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  1. HI I have problem with my pod hd500x I used him before on windows and it worked without any problems. Now I tried to install on Macbook pro ios MOjave and I cannot do anything. I download licence manager and Monkey. I opened programme and he didnt find USb connection with POD. Is anybody had this problem ?
  2. hey i use my pod hd 500 as audio interface for my guitar pro and reaper apps. i updated all my drivers from line 6 but i keep getting this crashes after a few minutes. this is extremely annoying. i made a ticket to line 6 but got no reply whatsoever... it looks like a problem with the asio driver from the pod stopcode system thread exception not handed l6podhd564.sys or kernel mode heap corruption Can anyone help here plz.
  3. pratikb

    'output' Mode

    Just curious to know if we can setup differnt 'output' for differnet patches in pod hd500? Pwr Amp IN : Patch A Combo In : Patch B Stack in : Patch C Studio : Patch D Thanks, Pratik
  4. Having this really bad experience recording with the pod hd 500.My focusrite broke and sent it to the shop to get it fixed.Meanwhile for a basic riff part I used the pod and duhh the recording stucks in the middle for 2-3 seconds and continues again.Happened everytime I gave it a shot.Researched thoroughly about latency of this device or buffering and couldnt find a single info. If anyone can help me with this lemme know. \m/
  5. HI, I recently bought a POD HD from a friend and I am facing a problem now. When I hook up the POD to my system and try to use it as an audio interface, the playback crackles as if like a torn speaker or something like that. I have tried a few solutions found here in the forums .. like changing the USB port, drawing power from the same power source, changing sample rates etc etc.. but the problem persists. I have a Behringer USB sound card and it works fine through the Behinger. . Also a bit confused about buffer size. Can we change buffer size in Windows?? I am totally new to POD. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to do it this way so that I can use POD HD edit. Is there a way in which I can use the Behringer to connect the POD and use HD edit at the same time?? I use a normal Philips 2.1 computer speaker Win 7 64 bit.
  6. Hello, I came here as a last resort. Today I was playing with my Pod HD 500 creating some tones, using my headphones. I had created a really nice "Brian May like" tone, and started playing a few of his solos. But, after a few pickup changes, all of the pickups started sounding weird. At first I thought it could be the pickup selector switch in my superstrat, but then I tried with my Les Paul and it was also sounding weird. I changed the cable and still sounding weird. I tested my headphones and they are ok. So the only thing that's still the same is the pod. I'll try to explain how "weird" it sounds. The first thing I noticed was a sudden loss of gain. For a moment I thought it could be my pickups, or other electrical parts of the guitar, but as I said, I tested on my second guitar. The second thing I noticed is that the sound feels like there are no mids anymore, like a weird scooped low gain sound, or something like an out of phase sound even when I'm using only one pickup. No matter which patch, because it sounds the same even on tuning mode. I remember a similar thing happened 20 years ago with my old Zoom 505. I never tried to fix it so I don't know what it was. I suppose maybe some capacitor or some resistor has gone bad, but I'm not good with electronics, so I don't think I'll bother opening my Pod. Has this happened to anyone here? I tried using Google, but I couldn't find a single person complaining of the same problem. I can't plug in on a real amplifier because it's night here right now. I hope some of you has seem my problem happening before and can give me some advice.
