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  1. If you want to run all of those analog effects in separate chains you want the full floor unit, plus you can name the FX loops and read what you are stepping. Also you can switch in or past your Vox preamp in 4cm (or add another amp for a 7cm in stereo) and easily run a bunch of pedal loops, the Vox in 4cm, an FRFR, and go into a mixing board/computer/PA at the same time.
  2. I'd like to see a good IR package for speakers and cabs, say from the Celestion IR division released through Line 6 and tailored for the Helix. I'm not asking for it for free, but for pay as an upgrade package. I generally play through cabs with Celesion V30s and GT-75s so I don't need it for Amplifier outputs, but I'd really love it for headphones or FRFR.
  3. Oh! I need stereo! I might need Quadraphonic too. I guess I could just run Helix ---> Stereo effects Loops out----> Marshall Inputs x2 ----> Marshall preamp outputs---->Helix FX Returns ----> Marshall FX Returns -----> Cabs. Kind of a 4 cable - but more like a 7 cable setup - which is something I've done with my Firehawk FX. With the Helix I could switch the Marshall 410 head via MIDI, and also bypass the Marshall preamp section. You are right about the Marshall Power Section. I've run my Firehawk FX into both power amp sections and it sounds pretty awesome (I give a lot of credit to the Celestion V30s, which sound good in both my Marshall and Line6 cabs).
  4. I read some information about the Fryette Power Station 2. It looks like a great product, and very versatile. That might work wonderfully, but I don't know if I could spring for 2 and a Helix at this time! I'm really looking for something very basic - Stereo Output from Helix ----> Stereo Power Amp---> 2 Cabs in Stereo.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Any suggestions for a solid state power amp that would be fairly transparent, but could drive 2 - 8 12" speakers. I played the Jim Root #4 15 watt orange Dark Terror. Not a bad amplifier for that type of wattage. I'm not playing live right now, but I still want to play loud, at least loudly enough to compete with a drum kit.
  6. I've got a couple of 4x12 cabs with Celestion v30s that I love - one is a Marshall 1960AV the other a Line6 spider valve A cab with v30s. I'm running them with a Marshall JVM 410 and JCM2000 TSL 100 - using some 1960s long plate Sylvania 12AX7 tubes in V1. Both sound remarkable with the Marshall preamp sections, but I have been running my Firehawk FX into the power amp section for both when I want to use other amplifier tones. I want to buy a Helix, but I don't want to run them into the power amp section of the Marshall Amps, but rather to have a power amp that will drive one of the 4x12 cabs at 16ohms or both sides of a stereo cab at 8ohms each side. What would be the ideal amp for this setup - I'm thinking that 2x50 would be more than sufficient for my purposes.
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