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  1. My amp started doing that today! I’ve got a gig tomorrow! This sucks!
  2. I’ll take a free roller bag please!
  3. Hey line 6’ers I am one of the unlucky souls who lost ALL of his gear in last October’s Sonoma/Napa County firestorm. My insurance is being incredibly lame in reimbursing me for 30 years worth of G.A.S attacks! Basically, they are refusing to pay! I’m hesitant to start replacing a bunch because i have not been reimbursed for the stuff I lost! Long story short, I am only replacing small amounts to keep me sane. I found a used Firehawk 1500! Now I need a FBV3 to control it. If anyone has one they are trying to sell or come across a site that is blowing them out at a good price, can you let me know? I’ve got to hold onto as many of my sheckles as I can until I have a better idea of what other lameness that my insurance company is going to deny us. I appreciate any heads up you throw my way. Also.....I have to say Thank You to Line 6! One of the cofounders of the company contacted me shortly after the fire just to check in and see if me and my family were ok. There are lots of posts on this forum that claim that Line 6 doesn’t care about its customers. Take it from me....they care! Still waiting for my call from Fender! ðŸ˜
  4. Holy F-All! You weren't kidding about playing outside! The pedal is completely useless on a sunny day! My god what a nightmare!
  5. It seems so clear to me now! What took me so long? Here is the fun way to balance your volume across all of your patches. Go to YouTube Pick a backing track in the style that you most commonly play. I am a funk, blues fusion kind of player so my banks are set up : clean, rhythm crunch, lead. Turn up the amp and turn on the backing track and have fun! I start with rhythm and level all of those so i can switch between them without any volume difference. I move to cleans. My cleans typically are the Eric Johnson style: chorus, 2 delays and comp. I arpeggiate a pretty chord and make sure it cuts properly in the mix. I tweak all of the cleans until I can switch between all of them with no volume difference. Repeat for the other banks and patches A couple of observations in this process... This process assumes you have patches set up that you like. You don't want to get side tracked "fixing" a patch. This is about volume adjustment only. Sometimes you don't need more volume to get a patch to cut through the band mix. Sometimes a simple boost in the mids or other eq adjustments will do the trick. Only use one guitar. Pick the one you use the most. Don't use multiple YouTube videos: pick one and stick with one. That way there is no moving volume target since one video may be louder than the next Works with any guitar: Going from Strat to Les Paul? After you have finished leveling your patches just turn down the overall volume of the amp when you pick up the Les Paul. The patch change volumes are in relation to one another. Should be fine! For Variax players, you can level the volume of your modeled pickups so you won't have to deal with any amp adjustments. I use blue tooth through the amp for the backing track, then I'll put the backing track through the P.A. to confirm that my patches are good. Playing with the band is the final confirmation. Uber fun and useful cause you are playin a boat load of 🎸! And that is always good!
  6. The only time I had this issue was when I forgot to hit "save" after tweaking my Firehawk patch.
  7. Yes L6 link. Input 1 guitar/Variax. Input 2 aux. Center the mixer block. Crank the master volume on the amp (3 o'clock) heat up the power tubes. Pod volume at noon. Crank gain accordingly. Hopefully that works for you
  8. Crap! I missed a gig? I guess I was too busy lookin up big words and on wakapedio...wikapicio...wiki...wikeee....uh...on the internets! I knew exactly where you were coming from with your post! My resting state of being is a$$ whole! I can't help myself! I particularly like it when people bite on the hook and bait I throw out! Way entertaining! But you see through my baiting attempts like Super Man sees through Lois Lanes neglige! Well done my man! Well done! You were doing nothing less than preaching the gospel truth! That survey was a little lacking in specificity. And although can say that I Love my gear, I shamefully have to add "when it works!" to the end of the statement. Not so much about the Variax, but certainly about everything else Line 6 that I own. Europe? They let you in? To teach!?!? WTF! No wonder the EU is falling apart! Hee-hee! Stay safe and be well! Ps...I love it when you call me "Big Boner"
