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  1. Hi everyone, The other day I just got a HD pro unit for my studio. Works great as expected out of the box. I have the HD 500 as well. Now that the HD pro is rack mounted I want to be able to dial in tones with the pro and then, when I need to take the 500 to a gig, transfer the tones to the 500. Is there a converter that will change between the HD pro and HD 500 and vise versa?
  2. My POD HD Pro is not able to load as it keeps restarting at the Line 6 logo loading screen. I have tried the 'Update Flash' method (Pressing Down while powering on, then updating the flash memory in Monkey) but Line 6 Monkey gives me an error "Error Opening MIDI Ports" and doesn't allow me to update. I have also checked the connections (unplugging, replugging the power cable, and tried reinstalling firmware but of course I can't even get to click on the update button because it keeps restarting. I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out a way to reset this device without plugging it into USB. Is there a way??? I can't find a single solution that worked in the forums. Anyone can help?
  3. Hello, I've been using a FCB1010 to change my Line 6 Pod HD Pro presets for quite some time with no troubles, up until today. I tried to calibrate my expression pedals and since, the footswitches won't have any effect on the Pod. I've tried reseting the FCB1010 to factory settings, but it didn't work. I'm not very experienced in programming this piece of hardware and I haven't found any forum topic that managed to help me. I have also tried to use a different MIDI cable which didn't solve the matter, so I guess the problem doesn't come from there. I'm starting to think that the Pod could be at the source of this but I haven't done anything with it that could support this theory. So I think it all comes down to the pedalboard.
  4. Been searching for anyone who has used the FBV3 in daylight, and how they are using it so they can see the led display. Works great inside, or at night but use this thing is daylight, and forget about it. You cant see anything. Its worthless during daylight hours. Anyone have any solutions or suggestions to this issue? ANY suggestions are appreciated, as I cannot find anyone that has yet to mention how they are using it during daylight hours. Please help if you can. Thanks
  5. THANKS, for your interest . . ( Replies, Welcome !! ) I assure you of personal experience (music production), that the following info will provide you with a satisfying result; based on the Marshall 1959/ 1987 amplifiers. That said, I have ultimately gained the sound-knowledge of these musical machines; whether such be 6L6, or EL34-based TONES. Otherwise, for practical reasons I choose to record through the orig. Line 6 Pod HD Pro modeler, as well . . Example : I have created a personal program patch which, has an uncanny sonic-resemblance to those particular EL34-loaded amps. An alternative speaker cabinet *(1x12) was substituted for the typical, matching 4 x12 (due to overall, sweeter tonality). Provided below, are the exact settings I employ for recording purposes : Vintage, Marshall-Style Amplifier 1.) Distortion/ Tube Drive : 84%, Bass 51%, Mid 2%, Treble 41%, Output 75% 2.) Dynamics/ Blue Comp : Sustain 14%, Level 98% 3.) Dynamics/ Boost Comp : Drive 70%, Bass 50%, Comp 5%, Treble 40%, Output 53% 4.) Brit P-75 : *112 BF Deluxe, 421 Dynamic 5.) Volume A : -3.0 dB, Pan A/ L 96% 6.) Volume B : +1.0 dB, Pan B/ R 91% 7.) Studio EQ : Low Freq. 700 Hz, Low Gain -1, High Freq 200 Hz, High Gain -1.1, Gain -0.4 8.) Reverb : '63 Spring, Decay 19%, P. Delay 21 Ms, Tone 27%, Mix 84%, 9.) FX Loop : Send -25.0, Return +14.0, Mix 92%.
  6. I can't seem to find a direct answer any where so I'll reach out here. I recently acquired Pro Tools LE 8(mostly because it's cheaper and will do what I need it to) and was wondering if it is at all possible to run the POD HD Pro as an interface or will I have to seek out a separate interface in order to run the POD through? I came across something that said everything Pro Tools 8.0.5 and prior required a separate interface. If it turns out I need an interface I will need some recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello there. I have a pro purchased HD pod, which until this weekend worked perfectly as an audio interface for recordings in DAW Reaper on windows 8.1. But from Monday until now the reaper can not pick up signals coming from the pod hd pro inputs, and does not even have a playback when the inputs are selected. Sometimes the line 6 monkey, presents error messages related to the firmware and sometimes not. I noticed that the errors are less recurrent with the drivers, but still there is no normal interaction of the pod hd pro with the daw as it used to be, which was to have signal going directly through it to the reaper. Has anyone had similar problems?
  8. Hello everyone I recently bought an fbv shortboard for my pod hd pro. Unfortunately, when plugging the shortboard in to my pod, it simply isn't being detected at all. No lights, no functions. I then hooked it up to my computer via USB were it was detected. I updated all drivers and flash via line 6 monkey. I couldnt find any help on the internet on how to get the fbv to work with the pod! This is really really disappointing. However, I then plugged the shortboard into to VARIAX input of my pod (I know this is not were it goes, but i needed to find out, whether the cable worked at all) and the shortboard was detected, but i simply couldnt do anything with it. Would someone please tell me, what I am doing wrong? P.S. I tried calibrating the pedal and that wont work (via USB to computer) either.
