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Found 29 results

  1. PaulWilliamson

    Helix To Powercab+ Via L6 Link

    Hi Guys I'm finding the lack of L6 Link output control from Helix to Powercab+ mildly annoying.. To get the same output level from L6 Link as all of the other outputs, I have to raise the output block for each patch by 10.0dB and raise the Powercab input level by 10dB. Helix & Powercab+ are both fully updated. I'm using Helix to one Powercab+ with a 110ohm L6 Link XLR Digital Audio Cable for L6 Link connection. I can use XLR or 1/4 outputs, but the idea is that when 2.80 arrives I want control of the Powercab+ speaker models via L6 Link ( currently using midi which is quite time consuming if you want to control a lot of presets).. The digital output can be raised in Global but this has no effect on L6 Link output So I'm currently using both XLR Analog and L6 Link to Powercab+ with normal output block settings, with the Powercab+ input gain set at 10.0dB. This helps reduce any phase issues as the l6 Link connection is roughly half the volume of the XLR Has anyone else had similar issues ? Thanks Paul
  2. Hi! Would anyone know if it is possibe to control the PowerCab 112 plus speaker models from the Helix Floor via L6 Link? I'd like to assign a powercab speaker model from a Helix preset (with L6 link, not interested in midi cables as I want to have a clean setup) so each preset can have the best sounding speaker model from the cab. I saw some discussions on this topic, but no clear conclusion on it as far as I could find. Thanks for any help! :-) Jordi
  3. Cody_smith

    L6 link and iec cable

    I'm planning pretty far ahead here (10-12 months) to buy a powercab plus. I like using cables in cable looms to make one big cable running in between things, so I want to run a l6 link cable and a long iec cable together. I know that generally it can cause interference to run data or audio cables next to power cables but has anyone tried this and have issues? Or are aes or l6 link cables pretty resistant to interference?
  4. yigitcitak

    Helix with M20D via Line6 Link?

    Can you connect Helix to a stagescape mixer via L6 LINK? If so what parameters can you control?
  5. Just got Powercab 112 Plus on Friday. I'm having an issue with the L6 Link connection and wondering if anyone else has the same issue. I bought a 25 ft Hosa AES/EBU cable to use for the L6 Link connection and wasn't able to get any sound to come through at all (no pops or anything). I then tested a different standard XLR cable and was able to get minimal signal to come through, but mostly a popping sound even when Helix is turned all the way down. I tested it again with a short 5 ft XLR cable and everything seemed to work...until the signal would pop and dropout for about 1-2 seconds every 5-10 minutes. Basically, I can get it to work with 1-2 second dropouts every 5-10 minutes, but it seems like only the shorter XLR cables work, and longer XLR cables produce mostly a popping noise. I have contacted support and they suggest me go to the a store and see if the issue is coming from Helix or Powercab. Before I do anything, I want to see what you guys think or if anyone has experienced this. Really hoping this can be fixed with a firmware update like the SPDIF dropout issue in the past.
  6. Regarding connecting a Line 6 StageSource speaker to a Powercab via L6 Link, the verbiage for the AES/EBU connection in the manual is as follows: "When an AES signal is detected by the first Powercab unit in the chain, the chain will split the signal's left channel going to the first Powercab unit or Line 6 StageSource® speaker and the right channel to the second." When using this configuration, the StageSource has to go before the Powercab. If the Powercab is before the StageSource, the StageSource will not play. We hope to address this in a future update.
  7. jermlab

