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  1. Sorry for the lack of replies, I been busy with upcoming holiday stuff. So I recorded a video of the problem I'm having. This happens when I play through my rig and when I play through a DI Patch in my headphones. https://youtu.be/vyp3HhMPVC0
  2. I updated the firmware and flash memory, now theres no sound at all coming from it...
  3. Where and how do I go about updating the firmware? And thank you so much for the response, I really need the help
  4. Hello there. I'm having a few issues with my Pod Hd Pro that I really need help with. Issue 1. I get an occasionally but very noticeable him after I palm mute or play "Djent" type riffs. It's even more noticeable when I let the palmute ring out. Issue 2. Every now and then, either the monitor I play through or my Headphones will give off aa feedback like screech. It's so bad to the point that I would have to shut off the Pod or take out my headphones right away before it can hurt my ears.... Things that I've tried to fix this: 1. I've changed the Instrument cables 2. I've played using a different amp and I sound fine so it leads me to believe it's the Pod. 3. And finally, all this happens when I'm playing in room volume... So I'm not even turning my master volume all the way up and I'm still getting these problems...
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