would do but apparently not but im not to sure on this point, so far im just following directions of a god-like guitarist friend of miine (refering to new power amp addition). id like to say the help would be for the greater good lol but i appreciate all who read this.
  16. vilo1968

    Stereo Power amp for POD HD500

    Hello Friends. I'm using my POD HD500 connected to a stereo power amp (clone of the power of a Randall Century 200), with a 4 x 12 cabs with Celestion speakers seventy/80. This stereo power amp "Colours" signal much as it produces a very sharp and scoop sound. What power amp do you recommend to use with POD HD500? Valves or solid state?? What brands and models? I'm a guitarist in a band of modern metal. Thank you very much from now. Pdt. Excuse my English
  17. Hi mates, posted this 'cause I need your help. I've been trying to tweak sounds with my Pod connected to a Samson Servo 200 Power Amp and a DIY 2x12 cab and the results are bad, because when I deactivate the cab sim in the Pod (with the Power amp and the cabinet connected) sounds awful, noisy, saturated and with so many ugly high frequencies. Tried to hook it up with a Roland Jazz Chorus Power Amp and the problem persist. Tried it with all the output modes (tweaked them) and with the full or pre versions of the amps and I had the same results. I hope if anyone have the anwser to my problem. Greetings and thanks! (P.S.: Excuse me for my basic english, i'ts not my native language ;) )
  18. fcortez58

    pod hd pro to mesa 2x12 cabinet

    Hey guys.. so i needs some help/advice.. i'm getting a pod hd pro and i'm wondering a few things: 1: how can i use it live with my mesa 2x12 cabinet 2. what's a good power amp to use, that won't break the bank... 3. how do i connect everything (the mesa 2x12 cab has only 1 input / 8ohms thanks... mesa 2x12 cab pod hd pro schecter pt schecter damien solo elite schecter damien elite 7
  19. Jaganath

    Controlling Ohm Impedance

    I have a POD HD PRO X and now that I have a tone I'm happy with, I want to run it into a cab. I understand that I need a power amp to do so, and I understand that I use the effects out and in to connect the pod with the power and I use the Pod's own line out into the amp, but how do I control the amp's Ohm impedance so that it matches the cab?
  20. mikemorgenroth56

    Amp Head's Power Amp To Power A Pod Hd?

    I hope this isn't a noob question, but I still don't understand how to hook up the Pod HD to my head and only use its power amp section to power the Pod. I have tried the "4 cable method," and all I ended up with was a barely audible guitar sound. Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know. What is the proper way of doing this? Also, is there a way to get rid of mic emulation and cab emulation like on the Axe FX? I am confused and I really dig the tone of my Pod HD Pro X, and I have been dying to use it with my 4x12. What do I need to do to get it sounding best and to get all my connections right?
  21. Hi i'm having troubles getting my rig running. I have my Pod HD Pro X going 1/4 unbalanced output to an XLR input on the Crown Xls 1000. From there i'm going speakon output from the crown to 1/4 input on the back on the cab. I hear a slight buzz from the cabinet but i cant get any guitar sound out of it. The Poweramp is also set to bridge bypass if that helps. Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  22. I have a Pod HD Pro set up with my Carvin DCM 200L going into an Orange 4x12 cab and I play pretty heavy metal/high gain type stuff. I'm having an issue with the low end sounding overwhelming or even slightly clipping when I hold a palm muted note. I play an Ibanez RGA8 8 string so naturally there will be a lot of bottom end anyway but it sounds like the tone begins to swell and just overwhelm everything when I hold an open palm mute. I was wondering if its my signal chain or the power amp or the cab or even that's just how the guitar will sound because of the low tuning. Any input will help!
  23. So i run my Pod HD Pro into a Mesa 50/50 power amp and a 4x12 V30/G12T75 Cab. On my pod, i run in stack pwr amp mode with the cab modeling off. When setting my tones up, i've always felt like i get a better tone using the full models (power amp included) vs preamp only models, but i have not tried the pre-only models yet in a band setting. Once i get to practice, i'm always wanting to test my latest tweaks to my usual full amp model patches - and i never really tweak at the gig. GRanted, i really feel like i'm getting some great, realistic tones from the full models, but i'm always looking to improve my tone. I realize in theory the "pre-only" models make more sense with my setup, but i'm going by my ears. So my question for those using the pod live with a power amp and cab - do you use the full models or preamp only models. Would love to hear some other folks' experience on this and what you think of each. Thanks!
  24. FusedPower

    Is The Pod Pro Hd X Right For Me?

    Ok, so here's my dilemma. As of now I live in a tiny apartment with my Line 6 Spider 3, my guitar, and my laptop. Now, for the past year I've been playing through my amp through headphones, like through the headphone jack, because I cant play my amp slightly loud enough, before my neighbors come banging at my door. Anyways, I'm thinking about buying a Pod Pro HD X, but there's a few things I want to know about it before I pick it up. 1. Can I plug headphones and my guitar into it and play directly through it? 2. I'm pretty sure this is true, but can I plug my guitar and headphones into it, and plug it into my laptop via USB, for recording purposes? 3. Can I use a L6 FBV Express MKII on it? For like Wah effects and stuff? 4. Does the Pod Pro HD X sound better than the Line 6 Spider 4? Those are pretty much my only questions. I really want the HDX because I want to start recording, and I've tried with my Line 6 Spider 3 using a Aux audio to aux audio and plugging it into my mic port in my laptop, and it sounds like utter sh*t. I really don't want another actual amp either, because I hardly play live, or go out to play. So is the Pro HD X right for me?
  25. I've been pulling my hair out for the last few weeks because I thought the Effects Loop Return input jack of my amp was broken. When I have my HD500 set to Combo Power Amp mode and plug the L/Mono output into the effects return, it sounded just horrible.... very thin and distant. Hard to explain, but I tried everything... felt like I was playing through a 5W amp. Literally took my entire amp apart to look at the soldering on the jack ! So this morning, I had an epiphany that it might be due to the effects return input on the amp being stereo (meaning a TRS cable, instead of a regular instrument cable). I tried it and sweet baby Jesus it sounds 10,000x better !!! I'm posting this because I'm still not clear if my setup is correct or perhaps I've just arrived at the point of insanity, trying to get this thing working. Here is the setup that gave me horrible sound: HD500 L/Mono Output --> Instrument Cable --> Effects Loop Return Here is the setup that gives me fantastic sound: HD500 L Output --> (cable that merges two TS instrument cables into a single stereo TRS cable) ---> Effects Loop Return HD500 R Output --> I'm using a POD HD500 with a Randall RX100RG2 Combo Amp Please let me know if you have had similar experiences and if this approach is recommended. Thanks !