    HD500 L6 Link Failure

    Hi. I've been searching for a while, but can't find an answer, so I'll throw this out there. I've been using my HD500 with DT50 and L2T through L6 link for a couple of years. No problems at all... until recently. No longer any sound through amp or speaker. If I run the HD500 to the DT50 through the standard line out, it works, but there's a pulse every 5 seconds or so and the sound cuts out for a 1/10th of a second. Firmware/flash up to date. Any ideas or suggestions?
  8. Helix's design was complete by the time Yamaha acquired Line 6. Now, they are related companies, presumably with their respective technology accessible to either. I own a Helix and use it with a set of Yamaha DXR10 FRFR Powered Monitors. Coincidentally, each device has it's own "Link" system, which involves an XLR connection. Helix's L6 Link Out is Digital. Yamaha's DXR Series' Link is Analog. The thought came to mind that if Helix's digital L6 Link Out is not a hard wired digital jack, and if a firmware update were capable of repurposing the digital L6 Link Out Jack as an analog jack to support the Yamaha DXRs' Link system, this could be very handy for all Yamaha DXR users! This would leave Helix's Main XLR and 1/4" outs free for other uses. If you're a Yamaha DXR user and Helix Owner and feel this would be of use, Vote it Up! Here's the post on IdeaScale: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/L6-Link-Support-for-Yamaha-DXR-Link/871536-23508
  9. hello!, i hope some one here can help me,i'm a long time line 6 user and i have a problem: the L6 LINK port on my DT25 got smashed in (female) and i need to replace it, i live in the dominican republic and we have no authorized distribuitors here and nowhere i can call.i flew to NY 2 months ago and i tried to get it personally at GUITAR CENTER were i bought the amp and it was useless, they had to order the part and it would take longer than what i had to get it so a friend picked up the package few weeks after and send it here, just to realize it was the wrong connector, below is a description (image) of what i need and what i got instead, if it's not possible to get the "female port" of the L6 LINK, could i get the whole card were it's connected to???, please somebody help me, or at leas a phone number i can call, i'd appreciate it a great deal. peace tony almont.
  10. Hello, I have an L3m. I love it. I would like to purchase an L3t to use for multiple scenarios not the least of which are: 1. Use the L3t all by itself for small gigs, take advantage of built in mixer, FX, etc not available on my L3m. 2. Use my current L3m as LEFT and the soon-to-be-purchased L3t as RIGHT (or vice versa) for bigger gigs (along with an L3s eventually once I have enough saved). My question is for use case 2, are there any issues using the digital networking (L6 Link) between an L3m and and L3t either with or without the L3s connected? In other words I know I can run 2 L3m cabs. I know I can run two L3t cabs. But can I run once of each and still benefit from the digital networking / stereo separation / auto crossover feed to the sub woofer (when connected), etc. Or Are the L3m and L3t simply not compatible with each other? Hoping for the best and looking for a Line 6 guru (a k a employee) to chime in. Thanks! --Joe
  11. Hey gang! Ran into a weird issue when connecting the HD500(X) with a DT50 using the L6 Link. The display would flash the "knob settings screen" and lock-out operation of the knobs and buttons. Initially, I kind of cured it by reconnecting the link after changing the Setup, Page 1 - AMP/KNOBS DISPLAY to "Momentary: OFF." Then I noticed my HD500 presence knob operation was erratic, but if I used the DT50 presence knob instead, it was fine. Did some more investigating and here's what I discovered, purely through trial and error. Why it happened and the fix: In Setup, Page 1, (press and hold "View"), I had set the footswitch mode (FS Mode) from "ABCD" to "5-8" so that I could run multiple effects and turn each of them on/off with a dedicated footswitch. My DT50 didn't like that when using the L6 Link. I had to disconnect the L6 Link cable to get the buttons and knobs to respond again. I changed the footswitch mode back to "ABCD", reconnected the L6 Link and everything worked fine, This one took me some time to figure out, so I thought I'd pass it along for anyone else with the same issue. I let Line 6 know and suggested a software update so that we control freaks can run 8 dedicated footswitches when using the L6 Link. Ha!
  12. Recently I hooked up the Helix to a DT25 amp using the L6 Link, and I've lost the ability to select topology in Channel A, thus rendering it useless. It currently has no topology light on it to select. No matter what preset I select on the Helix (template, factory or user), I can't get Channel A to activate. Any suggestions on how to recover?
  13. jakedeloera

    Changing DT50 channels with Pod HD50

    I've been a long time user of the HD500 and recently I've been using it with the 4 cable method and midi to control my EVH 5150 III 50W head. I just bought a DT50 head the other day and i was wondering what the best way to connect my pod to it would be if i just wanted to use it as a pedalboard in front of and in the loop of the amp as well as switching channels with it. The whole l6 link is kind of confusing to me but if that's the best way then I'd appreciate if someone could explain how to use it to me or at least point me in the direction of some helpful resources that aren't just the DT50 manual. I use the amp for pretty much only metal tones so Topology IV is really all that gets used
  14. Line6Will