  9. ​Looking for help with opening files from Customtone. The edit software for my POD HD Pro works just fine, loads all of my presets to my laptop. The files I've tried downloading on here are listed as a pxe or h5e file. Not entirely sure what that means but maybe I'm just dumb and can't figure out something simple. Any help would be appreciated as I'm relatively new to the whole "using my POD with my computer" thing. Thanks.
  10. So my dad bought me a Pod HD pro x for Christmas. I wanted to plug it into my cabinet and I found out that it was really quiet when i tried using it as an amp head. I relize that I would need a poweramp for it to properly work, but I was wondering if I could use my amp head as a substitute for a power amp. Anyone know if that's a possibility? Cheers.
  11. Hey everyone, So I have just jumped ship from a 100w stack to the pod hd pro... AND I LOVE IT!! :D Today I have received my case and matrix power amp and have just realized that I have no idea which order to safely turn the two units on... (Gulp). I really don't want to damage any of my gear or cause unnecessary pops. Please Line 6 users, I would be forever greatful if somebody could help me with this confusion. Regards, Tencaious_Lee
  12. I am receiving a rack-mount POD HD Pro tomorrow. I recall seeing somewhere a wireless USB connection between the POD and Windows 10 PC laptop for the editing software (and Monkey, etc) I also remember seeing these USBs on the Line6 site, but can't relocate. Greatly appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction... Also, does Line6 have a sales department that can be contacted? Thanks, ttrenchj
  13. after downloading EL capitan no line 6 drivers...I uninstalled drivers and reinstalled new drivers from line 6 but i have no drivers showing on list and of course have no connection to HD Pro. Any suggestions ?
  14. Hi all. I would really appreciate if someone from Line6 and having understanding of the internal processes will answer this questions. So basically I use Line6 POD HD Pro as an audio interface and FX loop. The chain is the following: Bass -> Bass Amp -> XLR line out -> POD HD Pro XLR front mic in (-> optionally a few pedals in the FX loop of the POD, but we can skip them) Evidently, my goal is to record with best signal/noise ratio and get no overdrive in the (pre-)amps, so I set to max possible gain on the bass head but keeping low enough not to produce any clipping. Then comes the bass head line out level and POD mic preamp level (I guess this is 'gain', not 'level') with additional posibility to do -20db using a small button near the XLR socket. I don't use this button, set the POD mic preamp level to min and rise the bass amp line out level again as high as possible such that I don't clip on mic input of POD. And here comes the question. With all these settings the recorging level is relatively low. I need to say that it is not very low, it is normal, but I would expect getting at least to, say, -2 db or 0 db when I clip at mic input. Currently the fast attack of a note, which produces slight clipping in the mic preamp will be recorded at peak of approx, -8 db or such. Why should I waste dynamic range? Are there any knobs to turn and get the signal back, but not increase the volume after digitization either in hardware or software. Regards, Egor.
  15. Hello everyone, I've got the line 6 Pod HD Pro and I want to use it with my Rocktron Midi Raider. If I build my first preset (clean A1: 2 amps, noise gate, chorus (off), delay (off) & tremelo (off))everything wordks fine, can control 3 effect seperatly without a problem. Once I create a second preset (dirty clean A2 sound: FXloop, 2 amps, noise gate, chorus (off), delay (off) & tremelo (off)) and switches between them everythings change. Sometimes preset 1becomes like this 1 amps on , noise gate, chorus (on), delay (on) & tremelo (off) or 2 amps, noise gate, chorus (on), delay (off) & tremelo (on). Same goes with the second preset and so on. Also at sometimes when working with my preset my pod gives a * at the top left. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm not planning on using a Line 6 FBV board because I've got the midi raider and other effects from my wife. When I've looked into this system it said it was controllable by midi but now I've been wondering if I should go with eleven rack or something else. Hope someone could help me out. Sorry for any miss spellings, I'm from belgium so englisch is not my main language. Jeroen
  16. My HD pro has started this thing where regardless of whether I use speakers or headphones there is a crackling sound in the left output every few seconds during playback and recording. Need advice ASAP!
  17. Hello there. I'm having a few issues with my Pod Hd Pro that I really need help with. Issue 1. I get an occasionally but very noticeable him after I palm mute or play "Djent" type riffs. It's even more noticeable when I let the palmute ring out. Issue 2. Every now and then, either the monitor I play through or my Headphones will give off aa feedback like screech. It's so bad to the point that I would have to shut off the Pod or take out my headphones right away before it can hurt my ears.... Things that I've tried to fix this: 1. I've changed the Instrument cables 2. I've played using a different amp and I sound fine so it leads me to believe it's the Pod. 3. And finally, all this happens when I'm playing in room volume... So I'm not even turning my master volume all the way up and I'm still getting these problems...