  9. Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis? There absolutely no shortage of critique of Line 6 gear here on this Line 6 hosted forum. After you stop patting yourself on the back for being the only "truth to power" speaker on this forum, take some time to actually read through some of the posts. I guarantee that you will find kindred spirits here. Like me! Aside from what I perceive as a bit of self aggrandizement, (I had to get you on that one!) I whole heartedly agree with you! The quality control of Line 6 gear, (particularly the DT series amps, The L- series speakers, the Pod HD 500 and Firehawk 1500) is horrid! I have not had any issues with my JTV Korean or my JTVUS. But both of my DT's my Pod Hd and my Firehawk have ALL gone in for some repair within the first year of ownership. I've done shows where the amp would turn on, but no sound would come out. Weird pops and other unwanted noises, hums, whistles and screeches. Tube rattling and on and on all within the first year of ownership! To me and to all of us....totally unacceptable! To make matters worse, the tech staff will tell you to do the hokie pokie wire wiggle, reboot because clearly the customer is doing something wrong. News flash Line 6...maybe it's not operator error. Maybe it's just a brilliant idea paired with shoddy craftsmanship. I've actually sent my amp in to be repaired and the amp came back without the speakers being hooked up! Clearly no one plugged a guitar into the amp to check their work! I'm convinced that the tech staff does not take a comprehensive approach to repairing their "faulty in the first place" gear. Example, I took my Two Rock amp in to get some replacement speakers installed, when I got the amp back, I got a laundry list of repairs that they did on the amp. The re-soldered this, tightend up that, changed a dying tube and rebiased the amp. No Charge! Line 6 returns my "fixed"amp with new issues that they will tell me is my fault! (That's only a slight exaggeration) I am over a hump with my gear at this point. With the exception of a new popping sound from my out of warrantee DT-25, the DT-50 and my Firehawk 1500 have performed quite well over the last year. I got a new JTV-69US that is a stunning guitar. Fingers crossed that this streak will continue. Breath is held EVERY gig I play that this junk will turn on. The fact that crossed fingers and held breath are my reality is totally unacceptable! Having someone from Line 6 tell me that I must be doing something wrong is totally unacceptable. Unacceptable because we, the customer, have a lot of good money invested in Line 6's flagship gear!
  10. Good Job! Here's another attempt at Baritone Guitar. Not nearly as ambitious as yours Phil! But an attempt nonetheless. Just the intro and somewhere again later in the song. Not higain at all. Just a dab of dirt. https://www.reverbnation.com/dylanblack7/song/23491511-cadillac Anyone else want to share their Baritone Guitar recordings?
  11. ...with the steam spicket for steaming milk please!
  12. ...and I want it to carry itself to gigs, and I want it to self adjust to any room, and, and come with an espresso maker! Just kidding, but not by much. Try the Firehawk 1500...oh, it's to heavy. Try the Amplifi 150, oh...not loud enough and limited outs. Try a L series speaker, oh, not a real amp. Try a DT25...oh, not frfr enough for Helix. You gotta pick your poison. I think your best poison is the Firehawk 1500. It's heavy, get over it! And get that new carrying case with the wheels! Makes it way easier to transport.
  13. I did a similar setup with my Dream Rig. A couple of things that helped me.... I stopped focusing on getting my modeled amp to sound exactly light the original. instead, I focus on getting my amp to sound good. I ask myself, " what kind of tone am I looking for"? If I'm looking for a "chimney" tone, I go to the models that are going to give me that and so on. If I'm using pre amp models , I turn off cab simulation. I like using LVM on my DT50. I use full models with and without cab simulation. Whatever sounds good. I primarily use 3 amps and I use none of the high gain stuff. Fender Vox Marshall So my set up is very simple: Clean Fender Pushed Fender Clean Vox AC 30TB Pushed Vox AC 30TB Clean Marshal J-45 Pushed Marshal J-45 I add FX as needed for a song. I have one set up for pre models and full volume and one with full models and LVM Setting up an amp for each guitar seems like too much work to me. Just because you can do it with this Rig doesn't mean you should. When I used my Two Rock exclusively, I plugged my Strat into it and rocked the house. I didn't scrap that amp during a show because I want to plug up my ES 335. I just did a quick tweet to the treble , bass and mid for that guitar and off I went! Sometimes it gets lost amongst all of the cool things theses amps can do, that the DT's are real amps with knobs you can turn on the fly and get some great tone out of it. Thanx for sharing. I love hearing how other people are using their gear. And since it seems that Line 6 has abandoned the whole Dream Rig concept, (no love coming our way anytime soon!) it's good to hear from others because I, for one, am still inspired and excited evertime I plug up my gear!
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