    L6 link and the Helix

    How does L6 LINK work in Helix? It's drastically different from POD HD. If you have one StageSource speaker or DT25/50 amp, Helix will send a mono signal to it. If you have two StageSource speakers or DT25/50 amps, Helix will send the first one in the chain the left signal and the second one the right signal. We have a template that has L6 LINK set up and ready to go, and you can switch topologies with the footswitches.
  15. My setup: JTV59 > VDI > HD500 > L6 Link > L2m JTV fw v2.21 HD500 fw v2.62 I just upgraded my HD500 to v2.62 and wanted to try out the Global EQ, so I needed to swap from using L6 Link to my L2m to using the 1/4" out with the switch next to the expression pedal set to Line. I tested that the Global EQ was having an effect and then disconnected the 1/4" and reconnected the L6 Link. I immediately noticed way more volume from the same patch. So to be certain I double checked and tried both connections again one after the other, and found that the 1/4" line out is much quieter than the L6 link connection. I have mainly used L6 Link and the only times I have used the 1/4" line out before were stand alone without using L6 Link so I never made a direct comparison before. I thought that L6 Link and 1/4" out at line level would produce a similar level signal but maybe I am wrong - maybe they are designed to be different levels. Questions: Is this something that has been introduced with v2.62 or has L6 Link always been way louder than the 1/4" line out level? Does anyone know what the output level spec's are supposed to be with L6 Link and 1/4" line level? Has anyone lese noticed this? Or is it just me and my HD500 at v2.62 or does it do the same thing with earlier fw levels? Thanks in advance for your input. .
  16. Hi all, I find it quite frustrating that my multicore is 30 m which nicely gets to the back of the room in most of the venues that I'm doing sound for, but the maximum length for the l6 link, out from the m20d to the first speaker in 15 m (50ft). I love using the l6 link as it offers simplicity, ease of setup and control. I just wish I could extend the range! Other than buying an l2t to act as a repeater, which is clearly a ridiculous idea! can anyone offer any ideas? I am using good quality Aes/ebu 110 ohm cable- has anyone tried pushing this to 100ft? The ipad app is good for walking around and doing the odd tweak but its not up to replacing being at the desk.
  17. Hi chaps, could anyone explain, in real idiot's guide style, how to set the L6 Link controls in my presets. Most presets I download seem to be set to Midi Ch 1 but the user guide and all the line 6 videos seem to suggest Amp A (Ch 1). This setting is never available to me, only Amp A (Ch 2). What does all this mean? When I change these settings "on the fly", it's definitely switching the topology on my DT25 so which setting is correct? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  18. jk121960

    Add effects box to HD500X

    Hi, If I use the l6 link with the POD HD500X and DT50 head how would I add a couple of stomp boxes to the mix? thanks for any help
  19. GinJuiceKhan