  7. My pod hd 500 edit used to work just fine before. But i had to re install my windows for a certain hard drive crash, and after that my pod hd 500 is not works just fine without connecting the pod .But after connecting it ,the pod hd 500 edit is not responding or responding very late.I have tried it on different pc s but the problem persists.Asking for a solution Thanks in advance \m/
  8. Hi there, I use my POD HD 500 as sound interface and it's been a few weeks I'm experiencing this issue: by no apparent reason the sound goes off and the only way I've found to fix this is to restart the computer (I tried disabling / re-enabling the POD as an audio interface, unplugging and plugging it again, both power and USB, nothing happens). If i'm listening to something in Youtube or Winamp, the player stops and can't play further, but strangely, if I'm working in Reaper (using ASIO drivers), I can still play things normally inside it. I have no clue why this is happening, it's the same Windows install for a while, although I'm guessing it's something to do with some recent Windows update maybe. Is there anybody else having this problem? My specs: POD HD 500 Windows 10 Pro x64 AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 4 Gb RAM ddr3 1600 Asus m4a89td GeForce 260GTX 1Tb HD* All drivers / softwares / firmware are up-to-date in Line6 Monkey. * I have only 5Gb left in my Windows partition, need to fix this, but I don't really see how this can cause the audio problem Thanks in advance
  9. Hi there! I am using a Pod HD500 for live performance and a POD Desktop at home. They are running through 2 harley benton GPA-400 power amps wich connect to 2 seperate cabs. My question is, what is the best way to connect the pod to the power amps and what is the best for the settings. I connect the pod to the HB power amps via the normal left/right outputs. For the stereo effect the power amps are connected to 2 seperate Bugera cabs. Amp settings in the pod: I am using 2x threadplate pre amps w/412 blackback 30 cabs. Would it make more sence to skip the cabs in the threadplate and only use the actual cab (in this case my bugera cabs)? Also in the setup of the pod I put the output mode to: Stack power amp. Would this be the best way for this setup? For me this is the best I can get out of it right now, but I wonder how others are doing this. Thanks in advance! Floor/Korpse
  10. So I tried registering my POD HD500 today for the first time because I bought a new DT25. When I did, I got this error msg ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. ( Error: 523)" So I called line 6 and they told me that the chip inside the pedal board was never logged with Line 6 so the serial is no good. They asked me if I could return the pedal board. Guitar Center only accepts returns up to 30 days. I have had this pedal for over 2 months now. Then the support guy said my best bet was to sell it on craigslist. You've got to be kidding me? This is your ERROR Line 6!!!! NOT MINE!!! So now I cant update my POD HD500. Which by the way, this is my second POD HD500. I also own a KB37. UX2 POD farm 1 & 2, FX JUNKIE, Metal Shop, POD XT live (2 of them), Variax 600 (2 of them) a Variax 500, Pod X-3 Live, a DT25 Head, and now a POD HD500 I cannot update. Of all the products I own by Line 6 this is how I am treated??? This is BS! Someone needs to fix this!!!! Feel free to contact me in any way Line 6. Fix your mistake! I love my line 6 products please don't lollipop on me!
  11. Hi everyone, The other day I just got a HD pro unit for my studio. Works great as expected out of the box. I have the HD 500 as well. Now that the HD pro is rack mounted I want to be able to dial in tones with the pro and then, when I need to take the 500 to a gig, transfer the tones to the 500. Is there a converter that will change between the HD pro and HD 500 and vise versa?
  12. Does anybody could give me an piece of advice for a signalchain that effects that the sound with POD and 4CM is the same like the sound when I plug the guitar straight into the amp? Actually I'm trying with that chain. Noise Gate (Decay-20/th-35) ->Studio EQ (+12db Gain) -> Fx-Loop (0db/0db/100%) -> Mixer (Pan to center, B is muted and A at 0 db) Though the sound level is nearly perfect, I miss a little bass and dynamics. Any ideas? Greetz
  13. Hey there! I have a Line 6 POD HD 500. I've been trying to connect it to my PC to record and edit and all those things. The problem's that the PC does not recognize the POD. I've already downloaded hundreds of support files and installed them and there's no response. So, as I went to the POD to the "System and I/O" screen, is shown that the "USB Firmware version is 0.00!" Is there anything I might do to solve this? I've tried with monkey and donwnloaded drivers but the POD is just not recognized. Thanks!
  14. Hello i have a problem with my Pod HD500, and any help would be appreciated. I have had my HD500 a little over 6 months now and im having a problem with two of my foot switches that are not reliable. It takes a good 10-20 presses to activate/deactivate these two switches, and somtimes i cannot get them to work at all. I am wondering if there are upgraded switches i can have installed? or maybe a way to repair my current ones? this seems to be a fairly common problem on the HD500. I see now the HD500X has fixed this problem... maybe there is a trade in deal? or possibly some way to upgrade to those switches? any help or info would be appreciated.
