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  1. I track my guitars in mono, and in my DAW I'm able to either select Input L(1), or Input R(2) as my source. In my Pod, I have Input Source 1: Guitar, Input Source 2: Variax, both Paths centered, and I mute Path B. I've always just used Input L(1) for recording, but I selected Input R(2) by accident and noticed that my signal was louder. It's nothing crazy, but Input R(2) always seems to be a few dB louder. I then did a little experiment where I also compared the signals when panning Path A hard left and hard right. Obviously with this scenario Input L only gets signal when panned hard left, and same goes for Input R when panned hard right, but still Input R has a slightly stronger signal. Any idea why this is?
  2. I've never messed with dual amping, but I'd imagine have them both set to Guitar, or one set to the Guitar and the other to Same making the most sense. Try both and see if it changes the signal at all. I imagine that it shouldn't. Usually for mono stuff I set Input 1 to Guitar and Input 2 to Variax/Variax Mags; if you haven't tried it yet, then I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot. Then you want to center both Paths, and mute Path B. In my experience you end up with a less noisy, tighter tone.
  3. The interesting thing is these tones are actually brand new. The tones require the new Pod HD amp packs, and I'm pretty sure that the new amp packs require the latest firmware update, so I'm a bit puzzled as to why they won't load. I'm able to analyze the gist of the patches by using an older version of Pod HD Edit; it's just that the amps and their respective parameters are missing. Good to know. Thanks. Do you have a Mac by any chance? I have a 2010 MacBook Pro, and I'm having trouble getting the converter to install. It instantly closes out every time before I even get to the installation page.
  4. Here's a link to one of the patchs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2241djuq8yfpaa7/Horcrux%20Clean.hre?dl=0 The HD Pro does have outputs that the HD500X doesn't, but that shouldn't have any impact on the files. Just to be sure I downloaded an HD Pro patch from custom tone and it worked fine, so I'm wondering what the issue is here. I've heard good things about the conversion utility, but every time I try to install it it immediately crashes before I even get to the installation window.
  5. So I downloaded a tone pack from one of my favorite artists mostly for analytical purposes, but I'd also like to see how well the patches translate with my rig. All of the patches are ".hre" files, which I believe are for the Pod HD Pro, but I have the HD500X which reads ".5xe" files. Usually all I have to do is drag n' drop the files in the HD500X Editor or simply change the file extensions from .hre to .5xe, but for some reason it's just not working. I have the latest firmware update as well as the new amp packs required for this tone pack, but every time I try to open up a patch an error window pops up on my screen reading: "Invalid data found in one or more patches. These patches have been reset and named "New Tone (Reset)"." Anyone?
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. Seems that the majority of people who own HD models say that it handles external boosts very well. Have either of you noticed any difference in sound quality when running it in the FX Send vs. the Guitar input?
  7. So I'm currently playing through a Pod HD Pro. I was initially able to find some serviceable tones, but was honestly a tad bit discouraged. Then I found out about the "Input 1-Guitar Inputer 2-Variax" thing and holy lollipop, it worked like a charm. However, I stumbled across a thread from someone stating that using this method also lowers the volume. I tested his observation, and found it to be true. I don't quite remember the specifics, but I think it had to do with the Pod's pre-chain area being 2 mono signals rather than 1 stereo. So when you set input 2 to Variax, the Pod somewhat averages the Input 1 signal and Input 2 signal, and since Input 2 is essentially set to 0, the overall signal is reduced. Does anyone have any experience/insight on this matter? Is there a way to get the desired sound of "input 1-guitar input 2-variax" without having the drop in dB? thanks!
  8. Greetings my fellow Line 6ers. I currently own the Pod HD Pro, and am pleased with the overall sounds that I've been able to come up with. However, I'm strongly considering selling my HD Pro in order to get a HD500X and Scarlett interface. Anyways, I was thinking about buying an external boost pedal, like a Maxon OD808-type pedal and use it in place of the modeled "Skreamer" in the HD. I play mostly progressive medal, so I'd be using it for signal boosting/tone shaping. My big question is how well does the Pod HD series handle external boost pedals? And would there be any difference between the HD Pro and the HD500X in terms of how they respond to the pedal? I've heard very mixed things about this, and would appreciate whatever insight I can get on the matter. Some people say that the Pod HD's input is already calibrated to handle a Guitar's natural signal, and that running an OD pedal will cause nothing but problems. Then I've heard from other people that the Pod handles pedals well, even Tubescreamer-like pedals. Thoughts!!??
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