    Horrible unusable tone with HD500x

    Hi! I've had my dt50 for a couple of months and so far I love all of its sounds and the "trueness" of each voicing. I bought this amp along with the HD500x in order to replace my whole live rig but up to now It seems I just threw my money to the wind. There is absolutely no amp sound when connected via the l6 link that is remotely usable or even acceptable. As of now I've tried using the "PRE" models, messing around with the setup in general and compared it to the dt50 by itself and the hd500x by itself. I have to add that both standalone products are working fine. I've done everything the L6 link guide recommends to no avail. Reading through the forums I've read that supposedly you can get similar tones with the treadplate amp model as the 4th voicing in the dt50 but thats is absolutely laughable, at least in my case. My cables are a high end planet waves guitar cable and a pretty expensive xlr cable for the l6 link. My pod hd500x has the latest firmware but I have not been able to update the amp's firmware. The hd500x Displays the connection properly and changing apps does affect the controls of the dt50 but in no case is the sound produced acceptable. Am I missing something? I will update the amp as soon as I can (though I find it hard to believe it would change anything) but I would like to know if there is something fundamental that I am missing. thanks in advance!
  20. Just got DT50 212 and it´s sounds great when I plug my guitar direct to it. I already have a POD HD500 so to get more about this "Dream Rig" I used L6 LINK to connect them together. The problem is how I can control the master volume, when both Master Volume is active? The manual says that the POD HD Master Volume has no effect to the signal feed to the DT Amp, but in my case both Master Volume is active. It´s very difficult to control the volume and when I try, they behave very strange - compare to if I plug directly to the amp. Someone who know this problem and have a solution? Thanks! / M
  21. Sorry if this has been asked before but I wouldn't know how to start searching for the answer. I have just purchased a "dream rig" consisting of a DT25, HD500x & a JTV69. I have watched several line6 videos about creating patches but they all sound different out of my amp because I'm not sure what settings to have the amp on. I don't have the line6 cable for connecting the HD500x to the DT25 so how do I know which amp model to have selected on the amp. Obviously, having the wrong amp and settings selected defeats the object of the patch. If you have the line 6 connector, do you have to tell the editor all the amp settings so it selects them every time or does it switch the DT25 settings out and use the amp models settings. This probably sounds like mumbo jumbo but I am very confused! Do you have to buy a expensive line6 cable or will any microphone lead do? thanks in advance for any advice
  22. Hey guys. I'm having a bit of a volume issue that I'm looking to sort out. As we know, the Vox AC30 preamp on the POD is drastically more quiet that the full version. However, topology 3 on the DT (with no HD500 connected) can go very loud - as loud as all other topologies on the amp. My question is how/whether I can use the amp to model the AC30 preamp and simply use the HD500 for effects. It's just that the AC30 preamp on the POD is so damn quiet. By this logic, the Vox will be a lot louder, with my HD500 still connected and in use. Is it doable, or are we herding cats here? Thanks! Nick.
  23. Hey guys, this is my first post in the forum. Right now I'm using a Gibson Les Paul with my HD500, using headphones. The sound is OK, but I'm looking to buy an amplifier. I'm considering buying a DT25 combo, but before I do, I have a couple questions. 1. Firstly, I have ran out of DSP a lot on my HD500, mainly because I use dual amp configurations. What I am wondering is if I can still use two amp paths with two different (pre) amps modelled on my HD500, and have the DT25 combo output both amps (both paths) in only one speaker (I will be using the combo amp). Another thing that I'd like to know in relation to this is whether or not using the HD500 in conjuncton with the DT25 will free up DSP. I heard that (since the 2.0 update), the DT25 models the pre amp instead of the HD500. Is this true? Will it model both of my pre amps, allowing DSP usage to drop on the HD500? 2. Secondly, I am wondering which cable to purhase to use with L6 link. I understand that Line 6 reccomend an AES/EBU type cable over everything else. However I also see that they recommend a Classic Series Microphone Cable by Planet Waves, which as far as I'm aware doesn't appear to be an AES/EBU type cable. I live in New Zealand, so I cannot purchase brands such as Mogami, in fact the only AES/EBU cable that is stocked in my local store is a HOSA AES/EBU cable. Would you reccoment this as a good cable? http://www.rockshop.co.nz/shop/recording/hosa-ebu003-aes-ebu-cable-3ft.html Also, I assume that 3ft is too short.... Thanks so much in advance, and any other tips in realtion to the DT25, such as upkeep and tone tricks will be greatly appreciated! I will be entirely new to valve amps. Nick.
  24. Hi, Got my POD HD500 recently. (Still feeling disappointed they announced 500X a week after the purchase). So, I'm planning to expand my system with Variax Guitar and two DT amps, to get the dual amp setup. My nearest local store don't keep those stuff in stock, I need to pre-order, place some deposit, or buy from online store. Meaning that 'try-before-buy' is not an option for me. Trying to understand all the features, pros and cons, whether going to be a worth spending, is only by reading reviews, posting on forums and so on. Below is some items that I need to understand more, hopefully it will help me with the decision. 1. External pedal in the POD FX Loop. Thinking this will free up the DSP, and can use some of my favorite pedal Is it good to place pedal that known not a buffer-friendly, such fuzz and wah inside the loop? 2. DT Amp power section voicing/topology. From the manual, what I understand is, changing voicing and amp class, example Voicing I to IV, or Class A to A/B might not be instantaneous. It might give less issue from song to song, but how about changing it within one song? How you guys dealing with the power amp setup? Example, use Fender type Class A for clean, and goes to Rectifier type, class A/B for heavy part or lead. 3. Layering acoustic model and magnetic pickup sound from Variax guitar. This will not be an issue if using one DT Amp, with POD HD path A with the magnetic signal + AMP A, path B amp off, output to Main Output or Balance XLR output. But, if using dual amp, even if I turn off amp and path B, the L6 Link will still send the signal to AMP B, with AMP B automatically change to Channel B. What is the best way to process the acoustic signal? Use FX Loop? (another situation is layering magnetic and electric model from variax). Is there setting to temporarily turn off L6 Link between one of those DT amps? 4. DT Amp silent direct out. Is the direct out still functioning when the Master Volume not at low power mode? I know that in low power mode, the power amp section will turn off, and use modelling instead. So, lost the point why I want the DT amp at first place, and don't want to micing. If I need total silent, I can use attenuator (THD hot plate etc). The cabinet simulator for the direct out is using what you setup inside HD500, or is it from the DT amp itself? Anybody know what type of cabinet it is? 5. Wet/Dry/Wet setup. Not necessary, but thinking if I can do Wet/Dry/Dry/Wet, without additional DT amps easily. It will easy if I just thinking to use POD HD internal fx and main output to monitor, as a wet section. Both DT Amp feed setup as AMP A and AMP B, so only dry/pre signal feed to DT Amp. Post FX everything set as 100% wet, then use main output for the wet (can be monitor speaker or another power amp). *Take note that POD HD FX loop already occupied by above no 1. What I am thinking is little bit further, to tap the DT amp power section, perhaps use the Direct Out signal to feed separate fx unit or pedal for wet effects, such delay or reverb. (M9 unit will be good candidate). So, anybody with wet dry setup with DT Amp and POD HD? Thank you in advance. Nasir
  25. sasajungic

    Dt25 Boost Through L6 Link?

    Is there a way to use a boost through L6 link (but not through the pod fx loop)? I have Pod HD500 and DT25 working with L6 link but I'm also using HD500 with standard amps half the time. I have also Xotic EP booster which I really like for the solo boost - after HD500 before the amp and it works great. So if I use L6 link to DT25 I lose the ability to use it before the amplifier as usual and that is where I find it sounds the best. Maybe there is some kind of connector or interface that I could buy or make that would allow me to do that and use EP booster in both configurations? Did someone find a way around this? Thank you!