  15. Hello. I've got a problem with my POD HD 500. It's hang up after the flash memory updating. The Monkey get a mistake: (Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out waiting for a response. Now it shown a "UPDATING FLASH..." on the POD display and nothing happens for a very long time. I've been reset it by holding "<", but it helps nothing. There is a load preset("Acoustic") on display but no one switch is work. What shall I do?
  16. Hey! This is the first time I've posted on here, so hopefully I do it right lol. I have a POD HD 500 that I'm having issues with. I got it slightly used as a gift, so it doesn't have any warranty . I (relatively) recently broke the power input on it; the center pin pulled out with the power cable. I took it to a friend of mine so he could fix it for me, because I'm not great at soldering, and he got the new power jack installed, but it won't power up :(. The soldering job looks kind of clean, but I really wouldn't know. Everything looks fine to me, except there's a little red thing on the inside of mine, next to the new power jack thats different from the one thats in the one that I borrowed until mine got fixed. Was hoping to get this figured out soon, its been broken for about a month and a half. If anyone can help me figure this out, please do! I've attached a few pictures. The first is the little red thing I was talking about, in the working POD. The second picture, the little red thing, in the broken POD. As you can see, the one in the working POD significantly smaller than the one in the broken POD. The last picture was something that worried me about the soldering on the power jack. I don't think you can tell from the picture, but around each pole piece (or whatever you're supposed to solder on the replacement part) there is some black residue. I am really hoping the issue isn't here, because I'm pretty sure that means its ruined permanently. PLEASE HELP!!! :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  17. My PODHD500 was plagued with the boot up loop a couple of weeks ago. At that time i was busy with school so i just put it aside, with the intention of looking into it later. After reading several threads the fix seemed easy enough. The first thing i tried was the left directional pad held down boot-up method, did not work (ironically enough holding the down direction for updating the flash does) The other methods involved connecting the pod to the pc My problem is that the only pc i have at the moment has never been set up and connected with the pod thereby i had to install Monkey again and download the driver again So i download the driver installation wizard On the last step of the installation It asks me to connect to the pod it states "windows will begin standard hardware driver installation" but my pod is in a boot-up loop so it never gets recognized. i hit next anyway and then "finish" hoping for it to work but nothing, Monkey still states that i need the driver (with the yellow exclamation sign). i try again and again rebooting my pc re downloading the driver, everything i can think of but nothing works. Is my only option using a different podhd500 during the prompt just so i can just install the driver properly? before i even get to fixing the bootup loop.
  18. Hi everybody! I have a POD HD 500 since some years ago and I can't find the way to get some decent distortions. I have tried a lot of combinations, good results (connecting by line, to amp in, etc.) I think that has a factory fail, because it's impossible to sound like this. This is the last thing I tried, and here I put the audios: Connected to a PC via USB, output set in studio/direct mode and the selector in "line". All the knobs at the medium position. Please listen the result and help me if you can...thank you! 1st audio: Bomber Uber 412, 412 uber, 87 cond 2nd audio: Brit J 800, 412 brit T-57, 57 off xs 3rd audio: Solo 100 overdrive, 412 brit T-57, 57 off xs There are just 3 random samples, it happens with every distortion. There are no reverbs, delays, etc., just the amps. BOMBER UBER 412 UBER 87 COND.mp3 BRIT J 800 412 BRIT T-75 57 OFF XS.mp3 SOLO 100 OVERDRIVE 412 BRIT T-75 57 OF XS.mp3 Thank you again! (sorry about my poor english)!
  19. Hi, I recently encountered an issue with my HD500, the Master Volume Knob came unresponsive lately, regardless of its position it won't affect the volume level of the POD ( POD is connected directly to amp through 1/4" left mono jack). I tried the latest firmware and still the same. So, I don't know if the problem would be a physical issue or a firmware/software one....Any ideas that would help before sending the unit to a repair shop? Thanks!
