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  1. Hey Gavin, Thanks for this as I have been looking for this kind of info. I just got my GT1000 CORE guitar procesor, and want to use the EV-30 (both outputs) into exp 1 and 2 of the CORE. Im just not understanding what it is I can do with the 2 outputs, and how to set the min, max values so I can use both effects. For instance, I want to use min 0-3 to activate my wah, and turn it off when I go back to min 0, but also, if I can use the same pedal for Dive but dont know how to activate it using another value. Its a bit confusing for me but if someone explained what it can do and a concept, I can figure out. I just dont understand the how to..... or what is possible. Any help would be appreciated. Peace
  2. ok, so heres the deal. This may be good for others that are having the same issue. I contacted LINE 6 and pushed me to their request site, to request a better led. What a waste of time that was. So buying something that really does not work for daytime players, was a waste of my money, but I did find a vendor online that offers the high quality anti-glare film that may be the answer to our problems. The site is: https://www.photodon.com/c/LCD-Protective-Films.html . I spoke to a very nice lady and purchased the MXT film, which she said should help the situation. She also said that if that doesn't work, she could devise a custom visor for me. The cost for the film was 16.00 bucks for a .5 inch X 4.5 piece to put over the led display. I will test when I get it and report back. Thanks for your help, and your ideas. More than Line 6 support would offer. They obviously dont care as they sold the item, thats the bottom line. Just dont understand why they would design a high quality trigger like this and you cant use in in the daytime. Makes no sense, or atleast make it adjustable. But it is what it is and I just have to suck it up and deal with it. Thanks again!
  3. NOW WERE TALKING! No! I never even knew it existed. How cool. I will check it out. See, thats all i needed were people to think outside the box. Thanks a bunch
  4. Yeah its rediculous! I had a GT100, I spend my hard earned dollars to buy the POD HD, got the mkII, it was worthless, then the FBV3, then realized its a POS, because you cant see the display AT ALL during daylight hours. So now I cant play live during the day. If i Would have known this, I Never would have purchased either unit. A waste of 800.00 bucks, but Im gonna raise some hell. I feel like I was clearly ripped off!
  5. Thanks again! Well I really like my POD HD PRO. Really dont want to buy another unit. I really like the portability. It would be like me buying another gt100, which I already have. It really sucks, as I have my POD hd set up real nice. I took the patches I have and named them the name of each song. Bank 1a=Song Name, 2a=Song Name,3a=Song name, etc. It all seems great until I play during the day, and cant see the dam display. Im wondering if I can tap electronically off the display and mount a better display! I know it sounds like a major operation, but this is so stupid that this thing cant be seen during the day. What the hell were the developers thinking? Problem is, If I knew it was that way I would never spent almost 300 for that thing. I guess ill look around to see if I can have someone me help program that board you showed me. I like the 2 expression pedals. One for volume and the other for wah.
  6. Thanks bro. I really appreciate your responses. My problem is It seems I am dumb as a box of rocks on how to setup, Especially midi. Im really good with tech stuff, but this has got me totally on my heels. Analogue is easy, just press the pedal and it works, but with technology, it seems very confusing. The board looks great. I have not seen anything that explains what I am doing, and even more complex, is how to set it up for my POD HD PRO X. I am also confused on how I should set it up in regards to whether I set up my setlist (Button 1 - Van Halen Song) (Button 2 - Godzilla) etc. or should I set up A rock tone, and the other switches are effects, like delay, reverb, distortion, etc. CONFUSED LOL NEED SOME HELP Thanks in advance. PS I tried my FBV3 this weekend at a gig for vets, and I couldnt see the display during daylight hours. I paid like 265.00 for this boat anchor, and I couldnt see the songs or the effects, I couldnt even use the tuner. Definitely only good for night shows. Cant use color codes. Seems like its a worthless waste of money. Maybe this unit will be easier?
  7. With such little information out there, I am simply trying to find a footswitch to use with my POD HD PRO X. I purchased the MKII Express, it was a joke. I purchased the FBV3, I cant use it during the day, cause the led display is so low you cant see it. You cant use the color coding rings unless your using it with the spider. Its crazy! I am now considering the FBV MKII shortboard. It looks like the display is better for use during the day. Im just confused. What are those people owning the POD HD PRO X, using for a footswitch with good results? Is there such a thing?
  8. Been searching for anyone who has used the FBV3 in daylight, and how they are using it so they can see the led display. Works great inside, or at night but use this thing is daylight, and forget about it. You cant see anything. Its worthless during daylight hours. Anyone have any solutions or suggestions to this issue? ANY suggestions are appreciated, as I cannot find anyone that has yet to mention how they are using it during daylight hours. Please help if you can. Thanks
  9. Did you figure any ways to use the FBV3 during the day? Tips?
  10. I have had the same issues you are reporting. I have been locked in the looper mode and could not get out, so had to restart. It really sucks when on stage. Also, We just played today and were under shade trees and could not see my songs, then once you get sucked in, there is no way out (RESET) lol. It always works well in the studio, but in the sunlight it is very dim, and totally worthless. That sucks! Have you figured anything out on this issue, especially the display dimness? Hoping so, wait to hear from you. Peace
  11. Yeah you would think this would be a simple thing like a setting. Im reading posts about peeps that cant see the display as well during daylight hours, and trying to find a resolve as you cant see anything. One person said use something as a shade, cause thats what I had to do, but having to do that with a guitar strapped to you is rather difficult. I will try the setting and see what it does do. Let you know if anything changes. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your response Bro! Im an IDIOT! I meant on my FBV3. Sorry, I assume its a control for the fbv3 as well or only the main display on the POD?
  13. This is the third time I have played outside. To spend the kind of money on this product and to have the display totally unreadable (DIM)is a shock to me. There is no light to adjust? Just too bad, use it at night is the response I am seeing around the boards. Do I have to put a blackout curtain around myself on stage? Come on! Any suggestions for those have used it in the daytime? Very disappointing that I cant change cause I cant see. Band members were laughing at the choice I made in POD HD Pro X. Is there anyone that has figured out a way to see the presets during the daytime? Thanks in advance
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