  18. Hi All, I'm having a problem with using my POD HD Pro for recording into Garageband that just recently began to persist and I have yet to find a solution for it. I'll describe my situation below, please help me if you can. Thanks! Setup: POD HD Pro Rack Garageband Macbook Pro (late '08/'09) OS X v10.10 (Yosemite) I normally record guitars and bass through my POD HD Pro rack and have just recently run into a problem with it. Usually, I'll plug in my POD via USB and in Garageband, it'll play through both sides of my headphones. Then, just a couple days ago, when I would pop the tuner on, tune up, then tap the tuner back off, the sound would be completely gone, not monitoring at all when there was just sound. So I would close my session, power off my POD, unplug, replug and turn it back on. Then it would work until I used the tuner again. I repeated this process a couple of times and then my POD began to only monitor through the right channel of Garageband. If I would pan the track hard left, there would be absolutely no sound. If I panned hard right, there would be the same amount of sound on the right from 100%-0% pan. Additionally, I removed the POD from the audio track and switched my input to the laptop's microphone and it monitors through both headphones as normal. Any ideas on why this is happening? I've plugged my headphones into the POD directly and it monitors through both sides of my headphones perfectly. Any help on this issue is much appreciated. Is it possible that a USB output setting on the POD glitched off by accident? Thanks, Erik
  19. Alright so I'm kinda new at this. I am running a pod hd pro through a 5150 head (my poweramp source) to a 5150 slant cab. The way I have it hooked up is a 1/4 cable from the pods Left(mono) FX out to my heads FX in. The output level on the POD is set to Line and in the settings I have it set to studio direct. (IDK why but that sounds the best for me, probably because Im not using the 4 cable method and just using all the tone from the POD). My question is, what is the most efficient way of running this setup live but also going direct? I wanna still have sound from my amp on stage but skip the mic'ing process. My concerns are the tones/patches sounding different going direct to FOH as to what is coming through my cab. If someone can give me a list of what I need as far as achieving this, that would be amazing. (certain gear,direct box, cables, methods etc). The most simplest way please and thank you I wish someone can make a video of this step by step
  20. I'm using my POD HD Pro for live but when switching tones there is too big of a delay when I stomp on the fbv express mkii.... (doesn't sound natural.. takes too long to switch tones) Is there anyway to fix this?
  21. I'm going from my POD HD Pro to a power amplifier to a cab for live. My question is what is the difference between +4 and -10 ? Also, what is ideal for live... Studio mode or power amp or combo mode? Still not really sure. Thank you in advance :)
  22. So I use an m-audio midiport to change my pod's patches during live shows. However when a patch changes, there is a small interruption of sound (for about half a second) which sounds bad in the mix... Is there a way to make the change faster? If not, I basicly change between rythm and lead patches, so can I change some parameters of the patch (like turning pedals on/off. or amp settings) using MIDI signals? I just want to make our live sound as perfect as it can get...
  23. Greetings my fellow Line 6ers. I currently own the Pod HD Pro, and am pleased with the overall sounds that I've been able to come up with. However, I'm strongly considering selling my HD Pro in order to get a HD500X and Scarlett interface. Anyways, I was thinking about buying an external boost pedal, like a Maxon OD808-type pedal and use it in place of the modeled "Skreamer" in the HD. I play mostly progressive medal, so I'd be using it for signal boosting/tone shaping. My big question is how well does the Pod HD series handle external boost pedals? And would there be any difference between the HD Pro and the HD500X in terms of how they respond to the pedal? I've heard very mixed things about this, and would appreciate whatever insight I can get on the matter. Some people say that the Pod HD's input is already calibrated to handle a Guitar's natural signal, and that running an OD pedal will cause nothing but problems. Then I've heard from other people that the Pod handles pedals well, even Tubescreamer-like pedals. Thoughts!!??
  24. Hi We are using our DAW (reaper) to change presets on our POD HD Pro and POD HD Pro X through MIDI during our live performances. Now we would like to add some looper-functions and give us the ability to get the sound of 3 guitars simultaneously which would be awesome! I've found all the looper MIDI-values necessary i the manual but from what I've understood you can only access "Looper-Mode" when having a FBV-pedal connected int the POD?! Is this correct? In that case, is there any workaround? It would truly sting if we were forced to buy a FBV just to be able to use the looper-function since we'r already using MIDI to control everything else..
  25. I know there's a few topics already on this sort of thing but I am the ultimate n00bie when it comes to this. I was wondering how to go about recording with my HD Pro via my UX2 into my DAW, YES I realise you can record direct with the HD Pro connected via usb to the computer but I heard that you can't re-amp/change tones on the fly once the track is recorded. Here's what I tried POD HD PRO -> (14")OUTPUTS L & R -> UX2 INPUTS L & R - > UX2 -> COMPUTER(via USB) I know I'm clearly doing something majorly wrong here so any advice would be very much appreciated. I'd also like to know if you can open HD Pro Edit in your DAW or simply have to have it open outside of the DAW to record. I know these are probably otherwise stupid questions but forgive me, I'm used to recording with the simplistic luxuries of pod farm. ALSO Is there a way to record both dry and wet signals(simultaneously of course) in your DAW(mine is mixcraft 6.... I know) without connecting the HD Pro via an interface?
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