  20. How to create the tone of the "synthesizer or loop machine" from this pink floyd song in pod hd 500? tks & regards!
  21. Hello! I have a problem with ground noise when using the 4 cable Method! Here are the steps of building my sound chain: 1) I plug guitar into Pod's Guitar Input 2) In my preset there are no effects but Fx Loop right after the mixer 3) Input Settings of Pod are: First Input Channel - Guitar, Second Input - Variax 4) I achieve the Unity Gain with mixer settings, with 1/4 Out switch set in Amp position and with Fx Loop Mode set in Stomp mode, so Pod HD500x does not change the sound of my guitar before the external Amp at all, just like if I plug guitar directly into the Amp 5) and when all connections are made there is ground noise occurs! It is not from guitar pickups, it is between Fx Loop Send and Amp Input! I have experimented with plugging my guitar directly Into the Amp, so my guitar signal flows this way - 1) Amp in 2) Amp Fx Send to Pod FX Return 3) Pod Output to Amp Fx return - and there is no hum at all! Even with a lot of Gain on the lead channel of my Amp! But in that case only effects after Fx Loop in Pod's Preset are actually taking a part in sound changing (Delays, Reverbs etc) So, the problem occurs between Pod Fx Send and Amp Input What should I do to eliminate this issue? Thank you!
  22. Hi mates, posted this 'cause I need your help. I've been trying to tweak sounds with my Pod connected to a Samson Servo 200 Power Amp and a DIY 2x12 cab and the results are bad, because when I deactivate the cab sim in the Pod (with the Power amp and the cabinet connected) sounds awful, noisy, saturated and with so many ugly high frequencies. Tried to hook it up with a Roland Jazz Chorus Power Amp and the problem persist. Tried it with all the output modes (tweaked them) and with the full or pre versions of the amps and I had the same results. I hope if anyone have the anwser to my problem. Greetings and thanks! (P.S.: Excuse me for my basic english, i'ts not my native language ;) )
  23. Hello everyone. I´m new in this forums and I hace a doubt about this amplifier. I´m from Mexico so... sorry for the bad english. The last saturday I bought the amplifi 150, also I have a pod hd500 too. My doubt is... can I use the ampli 150 as a normal amplifier? Just connecting the Pod hd 500 into the input of the amp? Another problem that I have, is when I try to edit a preset in the amp, when I turned off the "Reverb" the sounds go off, maybe I´m doing something wrong. Anyone else hace this problem? Thank you for the time... and sorry for the mistakes.
  24. Is it possible to power my Pod HD 500 with an SKB Stage Five pedalboard?
  25. Take a gander at these 4 tunes... All guitar work is mic'd through the DT50 using a JTV 69 and a Pod HD 500 All songs written and performed by yours truly on my Mac. I am learning how to use Logic Pro 9 and believe you me, there is a lot to learn! Baby Mama= * The chicken scratch guitar is the f hole Tele body with lip stick pickups through the Blackface pre on the hd * The guitar that doubles the horn is one of the hollow body guitars (sorry cant remember which one) with a single neck P-90 through a Gibtone * The Chunky guitar in the middle is a Gibson Lp with a classic pickup in the bridge through a Gibtone with a tube driver Cadillac= This one was fun! Lot of stuff going on so I'll stick to the highlights. * Intro is the Baritone Guitar through the Gibtone and tube screamer * All of the spacey guitar sounds are a sitar reverbed to the max through the vocoder * Clean rhythms are the JTV 69 mag pickups through the Blackface Pre. Though I think I went direct on this one (No DT) * I'll have to get back to you on the lead 'cause I can't remember * There are a lot of samples and crap going on, Its hard to remember what is what. Rooter Tooter = * Clean rhythms are the stock semi that came with the JTV 69 * Lead is the Gibtone and tube driver using the JTV Neck pickup * The outro bass and guitar doubling is the JTV Bridge pickup through the Dr Z and The Park * The picking at the end is through the Rickenbacher model using the blackface dbl. My Wife = * The clean is Rickenbacher model with lipstick pickups through a blackface dbl. * The lead is the JTV 69 Neck and middle (not at the same time) * I used the exp pedal to control the delay volume toward the end of the solo. see if you can hear it! I'm sure I left out a lot so if you have questions, Fire Away! Grab yourself some good headphones, Crank it up! I Love my Dream Rig!
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