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  1. Alas, we have breathed new life into this dead thread. And with that said, the thread is no longer dead! More importantly, turning down the gain on your lead tone helps you guitar cut through the mix. That was true 7 years ago, and it is still true today and it will probably be true 7 years from today. Better late than never in sharing helpful advice wouldn you say?
  2. I found this post 7 years later and thought the ideas shared relevant all these years later. I supposed it's aimed at someone like me who was looking for some insight on how to get their tone to cut through the mix. Particularly because turning down my distortion worked for me and if by sharing my sucessful experience is helpful to someone ( 7 years later) , why not share? Unless the issue of how to get your guitar tone to cut through the mix Is now forever solved 7 years after this thread was started and has now been removed from the universe of great guitar tone seekers as an issue to gain insight about, I don't see why this or any other question on this forum would or should have an imaginary expiration date. Old post can spark new converstions. Just like the one we are having now. Just sayin....
  3. How does adjusting the send and refurn volume factor in when dialing in 4cm?
  4. Manual? Manuals are so impersonal! Asking the forum gets us interacting and sharing and.....I'll check out the manual. Thanks
  5. Doesn't 4cm bypass the preamp? I don't want to bypass the preamp. I want Hx delays and reverbs to go to the amps fx loop while the distortion and compressors go the the front of the amp. I'm using a Hot Rod Deluxe which has a fantastic preamp section. Is that still 4cm? Thanks for the help
  6. I want to my Hx Stomp with my tube amp. How do I route the Stomp so I can have some fx in front of the amp and. Some fx in the fx loop of the amp? Example: Guitar->Hx distortion->amp input. Hx Delay-> amp fx loop. Thanks
  7. They are both PC 112+
  8. Here is a slightly different question on the topic of PC+ and mode switching. I have 2 PC+. I want independent control over the speakers. Example I want one to be the internal speaker and one to be FRFR or *One to be FRFR and one to be LF Raw or *One to be LF Flat and one to be LF Raw You get the picture. It appears that you can select speaker 1 or speaker 2 or speaker 1+2 linked together. this function doesn't seem to do anything via L6 link. If I try to set one speaker to do one thing, it applies to both speakers regardless if the speaker 1+2 link is engaged or not. Thanks for the help T
  9. Here's what I would like to do.... I want the top line to be an amp model and cabi/ir going my power cab I want the bottom line to be an external amp. I want to be able to blend or isolate them. When I am playing through the model, I don't want to hear my amp and vise versa How do I do that? Thanks in advance! T
  10. I have 2 PC+ and a Variax. At times I want one speaker to be flat for acoustic guitar and the other speaker to model for the mags in the Variax. Running direct out of Helix into the PC’s won’t allow for changing the the PC settings from Helix. with that out of the way, which is the better way to connect to the PC’s so I can store speaker parameters in the individual Helix preset…. Line 6 link or midi?
  11. Tboneous

    Tone Sovereign

    The whole point of the Analogman King of tone is that it is 2 pedals in one. Why include this Helix version if the only way to replicate this is by NOT using the model and instead using 2 Different models in 2 FX blocks? Doesn’t make sense.
  12. Tboneous

    Output Question

    Hello All, I have a Helix Floor and 2 PC+. In Helix edit, I would like to have one amp model on the top stereo path and one amp model on the second stereo path. I want the top amp model to come out of my left PC+ and the bottom amp model to come out of the right PC+. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this? I am using L6 link. any help is much appreciated T
  13. I would like a marshall in one power cab and a fender in the other. How do I do that?
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