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  1. Thanks that worked. This is the first time I've ever had any difficulty in doing these updates in 4 years. I had checked File/check for Updates and Edit said I was up to date. So I guess I'm confused. I did the Helix update back in February and I thought that was the 3.01 they were talking about. Anyway thanks for your help.
  2. I saw that that but how could I update the pedal without the software on my Mac not updating too? When I go into the Line6 Updater it tells me everything is up to date.
  3. I've updated everything but I'm not seeing the new features in HX Edit. It's fully updated. I can see the new features on the Helix LT but not within HX Edit.
  4. Hi Thanks. No I was aware of the light not changing but my problem is that either the PC+ is stuck on the Vintage speaker or the HF driver is not kicking in except when you move the rotory dial to FLAT . So I can flip through the all the speaker presets on the HELIX PC+ tab but and they don't change.
  5. You had previously helped me work on the problem of my PowerCab+ not acting on the presets that I had set on my Helix LT.  So it would not switch to the speaker that I had chosen for the particular preset.  


    You suggested that I set the PowerCab to New Preset and that the PowerCab would switch to whatever speaker I had chosen on the Helix.  

    I tried this and, initially, I thought it worked but after I went to a rehearsal I discovered it the PowerCab+ did not make the speaker changes to reflect what I had programmed on my Helix LT.

    At the rehearsal I didn't seem to have the right sound for my Taylor acoustic.  I went and manually changed the PowerCab to Flat and it was clear that what I had thought was Flat wasn't.  By leaving the PowerCab set on New Preset it actually defaulted to the Vintage Speaker.


    There has to be something that I'm doing wrong.  Would appreciate any help

    1. rd2rk


      There's two things in play here. How the PC+ responds to your Helix Presets, and how it handles the HF Driver/HF Trim setting.


      When you set the PC+ preset to NEW PRESET it turns OFF the HF Driver, and that, for some reason that the programmers need to work out, allows the PC+ to respond properly to Helix presets by turning ON/OFF the HF Driver as appropriate. When the PC+ is on an FRFR preset, it doesn't work correctly in response to Helix presets.


      The other thing is what the Helix preset sends to the PC+. If you're using L6 Link, if you configure the Helix preset to be in Speaker mode, the PC+ will be in Speaker mode, UNLESS you also have a MIDI cable connected and have not turned OFF (in Global Settings>MIDI) the PC SEND setting. This would cause the Helix to send the default PC (Program Change) message to the PC+, overriding whatever the Helix preset sent.


      If this is not your case, take a screenshot of the Helix Powercab configuration settings. I'd have you attach the actual preset, but I'm away from my Helix and won't be back for a week or two.

    2. davidberrigan


      Thanks for your help.  While updating my Helix I thought I'd take a look and see if there were any new downloads or updates for PowerCab.  Turns out there were and discovered something that made me open up PowerCab and saw that while PowerCab Edit was at up to date the PowerCab+ was not.   While I had updated everything the one thing I didn't update the firmware on the PowerCab+ itself.  I thought I had but what updated was the PowerCab edit. Anyway I updated the PowerCab and everything worked like a dream. Thanks

  6. Exactly. The main reason I got the AES/EBU cable was to be able to switch the speakers on the PowerCab. Anyway thanks for the help. Really appreciated it.
  7. Thank you rwandering and rd2rk for the help. It seems that by setting the PowerCab to New Preset did the trick. I can go to from an acoustic guitar to an electric with the speaker that I want. That being said I don't understand why Line 6 don't mention this in the manual.
  8. I tried this and it just didn't work. I used a Monoprice AES/EBU cable and nothing changes when I change settings. Whatever speaker was displayed in the PowerCab+ display is what the PowerCab is using. I tried switching from a flat setting with an acoustic guitar to a Fender Deluxe setting with an electric guitar using the Jarvis. The display didn't change and it was obvious that the speaker model didn't change. The display said Flat and that's what it was. The electric sounded terrible. I went over to the PowerCab and changed the setting manually and it sounded fine.
  9. I have a Helix lT and a PowerCab+ . I recently got a AES/EBU cable to connect the Helix and Powercab. I thought that with that cable I could use the Helix to change speakers as I change amps on the Helix. I have read here that in order to do that I need to use MIDI cables then others have claimed that the Link cable can do it all. The main thing I'm looking for is to have speakers change to go with what I have selected on the Helix. I do concerts and sometimes the back up bands can be placed in tight quarters. I have to go back in forth with electric to acoustic guitars and I need the PowerCab+ to be able to go from a Celestion speaker to Flat response for the acoustic. Does the AES/EBU cable have that ability
  10. Well I tried what you suggested. I went to PowerCab tab within the Helix. Right clicked on speaker selection (Jarvis) and chose Snapshot. Nothing changed. I checked the specs for the cable and this is what they were according to the manufacturer: "Distribute digital DMX or AES/EBU (aka AES3) data signals safely and reliably using this 3-pin DMX Lighting ; AES/EBU Cable from Monoprice! This cable is designed for accurate transmission of digital audio and DMX lighting control data. It features a twisted pair of 22AWG conductors wrapped in a double layer shielding composed of copper braid and aluminum foil. The two shield layers combine to provide 100% shield coverage for the conductors. The input end of the cable is terminated in a 3-pin male XLR connector, while the output end terminates in 3-pin female XLR connector. The cable has a nominal impedance of 110-120 ohms." In the PowerCab+ manual it states the following: NOTE: A 110Ω type XLR cable should be used for all L6 LINK and AES connections. Is there something that I'm missing Line6 capture.pdf
  11. I'm having a similar issue with my presets between my Helix and PowerCab+. I've made all of the necessary changes on the Helix as described in the Helix LT 3.0 manual. I've connected a Monoprice AES/EBU Cable between the Helix and the PowerCab+ but when I change from one preset to the another preset with differing specs. As an example I put my Taylor acoustic guitar through the Helix and use the Flat speaker setting on both the Helix and the PowerCab+ then I shift over to an electric guitar say using a preset for a Fender Deluxe with the Jarvis speaker on the Helix the PowerCab does not follow with the proper speaker model. It stays where ever it was already previously set. What am I doing wrong here
  12. Thanks. I’ll give myself a kick for not thinking of that. I do wish that the Helix was capable of handling more-though does sound a bit greedy. Thank you you for the assistance
  13. Just purchased a number of 3Sigma IR's for my acoustic guitar. Went to load the IR's on to the my Helix LT and after some frustrating attempts it appears that there is a limit of 128 IR's that can be loaded onto the Helix. Is this true. All the IR's that my Helix came loaded with are Marshall cabs. I don't know what is good and what is bad (they're all good but I don't know if I'll ever use them. So the questions are A} Is there a limit to the number of IR's that can be loaded onto the Helix; and B} How do I save the Marshall IR's that are already loaded if I want to try some other IR's. I'd like to have the ability to go back to these original ones at some point.
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